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  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    The fun has started!

    Rotary e-Club 9920





  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010




    October is the month of Rotary Vocational Service

    I reminded you of it in my previous Governor's activities column. Vocational Service is the second Avenue of Service. It is one of thefoundations of our organization. Indeed, when Paul Harris created the first Rotary club in Chicago, one of his main motivations wasactually to gather the best possible leaders of vocational life.

    For many years this criterion has remained one of the bases of recruitment with the restriction that the vocational representation wasthen limited to one representative per profession. This clause had the advantage to eliminate any source of conflict systematically withinclubs in which two members could never compete on a professional level. It still had the major disadvantage to thwart the recruitment ef-forts of our organization significantly. Furthermore, by varying the name of the classification, it was easy to avoid this requirement. The-refore, if I am not mistaken, the Council of Legislation of 2004 made this rule a lot more flexible especially for clubs under 50 membersby allowing up to 5 Rotarians with an identical classification per club.

    Nevertheless "Vocational Excellence " is the primary criterion on which every Rotarian must be recruited. We must embody the bestwe have in our professional communities. As a matter of fact, i t is the characteristic which essentially differentiates us from other ClubsService. It is most important and we must respect this necessity scrupulously.

    How can we "do" Vocational Service ? There are thousands of ways to act. I will not give you any hint condidering that many of you areimportant leaders and managers, Corporate heads etc.. and are in a much better position to talk about it than the senior military officerI was. I will not claim to do it. I will not comment on the "Declaration for Rotarians in Business and professions" either. It concernsour professional ethics Charter and I will not insult you in assuming that you do not know it.

    However, at this time of hard economic crisis, I think our Rotarian action should focus on three topics:1. The information and guidance of Secondary and University students. Indeed, accession to vocational occupation is proving a moreand more difficult challenge for this generation. Our duty is to help young people as well as we can and we really must show our excellencein this field.

    2. Supporting and assisting those among us who may be directly affected by the current economic crisis either owing to the loss of theirjob or to the loss of the activity of their enterprise which therefore will affect its reliability. Giving a boost at a critical time can often lead toextremely positive consequences. In French Polynesia where there is an unprecedented economic crisis, I know the case of Rotarianswho provide practical assistance to Rotarian fellows in trouble in a perfect Rotarian spirit and in the greatest secrecy. I am sure thatsimilar cases occur in other places. These Rotarians have understood the core values of our organization. They have to be sincerelythanked and congratulated !

    3. There is another field that is more familiar and where we can excel :Advise the youngest of us whether they are Rotarians or actors of different programs organized for the youth: Rotaract, Interact, Ambas-sadorial Scholars, IYE, RYLA, RYPEN, STEPUP, etc. .

    So I will get on my hobby horse once more about "Young Generations" by quoting Michael McQueen again :

    "Foster intergenerational connections. Our modern urban society has become very good at segregating generations so that we oftenend up only socializing with, competing against, and even worshiping alongside people our own age. The hidden danger in this is that it

    underestimates the critical importance of different generations learning from and being influenced by each other. While it is true that

    young generations can be a wonderful source of energy, passion, and enthusiasm, it is equally true that young people are looking to their

    elders for advice, wisdom, and mentoring.You will find that many new members and potential leaders will be attracted to Rotary because of the opportunity to connect with older

    generations. Your clubs are one of the surprisingly few places in many communities where young people can get the chance to interact

    with and be mentored by adults who they can genuinely trust, look up to, and respect."

    In a business world becoming increasingly rough, competitive and demanding, offering to these young people the opportunity to enjoyyour skills and your experience would be a great help and assistance all the more appreciated if you have been able to support them, atthe right time, with "a handwritten note, eye contact, or even a pat on the back" thus showing a mark of empathy sealing your sharedconnivence for good.

    To put it in a nutshel , do not you think that letting Vocational Service be an intergenerational bridge would be the best way for :

    Building Communities-Bridging Continents


  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010



    Octobre est pour le Rotary le mois de l'Action Professionnelle

    Je vous le rappelais dans ma prcdente rubrique sur mes activits. L'action professionnelle est un des cinq domaines d'action du Rotary.Elle constitue un des fondements de notre organisation. En effet, quand Paul Harris cra le 1er Rotary club Chicago, une de ses motivationsprincipales tait effectivement de runir des acteurs de la vie professionnelle de la collectivit et, si possible, les meilleurs.

    Pendant longtemps ce critre est rest une des bases du recrutement avec cette restriction que la representation professionnelle tait alors

    limite un reprsentant par profession. Cette clause restrictive prsentait l'avantage d'liminer automatiquement toute source de conflit ausein des clubs o deux membres ne pouvait jamais entrer en concurrence sur le plan professionnel. Elle prsentait nanmoins l'inconvnientmajeur de contrarier considrablement les efforts de recrutement de ntre organisation. Par ailleurs, en jouant sur la dnomination de laclassification, il tait facile de contourner cette obligation. C'est pourquoi, le Conseil de Lgislation de 2004, si je ne me trompe pas, a trslargement assoupli cette rgle particulirement pour les clubs de moins de 50 membres en autorisant jusqu' 5 classifications identiques parclub.

    Il n'en reste pas moins que l'"excellence professionnelle"reste le critre primordial sur lequel doit tre recrut tout Rotarien. Nous devonsreprsenter ce qu'il y a de mieux sur le plan professionnel dans nos collectivts. C'est d'ailleurs cette caractristique qui nous diffrencie es-sentiellement des autres Clubs Service. C'est dire son importance et nous nous devons de respecter scrupuleusement cette obligation.

    Comment "faire" de l'Action Professionnelle ? Il y a mille faon d'en faire. Je ne vous donnerai pas de recettes d'autant plus que nombred'entre vous, chefs d'entreprise, hauts responsables de socit etc. sont bien mieux placs pour en parler que le haut responsable militaireque j'ai t. Je n'aurai donc pas la prtention de le faire. Je ne vous commenterai pas la "Dclaration pour les Rotariens dans le monde

    des affaires et des professions librales" ; il s'agit l de notre charte d'thique professionnelle et je ne vous ferai pas l'injure de supposerque vous ne la connaissiez pas.

    En revanche, en cette priode de svre crise conomique, je pense que notre action doit se focaliser dans trois domaines :

    1.L'information et l'orientation des collgiens et tudiants car pour leurs gnrations l'accession la vie professionnelle se rvle un challengede plus en plus difficile. Ntre devoir est de les aider du mieux possible et l, nous devons vritablement montrer notre excellence

    2.Le soutien et l'aide apporter ceux d'entre nous qui peuvent tre directement affects par la crise conomique actuelle, soit par uneperte d'emploi, soit par une perte d'activit de leur entreprise affectant la fiabilit de celle-ci. Un coup de pouce donn un moment crucialpeut entraner souvent des consquences extrmement positives. En Polynsie franaise o svit une crise conomique sans prcdent,je connais le cas de Rotariens qui, en toute discrtion, dans un parfait esprit rotarien, apportent concrtement leur aide des camarades endifficult. Je suis certain qu'il en est de mme ailleurs. Ces Rotariens ont tout compris des valeurs fondamentales de notre organisation ;qu'ils en soient sincrement remercis et flicits !

    3.Il est un autre domaine o nous pouvons exceller. Celui des conseils donns aux plus jeunes d'entre nous qu'ils soient Rotariens ou acteursdes diffrents programmes organiss au profit de la jeunesse : Rotaract, Interact, Ambassadorial Scholars, IYE, RYLA, RYPEN, STEPUP,etc..

    J'enfourcherai donc, une fois encore, mon dada propos des jeunes generations en vous citant de nouveau Michael McQueen :

    " Encouragez les relations intergnrationnelles. Notre socit urbaine moderne cre des fosss entre gnrations tel point que

    nous finissons souvent par ne rester quentre gens du mme ge. Le principal risque que cela pose est de ngliger ce que nous pouvons

    apprendre les uns des autres. Sil est vrai que les jeunes gnrations apportent du dynamisme, de la passion et de lenthousiasme, il est

    aussi vrai quils sont demandeurs de conseils, de sagesse et de soutien de la part de leurs ans.

    Vous vous rendrez compte que les nouveaux membres et les potentiels futurs dirigeants sont attirs par les opportunits dtre au contact

    des gnrations prcdentes. Vos clubs sont les rares endroits dans de nombreuses collectivits o les jeunes peuvent avoir la possibilitde dialoguer et dtre encadrs par des adultes en qui ils peuvent avoir toute confiance et quils peuvent respecter"

    Dans un monde professionnel de plus en plus rude, concurrentiel, exigeant, faire profiter ces jeunes de vos comptences et de votre exp-rience constituerait pour eux un soutien et une aide d'autant plus apprcis si vous avez su, au bon moment, les accompagner d' "unetouche personnelle telle quune petite note, un regard ou mme une tape sur lpaule"marque d'empathie scellant dfinitivement votre conni-vence.

    Que l'Action Professionnelle serve de pont intergnrationnel, ne pensez-vous pas que c'est l le meilleur moyen de :

    Renforcer les collectivits- Rapprocher les Continents


  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    DG's activities

    The months go by and not alike!October was much quieter on club visits.

    Monday 11 October was devoted to a meeting of the 2010-2011 District Committee Changeover 2011.This allowed me to attend the weekly lunch with my host club, the Rotary Club of Auckland in theStamford Plaza Auckland, its magnificent new venue. Then, I visited a possible site where could takeplace the next changeover 2011 (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Club). In the late afternoon,

    with AG Kirsten Hawke and her husband Dave, I visited Rotary Club of Waiheke Island. PresidentDave Cook welcome us very friendly and we have an informal workshop very interesting and usefulwith Board Officers and Directors. We then pursued with the statutory dinner during which I made mytraditional presentation. Waiheke Island and its Rotary club reminded me very strongly the island ofMoorea and its Rotary club, the two are also paired and I understand now why. This evening was anexcellent moment of Rotarian conviviality and friendship in a warm and active clubThe next day, late morning, I met Gary Dixon, member of Pukekohe Rotary Club and Director ofAlpine Printers in charge of printing the Directory. This is the last step before the distribution of theDirectory eagerly awaited by all.Late afternoon, I joined members of District Rotary Foundation Committee for their meeting. We havereviewed all the activities concerning TRF and especially the issue of financial contributions from Ro-tarians and clubs. I will not elaborate further on this topic that I discuss in detail in this same newslet-ter.On Wednesday, October 13 in the early morning, I had the great pleasure to participate in the handing

    over of Interact Club Elim Christian College Charter with Ian Thomsen, AG club official sponsor, SueFairbane, President of Rotary Club of Somerville Howick, club sponsor, the PDG Philly Karani, initiatorfor much of this project, Peter Woodcock, District Interact Committee Chair, and Dave Hawke RotaractDistrict Committee Chair. We were greeted by the young future members of the Interact club withwhom we have discussed before the ceremony of Charter. This was a special and comforting momentin this first year of life for New Generations as Fifth Avenue of Service of Rotary International, to seethese young people in such good dispositions to implement the Rotary motto "Service above self".The ceremony of the Charter presentation in front of the whole school gathered has constituted ahigh and moving point. I must thank all those who have created this club which also reinforces theNew Generations within District 9920 and I wish, on your behalf, long life the young Interact Club ofElim Christian College

    The following Thursday was marked by the Monthly District Management Meeting. I Took the stockin particular about District Directory whose sending will be plan for this week, and finally the districtconference.Regarding this one, the postponement of the dates of 29, 30 April to 15 April 16 has resulted in placingthe District Conference in a peak period. The two airlines could not agree preferential rates and therates offered are almost double those that would be obtained if we returned to the original dates. Thedilemma therefore are to choose between the desire to satisfy the wishes of New Zealanders Rota-rians who would like these dates coincide with the Easter school holidays in New Zealand and thewill of the Organizing Committee to encourage maximum participation in decreasing the financial bur-den of transportation costs. Unanimously, it was recommended if it was still possible vis--vis provi-ders of Polynesians dates back to the original.

    From my return to Polynesia and after approval of providers (Intercontinental Hotel and Golf Courseon Moorea), the District Conference Committee met to endorse the return to the starting dates of 29and 30 April, being understood that, as many had hoped, the conference will be tightened over oneday

    and a half.

    Friday 29, with Gourbault Cathy Lawrence, AG for Zone 11 (French Polynesia) and her husbandHugh, I attended the evening of the 6th Charter anniversary Rotary Club of Raiatea-Tahaa. It is worthremembering that the result of the creation of this club took the Rotary in French Polynesia to joinDistrict 9920.

    Governor's projected program in November.

    Besides attending the Pre-Institute and the Institute of 16 to 21 November in Tauranga, I will visit theRotary Club of Drury November 15, Rotary Club of Taveuni Island on November 22 and the RotaryClub of Kiritimati November 24.A meeting with the AG zone 8 Ian Curtis (Fiji-Suva and Nadi Clubs) and Marilyn Curtis Governor'sSpecial Representative for the creation of the Rotary Club of Suva New Generations and the clubs

    Presidents in Suva is envisaged November 21 afternoon.The monthly meeting of the District Branch will be held on Thursday, November 25

    Polynesian atmosphere

    Interact club Elim ChristianCollege Charter

    Soire de la Charte - Raiatea -

    Two new members - Raiatea -

  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    Activits du Gouverneur

    Les mois se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas !Octobre a t beaucoup plus calme en matire de visite de club.

    Le lundi 11 octobre a t consacre une runion du Comit du Changeover 2010-2011). Cela ma permis dassister au djeuner hebdomadaire de mon clubhte, le Rotary club dAuckland dans son magnifique nouveau sige, le Stamford Plaza Auckland. J'ai ensuite effectu la visite dun site possible o pourrait seenir le prochain changeover (Royal New Zealand Yachting Club Squadron).En fin daprs-midi, accompagn de lAG Kirsten Hawke et de son mari Dave, jai effectu ma visite officielle au Rotary club de Waiheke Island. Laccueil trs cha-eureux du Prsident Dave prcdait une runion informelle trs sympathique et utile avec les membres du bureau et certains Directeurs. Nous avons ensuitepoursuivi avec le dner statutaire au cours duquel jai effectu ma traditionnelle prsentation. Waiheke Island et son club mont rappel trs fortement lle de Mooreaet son club, les deux tant dailleurs jumels et je comprends maintenant pourquoi. Cela a constitu un excellent moment damiti et de convivialit Rotarienne.Le lendemain en fin de matine, jai pu rencontrer Gary Dixon, Rotarien du club de Pukekohe et Directeur dAlpine Printers charg de limpression du Directory. Ilagit l de la dernire tape avant cette parution tant attendue par tous.

    En fin daprs-midi, jai rejoint les membres du Comit de District de la Fondation Rotary pour leur runion. Nous avons pu ainsi aborder lensemble des questionselatives la Fondation et particulirement le problme de la contribution financire des Rotariens et des clubs. Je ne mtendrai pas davantage sur ce sujet queaborde en dtail dans cette mme Newsletter.

    Le mercredi 13 Novembre en dbut de matine, jai eu la grande satisfaction de participer la remise de Charte de lInteract club de lElim Christian College encompagnie de Ian Thomsen, AG responsable du club parrain, de Sue Fairbane, Prsidente du Rotary club de Sommerville Howick, club parrain, du PDG PhillyKarani, instigateur pour une bonne part de ce projet, de Peter Woodcock, prsident du comit de District Interact et de Dave Hawke, Prsident du Comit deDistrict Rotaract. Nous avons t accueillis par les jeunes futurs membres de ce club interactavec lesquels nous avons pu discuter avant la remise de Charte.Cela a t un moment privilgi et rconfortant, en cette premire anne de vie des New Generations en tant que 5me Domaine dAction du Rotary International,

    de voir ces jeunes gens prsenterdaussi bonnes dispositions pour la devise du Rotary Servir dabord . La crmonie de la remise de la Charte devant tout lecollge rassembl constitua un moment fort et mouvant. Je dois remercier tous ceux qui ont permis de crer ce club qui vient ainsi renforcer les New gnrationsau sein du District 9920 et je souhaite, en votre nom, longue vie lInteract club de lElim Christian College

    Le jeudi suivant a t marqu essentiellement par la Runion mensuelle de Direction du District qui a permis traiter un certain nombre de questions. Le gouverneura fait le point en particulier sur lannuaire de District dont la parution tant attendue est enfin imminente ainsi que sur la confrence de District.Concernant celle-ci, le report des dates du 29, 30 avril au 15, 16 avril a eu pour consquence de placer la Confrence de District dans une priode rouge. Lesdeux compagnies ariennes ne peuvent donc pas consentir de tarifs prfrentiels et les tarifs offerts sont presque le double de ceux qui pourraient tre obtenus sion revenait aux dates initiales. Le dilemme est donc de choisir entre le souhait de satisfaire les desiderata des Rotariens No-Zlandais qui auraient aim que cesdates concident avec celles des vacances scolaires de Pques en Nouvelle-Zlande et la volont du Comit dorganisation de favoriser une participation maximaleen diminuant la charge financire reprsente par le cot du transport. A lunanimit, il a t recommand, si cela tait encore possible, vis--vis des prestatairesPolynsiens de revenir aux dates initiales.

    Ds mon retour en Polynsie et aprs accord des prestataires (Hotel Intercontinental et Golf Course de Moorea), le Comit dOrganisation de la confrence de

    District sest runi pour entriner ce retour aux dates initiales du 29 et 30 Avril, tant entendu que, comme beaucoup lavait souhait, la confrence sera resserreur une journe et demie.

    Le vendredi 29, avec Cathy Gourbault-Lawrence, AG pour la Zone 11 (Polynsie franaise) et son mari Hugh, j'ai prsid la soire du 6me anniversaire de laemise de la Charte de Rotary Club de Raiaea-Tahaa. Pour la petite histoire il est bon de rappeler que cest la suite de la cration de ce club que le Rotary dePolynsie a t rattach au District 9920.

    Programme prvisionnel pour Novembre.

    Outre ma participation au Pr-Institute et lInstitute du 16 au 21 Novembre Tauranga, je visiterai le Rotary club de Drury le 15 novembre, le Rotary club deTaveuni Island le 22 Novembre et le Rotary club de Kiritimati le 24 novembre.Une rencontre avec lAG de la zone 8, Ian Curtis (Fiji-Clubs de Suva et Nadi) et Marilyn Curtis, reprsentante spciale du Gouverneur pour la cration du Rotaryclub New Gnrations de Suva ainsi qu'avec les prsidents des clubs de Suva est envisage le 21 Novembre aprs-midi.La Runion mensuelle de Direction du District aura lieu quant elle le jeudi 25 Novembre.

    Rotary Club Moorea offered thePaul Harris Fellowto Christa Teihotu

    Le Rotary Club de Moorea a offert lePaul Harris Fellow Christa Teihotu

  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010



    R o n S e e t oT h e R o t a r y F o u n d a t i o nD i s t r i c t 9 9 2 0P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s

    October celebrates Vocations where as Chairman of TRF Carl Wilhelm Stenhammar

    reminded us in his article in this months RDU the practice goes back to the variousvocations where it all began in 1905- a handful of gentlemen of different vocations whocame together to help others. (sic).The Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange (GSE) program is a unique cultural andvocational exchange opportunity for business people and professionals aged 25-40 who arein the early stages of their careers. The program provides for travel grants for teams toexchange visits in paired areas of different countries. For 4 to 6 weeks, team membersexperience the host countrys culture and institutions, observe how their vocations arepracticed abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.Learn more funding structure for the GSE program will change after 2012-2013, together with otherFoundation grants when TRF completes a 3 year selected pilot Districts trialling of its Future

    Vision Plan, which updates the Foundations mission to create a more efficient and effectiveway to help Rotarians develop diverse projects with greater impact and sustainableoutcomes. More info from D9920 GSE chair Don Leith Don Leith Meanwhile, an enthusiatic endorsement of GSE is provided in a guest vignette from oneGSE team member hosted by the Rotary Club of Newmarket Inc..PHILIPPA yet another story of

    Building Communities-Bridging Continents


    VIGNETTE from PHILIPPA SCALES Rotary Foundation GSE team member 2010


    I was lucky to be part of the 2010 GSE Exchange to Holland in April/May this year. Our tightknit team of six people including our team leader we spent five weeks exploring central andnorthern Holland. We were spoilt with fantastic well balanced itinerary including a myriad oftourist destinations, Dutch culture, history, companies and my vocation (recruitment). Wewere shown a fantastic time by the Dutch Rotarians who were very generous and committedto ensuring we were having a good time.

    I came away from this trip with such an insight into the Dutch culture and history which Iwould have never had the chance to discover should I have not been on this trip. Therewere some great friendships made with the Dutch Rotarian hosts and number of memorieswith me for life.Many thanks to the Newmarket Club for the sponsorship which enabled me to enjoy such a

    fabulous experience I would recommend to anyone.Visit Our blog

    Look the video, clic herePaul Harris 1933

    Rotary International Speech

    The oh-so deliciousway to give Christmasthanks. Our projectsare supported by thenationwide sale of our

    famous and ever-popu-lar Christmas Puddings. Since sales com-menced they have generated over $1m forcharitable purposes throughout New Zea-land. Our puddings are so impressive, thepackaging even won a Goldmedal at the 2010 Pride in Print Awards!Go to if youwould like to get your hands onsome of these delicious puddings for su-perb end of year gifts, $20 each.Also available are:- GIFT BOX 1 $65 with1 x Traditional Plum Pudding, 1 x Urban

    Appetite BrandiedButterscotch Sauce (250ml), 1 x BottleRed or White WineGIFT BOX 2 $85 with 2 x Traditional PlumPuddings, 1 x Urban Appetite BrandiedButterscotch Sauce (250ml), 1 x BottleRed or White Wine

    Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise Inc.

    Papatoetoe Family Festival Dayheld

    Saturday 2 October

    Photos from the successfulPapatoetoe Family FestivalDay held at Allan BrewsterRecreation Centre, inconjunction with Manukau

    Leisure Services of Manu-kau City Council:

    Special tributes to the staff at Allan BrewsterRecreation Centre and Fitness Centre, ledby Centre Manager Annette Reilly and to thetalented Genesis Youth Workers from Man-gere Police Station, for their superb efforts

    on the day.
  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    A little bit of fun never hurt anyone!

    MC Kerre Woodham at the Cure Kids Red Nose Day 2010 launch

    The fun has started!

    Following the launch of Red Nose Day at a Cure Kids event the previous night, which was attended by a number of Rotary District 9910 and9920 representatives, Meadowbank Paper Plus and the Rotary Club of St Johns in Auckland were the first inNew Zealand to kick off Red Nose Month 2010 which runs from 1 November to Red Nose Day on 19 No-vember.

    With the Red Nose Day song playing in the Meadowbank shopping centre on 28 October, it was so easy toget public support for Cure Kids by buying a red nose, badge, wrist band or even a car nose, and it was hugefun supporting Cure Kids as well! In fact, everyone had a great time, as captured in the attached photos.Classic Hits were there, as was Clifford the big red dog from the kids story book. There was also face paintingand colouring in for the kids, and the team got to meet Vicki Lee, CEO of Cure Kids.

    Rotary in New Zealand is of course the Community Partner for Cure Kids $1 million Red Nose Day campaign,so Rotary clubs throughout New Zealand are encouraged to approach their local Paper Plus, Take Note or Of-fice Spot store to offer to support their creative Red Nose Month/Day activities. Many Rotary clubs have al-ready done this have you? Cure Kids Retail Partner Paper Plus Group does the organisation, so Rotarysupport is easy and very beneficial. For example the PR value for St Johns Rotary was huge, plus they gotfour hot membership prospects out of just a couple of hours involvement by seven Rotarians that left lots of people with red noses, and anew awareness that Rotary is active in their community.

    On Friday 19 November you could also host a special Red Nose Day morning tea for your work colleagues and friends who will hopefully allwear red noses, Red Nose Day badges and/or wrist bands. Try cooking Allyson Goftons new recipe for delicious Red Nose Day Jaffa cup-cakes.

    The possibilities to have fun raising funds for Cure Kids research into life-threatening childhood illnesses are endless

    It's all about the kids. Red Nose Day is a great excuse to try something fun, to try something new - are you up to it?

    For more information, please go to:

    www.rednoseday.rotarysouthpacific.orgfor Red Nose Day and PR resources, including the Red Nose Day song and a list of PaperPlus, Take Note and Office Spot store contacts for a short video clip of the first Red Nose Month 2010 event the Red Nose Day Jaffa cupcakes recipe for Red Nose Month/Day updates

    Best regards,

    BerylPast District Governor of Rotary International District 9920
  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    To order Pure Indulgence Cook Books please either:

    1. Visit the Stellar Trust website order online by clicking on thePure Indulgence tab in the right hand column; OR2. Phone us on 0800 747 322; OR3. Fill in the details below and send this Order Form to us by one of the following means: By faxing it to: 09 573 2153 By scanning and emailing it to:[email protected] By posting it to: Stellar Trust, PO Box 12508, Penrose, Auckland 1642ORDER FORM DETAILS

    Company Name:Contacts Name:Email Address:

    Telephone Number:Delivery Address:Quantity of Cook BooksRequiredPrice Per Cook Book(including GST and delivery costs)Total Amount to be Paid(including GST and delivery costs)

    Quantity: Price per Cook Book: to be Paid: ____________ $30.00 Amount _________ $

    Please indicate which payment method you are using by placing a tick in the appropriate box

    below:By ChequeMade out to The Stellar Trust Inc.(Please post cheques to PO Box 12508, Penrose, Auckland 1642 together with a copy of thisOrder Form)By Direct CreditTo The Stellar Trust Inc. Account Number 12-3198-00048985-00(Please use your name as a reference for us)

    Jo Seagar Chocolate Cake

    Recipe makes both the Cake and theCupcakesIngredients

    1 cups flour2 cups sugar cup cocoa2 tsp baking soda1 tsp baking powder1 tsp vanilla essence1 cup strong black coffee

    1 cup milk cup oilMethod

    Preheat oven to 180 C. Mix every-thing in a food processor until smoothand well combined. Pour into a grea-sed and lined 23-25cm cake tin andbake for approximately 45 minutes, oruntil tested with a skewer whichcomes out clean. Cool on a wire rack,Ice when cold and decorate withmarshmallows and sugar pearls. Forthe cupcakes, use the same recipeand pour mixture into a greased muf-

    fin tin. Only fill the cupcake cases halffill as they rise quite high. Cook for20-25 minutes. Makes 12 large and12 small.Icing

    Chocolate Cake Butter Icing1 tbsp butter1 tbsp cocoa1 cup icing sugarDash of creamMethod

    Cream all ingredients together andadd enough cream to make a nicethick consistency.

    Cupcake Icing

    200g white chocolate[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    The Council on Legislation meeting in April 2010 has legalized the existence of 14 E-Rotary Clubs established since 2004 and has autho-rized the creation of two Rotary by e- clubs per District.In so doing, the Council of Legislation recognized officially the quality of services provided by these experimental Clubs during this proba-tionary period of 6 years.Rotary e-clubs are like the others Rotary Clubs. Their speciality is to organize Statutory meetings Internet. There are two types of Rotarye- Club:- Rotary e-clubs "pure" whose meetings are organized exclusively through the Internet;- Rotary e-clubs "hybrid" whose meetings may be held either on the net physically or as traditional Rotary clubs

    The average age of the 14 experimental Rotary e-Clubs was 47 years. These clubs, including Rotary e-clubs "pure" recruit their membersamong people do not have traditional Rotary clubs near their place of residence, among people with no fixed residence or moving frequentlyamong persons with reduced mobility etc. ..In a District as the District 9920 extended over 24 million square kilometers, it seemed normal consider the establishment of such clubs.In developing the new Strategic Plan District, such an establishment has been taken into account to enable all those wishing joining Rotarybut do not have Rotary Clubs available, particularly the hundreds of islands countries constituting the District 9920, to do so.Taking into account the two main languages spoken in the District, it has been decided to create a Rotary e-club-9920 English and aRotary e-club-9920 Francophone. This one could have the particularity be the first Rotary club francophone in the world.The governor will soon appoint two Special Governor Representatives who will organize the creation of these two Rotary e-clubs and es-tablish prescribed files records. The necessary condition is to find for each of these clubs 25 Rotarian candidates who will meet the samecriteria as other Rotarians: Vocational Excellence, indisputable repute. They will have to pay the same financial obligations: tax per capita,District levies, Club levies, subscription in Rotary Down Under or The Rotarian, District Assessment.

    Actions or programs are conducted in conditions identical to theses of traditional Rotary clubs yet with a very strong International dominantand a contribution to The Rotary Foundation very marked.He is asked club presidents and all Rotarians in the District to inform around them about these new dispositions to persons who wouldmeet the admission criteria listed above and to forward either the AGs or the Committee PR/Membership, information about these potentialcandidates. A special information campaign will conduct in the sense of candidates French by sending mail to French Consulates andEmbassy of France in all Pacific countries.For the Rotary e-club French speaking information can from now be forwarded to our Newsletter Editor:Laurence Linsenmaier : e-mail : [email protected]

    Rotary Club Mangere Inc

    Plans for the proposed 14 new classrooms have been completed and waiting for construction approval.

    Hundreds of stateless tribal children are waiting, hoping and praying for their own school. Be an answer to prayer.

    Rotary e-club-9920

    http://[email protected]/[email protected]/
  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    Le Conseil de Lgislation runi en avril 2010 a lgalis l'existence des 14 E-Rotary clubs crs depuis 2004 et autoris la cration dedeux Rotary e-clubs par District. Ce faisant, le Conseil de Lgislation reconnaissait officiellement la qualit des services raliss par cesclubs exprimentaux pendant cette priode probatoire de 6 annes.

    Les Rotary e-clubs sont des Rotary clubs comme les autres. Leur particularit est d'organiser leurs runions statutaires par Internet. Ilexiste deux types de Rotary e- clubs :

    =Les Rotary e-clubs "pur" dont les runions se font exclusivement par Internet ;

    =Les Rotary e-clubs "hybride" dont les runions peuvent tre organises soient sur le net soit physiquement comme les Rotary clubs tra-ditionnels

    La moyenne d'ge des membres des 14 Rotary e- clubs exprimentaux tait de 47 ans. Ces clubs, notamment les Rotary e-clubs "purs"recrutent leurs membres parmi des personnes ne disposant pas de Rotary clubs traditionnels proximit de leur lieu de rsidence, parmi

    des personnes n'ayant pas de rsidence fixes ou se dplaant trs frquemment, parmi des personnes mobilit rduite, etc..Dans un District comme le District 9920 tendu sur plus de 24 millions de kilomtres carrs, il paraissait normal d'envisager la crationde tels clubs.Lors de l'laboration du nouveau Plan Stratgique du District, une telle cration a donc t prise en compte pour permettre toutes lespersonnes souhaitant rejoindre le Rotary mais ne disposant pas de Rotary clubs accessibles, particulirement sur les centaines d' lesdes pays constituant le District 9920, de le faire.Prenant en compte les deux langues principales parles dans le District, il a ainsi t dcid de crer un Rotary e-club-9920 anglophoneet un Rotary e-club-9920 francophone. Ce dernier pourrait avoir la particularit d'tre le premier Rotary club francophone.Le Gouverneur va incessamment dsigner deux reprsentant spciaux du Gouverneur qui seront chargs d'organiser la cration de cesdeux Rotary e-clubs et d'tablir les dossiers prescrits. La condition ncessaire est de trouver pour chacun de ces clubs 25 candidats Ro-tariens qui auront satisfaire aux mmes critres que les autres Rotariens : Excellence professionnelle, Honorabilit indiscutable. Ilsauront s'acquitter des mmes obligations financires : tax per capita, Cotisation District, abonnement au Rotary Down Under ou LeRotarien, Cotisation District.Les actions ou programmes raliss le sont dans des conditions identiques celles des Rotary clubs traditionnels avec nanmoins une

    trs forte dominante internationale et une contribution la Fondation Rotary trs marque.Il est demand aux prsidents de clubs et tous les Rotariens du District de faire connatre autour d'eux ces nouvelles dispositions auxpersonnes qui rpondraient aux critres d'admission numrs ci-dessus et de transmettre soit aux Assistants Gouverneurs soit au ComitPR/ Membership, les informations concernant ces candidats potentiels. Une action d'information particulire sera conduite dans ce sensconcernant les candidats francophones par l'envoi de courrier aux Consulats et ambassades de France dans tout les pays du Pacifique.

    Pour le Rotary e-club francophone ces informations peuvent ds prsent tre transmise notre News letter Editor :Laurence Linsenmaier : e-mail :[email protected]

    Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS)is 25 years old today

    Principal Objectives:

    To encourage Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts and others to participate in meaningful World Community Service projects.To assist the World Community Service activities of Rotary Clubs and Districts when called upon.To seek and select suitable World Community Service projects and to seek the co-operation of Rotary Clubs and Districts in their comple-tion.To liaise with governments and other bodies and/or departments concerning requests for overseas assistance and all matters consistent

    with the objects of RNZWCS Limited.As a birthday present why not personally donate $600 to RNZWCS to supply further funding forEmergency Response KitsJust visit this site (

    to deliver your birthday gift


    Rotary e-club-9920-francophone

    http://[email protected]/http://[email protected]/http://[email protected]/[email protected]/
  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    November is Rotary month ofThe Rotary Foundation

    The District Newsletter being published at the end of the month, from now on it seems to me more appropriate to comment in advance uponhe theme of the following month. This is great because, in fact, I wished talk about The Rotary Foundation and our involvement in The RotaryFoundation, collectively through District and clubs or individually.

    With my military language, I use to saying The Rotary Foundation is the armed arm of Rotary International. Indeed, it and only it, is providinghe "sinews of war" : money.

    To simplify things, I would say that our "taxes per capita" allow Rotary International to fund the administration and working of our organizationn the large sens of the word, while donations from Rotarians and generous donors allow The Foundation Rotary financing programs andactions developed both globally and at the district and clubs levels. I will not do well on the details of countless programs developed by TheRotary Foundation. You are implementing them out yourself on the ground throughout of the year. No, my point is much more prosaic.

    Each month, in fact, I get the regional Newsletter addressed by the SPPO (South Pacific and Philippines Office). What have been my amaze-ment and my consternation when, on reading the monthly table of August, I found that District 9920 was well and truly last of the entire SouthPacific area !!!


    $ 3,357 after two months put us well far away from targets for this year, though very close to those of last year, namely: NZ $ 188,900.00. Sep-ember marks a slight increase with a fundraising of 5400 NZ $ but at this rate we are far from the target. It is true that each year the start ofundraising within the District is laborious. November, the Rotary month of The Rotary Foundation is an opportunity triggering a substantial in-crease in contributions. This year, however, the situation is crucial and it is my responsibility to alert you.

    mpact of the contribution of District 9920 to The Rotary FoundationThe level of District contribution to the Foundation Rotary has an automatic effect on its financial capabilities on Matching Grant or District Sim-plified Grant. Indeed, the funds collected by each district are distributed three years after paying. Half go to the direct funding of programs runby The Rotary Foundation at the global level, second half being donated to the District Designated Fund (DDF). Thus, on $ 1,000 paid to TheRotary Foundation, $ 500 three years after are returning to the District to fund our programs, either at the District level or at the Club level.f we add the additional contributions the Foundation paid for matching grants (50% of the amount paid by the clubs, 100% of the amount paidby District) you can see how using the Foundation is important. It is proportional to the amount of contributions paid by the District so by yourclub and yourself.

    Contribution of Clubs and Rotarians

    Firstly, it seems good to debunk some common misconceptions:

    1. Payments to The Rotary Foundation are not the exclusivity of clubsMany clubs hold annual activities specially dedicated to fundraising for the benefit of The Rotary Foundation. It's a great thing and whenever Ivisit your clubs I insist on the necessity to do so, if only to fund in the same time Paul Harris Fellow you will award with those, Rotarians andother who have contributed to remarkable action of your clubs or as part of Rotary International. Collectively the clubs should strive to supporttheir" Rotary Foundation.

    2. The distinction "Paul Harris Fellow" is not, fundamentally speaking, a rewardMany of us have this misconception that the Paul Harris Fellow is a reward. This may be true, but it was not originally. The emotion aroused inhe death of Paul Harris in 1947 was utilized, ten years latger, to create this award given to any Rotarian while paying personally 1,000 $U.S..The tittle of "Paul Harris Fellow" is awarded by The Foundation Rotary one the one hand, to honor the memory of "Paul Harris", and secondly,o offer the possibility of providing, in an original way, a contribution to The Rotary Foundation. The success of this initiative has been overw-helming and has marked the rise in financial terms of the Rotary Foundation. But much more, from there has been developed the entire systemof recognition of the generous donors established by The Rotary Foundation, instilling the habit of many Rotarians to contribute to "THEIR"

    Foundation (the number of recipients of Paul Harris Fellow distinction exceeds 1.2 million). We must therefore get out of the head a Rotarianshould not "buy" a "Paul Harris Fellow insign & diploma of Paul Harris Fellow are the legitim counterpart of this contribution to The RotaryFoundation. However, when a Rotarian, through its payments to the Foundation receives a Paul Harris Fellow or any additional step - sapphire,ruby or diamond, it is essential that this be subject to a formal and friendly recognition by his club.

  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    3. Every Rotarian has to maintain a personal relationship with The Rotary Foundation through his contributions.Rotary International is a space of freedom where everyone brings what he can as much as he can. The only Rotarian financial obligationsare summarized to pay "Tax per capita", District & Club fees, subscription to the official magazine of Rotary.Any other assistance is being left to his free arbiter. Each, according to his means, contributes in its own way, some only financially, manyfinancially and devoting a portion of their time and their expertise to the club and the community. What matters is to do it in the spirit of ourmotto "Service Above Self".During my club visits, I called individually to each Rotarian in the District to become a "Sustaining Member" of the Foundation by joining theprogram "Every Rotarian Every Year," which is to contribute annually U.S. $ 100 at The Rotary Foundation. Some clubs, in French Poly-nesia have adopted such a program. In New Zealand a similar process was adopted using the program "Centurion" by paying NZ $ 100annually.What matters to me is to create a personal relationship between each Rotarian and "HIS or HER " Foundation. As proclaimed in that old

    French saying: "The essential thing is not what we give but how we give."


    Building Communities - Bridging Continents

    Top five reasons to support The Rotary FoundationBy Roy Austin

    By contributing to The Foundation, you advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace

    through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.There are as many reasons to support The Rotary Foundation as there are ways to do good inthe world. By contributing to the Rotary Foundation you help support the Foundation's six areasof focus which help to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through theimprovement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. By givingUS$100 a year through the Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) initiative, you become a RotaryFoundation Sustaining Member. Contributions to EREY are the primary source of funding forFoundation programs.Here are a few ways your contributions are making change possible.5. Fighting hungerIn Romania, orphans and sick children have eggs, milk, and meat because of a Foundation grant that benefits local farmers.The farmers are able to buy everything from animal feed to packaging materials. There is one stipulation: They must donatea portion of their products to childrens hospitals, schools, and orphanages.In Alaska, USA, the Rotary Club of Anchorage East is also fighting hunger by distributing food to low-income families

    through a mobile food pantry.Projects such as these help address the areas of focus of maternal and child health as well as economic and communitydevelopment.4. Reducing child mortalityThe Rotary clubs of Jaela-Kandana, Western Province, Sri Lanka, and Madras Northwest, Tamil Nadu, India, are helping toreduce child mortality by providing improved sanitation facilities for 15 families in a small community in Sri Lanka. With aRotary Foundation Matching Grant, the clubs have built 14 toilets, helping to prevent diarrhoea and other diseases related topoor sanitation.According to the World Health Organization, 1.8 million children die of diarrhoea every year, making it the second leadingcause of death among children under five. Proper sanitation can reduce the rate of child mortality in many communities by upto a third. Water and sanitation is the third area of focus.3. Promoting peace and conflict resolutionWatching civil war tear apart his homeland of Cte d'Ivoire instilled in Rotary Peace Fellow Kouame Remi Oussou a passionto resolve conflict.He is now working for the United Nations Development Program in the Central African Republic, a country that weatheredperiodic internal fighting before a comprehensive peace accord took effect in 2007..Rotary Peace Fellows are leaders in promoting national and international cooperation, peace, and conflict resolution. Helpsupport the Rotary Peace Centers. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution is the first area of focus.2. Basic education and literacyEducation helps rebuild lives, whether it's in small rural towns or in war-torn countries. For example, a literacy project spon-soredby U.S. Rotarians in conjunction with the International Reading Association (IRA) is helping Sudanese refugees rebuildtheir communities by equipping them to teach future generations.The Southern Sudan Teacher Training Initiative provides refugees of the country's decades-long civil war, who are known asthe Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan, with teacher training materials, guidance, and support to help them teach students inkindergarten through eighth grade. "People returning from refugee camps to rebuild their l ives in Duk County are hungry forbooks and school supplies," says John Dau, a Lost Boy, humanitarian, and founder of the John Dau Foundation..

    1. Eradicating polioAround the world, Rotarians are taking millions of steps in walkathons, diving into icy ocean waters, and participating in otherfundraisers to help Rotary fulfill its promise to rid the world of polio. Si Burgher, of the Rotary Club of Bloomfield, Indiana,USA, raised almost $1,600 by having his shaggy eyebrows shaved.Rotary launched its PolioPlus program in 1985. Since then, eradicating polio has been the organization's top priority. EndPolio Now and help fulfill its promise.

  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    Novembre est pour le Rotary le mois deLa Fondation Rotary

    La Lettre du District tant publie la fin du mois, il me semble plus appropri partir de maintenant de commenter l'avance le thme dumois suivant. C'est trs bien parce que, en fait, je voulais parler de la Fondation Rotary et de notre implication dans la Fondation Rotary, col-lectivement par le biais de district et des clubs ou individuellement.

    Avec mon langage militaire, j'ai l'habitude de dire que La Fondation Rotary est le bras arm du Rotary International. En effet, elle et elle seule,fournit le "nerf de la guerre : l'argent.

    Pour simplifier les choses, je dirais que nos Tax per capita permettent au Rotary International de financer l'administration et le fonctionnementde notre organisation dans le sens large du terme, tandis que les dons des Rotariens et des gnreux donateurs permettent La FondationRotary de financer les programmes et les actions dveloppes tant au niveau mondial qu'au niveau des districts et des clubs. Je ne m'attarderaipas sur les dtails des innombrables programmes dvelopps par la Fondation Rotary. Vous les mettez vous-mme en uvre sur le terraintout au long de l'anne. Non, mon propos est beaucoup plus prosaque.

    Chaque mois, en fait, je reois le bulletin rgional adresse par le SPPO (Bureau pour le Pacifique Sud et les Philippines). Quels ont t montonnement et ma consternation lorsque, la lecture du tableau de bord mensuel du mois d'aot, j'ai trouv que le District 9920 a t bel etbien le dernier de toute la rgion du Pacifique Sud pour sa contribution La Fondation Rotary!


    3 357 US $ au bout de deux mois nous ont placs bien loin des objectifs pour cette anne, bien que ceux-ci soient trs proches de ceux del'anne dernire, savoir : NZ $ 188,900.00. Septembre marque une lgre augmentation avec une collecte de fonds de 5400 dollars no-zlandais, mais ce rythme, nous sommes loin de la cible. Il est vrai que chaque anne le dbut de la collecte de fonds dans le district estlaborieuse. Novembre, mois du Rotary pour La Fondation est l'occasion dclencher une augmentation substantielle des contributions. Cetteanne, cependant, la situation est cruciale et il est de ma responsabilit de vous alerter.

    Impact de la contribution du District 9920 la Fondation RotaryLe niveau de contribution du district la Fondation Rotary a un effet automatique sur ses capacits financires en matire de Subvention deContrepartie ou de Subvention de District Simplifie. En effet, les fonds collects par chaque district sont rpartis trois ans aprs le paiement.Une moiti va au financement direct des programmes grs par la Fondation Rotary au niveau mondial, la seconde moiti est verse, elle,au Fonds Ddi de District (DDF). Ainsi, sur 1.000 $ verss la Fondation Rotary, 500 $, trois ans aprs, reviennent au District 9920 pour luipermettre de financer les programmes, que ce soit au niveau du district ou au niveau du club.Si l'on ajoute les contributions supplmentaires de la Fondation payes pour les Subventions de Contrepartie (50% du montant pay par lesclubs, 100% du montant pay par le district), vous pouvez raliser combien l'aide de la Fondation est importante. Elle est proportionnelle la quantit des contributions verses par le district ainsi que par votre club et vous-mmes.

    Contribution des Clubs et des Rotariens

    Tout d'abord, il semble bon de dmystifier certaines ides reues:

    1. Les Paiements la Fondation Rotary ne sont pas l'exclusivit des clubsDe nombreux clubs organisent des activits annuelles de collecte de fonds spcialement ddies la Fondation Rotary. C'est une grandechose et chaque fois que je visite vos clubs j'insiste sur la ncessit de le faire, ne serait-ce que pour financer dans le mme temps, les PaulHarris Fellow que vous remettrez aux Rotariens et autres personnes qui ont contribu l'action remarquable au profit de vos clubs ou duRotary International. Collectivement, les clubs doivent effectivement s'efforcer de soutenir LEUR Fondation Rotary.

    2. La distinction Paul Harris Fellow n'est pas, fondamentalement parlant, une rcompenseBeaucoup d'entre nous ont cette ide fausse que le Paul Harris Fellow est une rcompense. Cela peut tre vrai, mais ce ne l'tait pas l'origine.L'motion suscite par la mort de Paul Harris, en 1947, a t mise profit dix ans plus tard pour crer cette distinction dcerne tout Rotarienversant titre personnel 1.000 US$. Le titre de "Paul Harris Fellow est dcern par la Fondation Rotary d'une part, pour honorer la mmoirede "Paul Harris", et d'autre part, pour offrir la possibilit d'apporter de faon originale une contribution La Fondation Rotary. Le succs de

    cette initiative a t extraordinaire et a marqu l'mergence sur le plan financier de la Fondation Rotary. Mais beaucoup plus, partir de l at mis au point l'ensemble du systme de reconnaissance des gnreux donateurs tablis par la Fondation Rotary, donnant l'habitude denombreux Rotariens de contribuer "LEUR" Fondation (le nombre de bnficiaires de Paul Harris Fellow distinction dpasse 1,2 millions).Nous devons donc nous sortir de la tte l'ide qu'un Rotarien ne devrait pas acheter une "Paul Harris Fellow". Le diplme et l' insigne dePaul Harris Fellow sont la contrepartie lgitime de la contribution du Rotarien la Fondation Rotary. Cependant, quand un Rotarien, traversses paiements la Fondation reoit un Paul Harris Fellow ou toute mesure complmentaire - saphir, rubis ou diamant, il est essentiel quecela soit l'objet d'une reconnaissance officielle et amicale de son club.

  • 8/8/2019 Newsletter October Newsletter October 2010


    3. Chaque Rotarien doit entretenir une relation personnelle avec la Fondation Rotary au travers de ses contributions.Le Rotary International est un espace de libert o chacun apporte ce qu'il peut autant qu'il le peut. Les seules obligations financires duRotarien se limitent au paiement de la "Taxe per capita", des cotisations du District et du Club, ainsi que l'abonnement au magazineofficiel du Rotary.Toute autre contribution est laisse sa libre apprciation. Chacun, selon ses moyens, contribue sa manire, certains seulement finan-cirement, de nombreux autres financirement, s'ils le peuvent et en consacrant une partie de leur temps et leur expertise au club et lacommunaut. Ce qui importe, c'est de le faire dans l'esprit de notre devise "Servir d'abord".Lors de mes visites de club, j'ai appel individuellement chaque Rotarien dans le district devenir "membre de soutien" de La FondationRotary" en participant au programme "Un don - Chaque anne" qui constitue verser chaque anne 100 US$ La Fondation Rotary.Certains clubs, en Polynsie franaise notamment, ont adopt ce programme. En Nouvelle-Zlande un processus similaire a t mis enplace au travers du programme "Centurion" au travers du paiement de 100 $ NZ par an.

    Ce qui compte mes yeux est de crer une relation personnelle entre chaque Rotarien et "SA" Fondation Rotary.Comme l'nonce simplement un vieux dicton franais: "L'important n'est pas ce que l'on donne mais la faon de donner."


    Renforcer les collectivits - Rapprocher les continents

    The Rotary Foundations strength depends on membership,extension, and contributions

    La force de La Fondation Rotary dpend de l'effectif,de l'expansion et des contributions

    Carl Wilhelm Stenhammar President of The Foundation Rotary

    It is interesting to note that three countries India, Japan, and the United States alone account for 46 % of the Rotarypopulation worldwide. Together with Korea and Taiwan, they are among the largest contributors to The Rotary Foun-dation.

    This is, of course, of greatest importance to The Rotary Foundation, as the possibility for it to support various programsis totally dependent on contributions from Rotarians, clubs, and districts. I am happy that inspite of the world financialcrisis, Rotarians have been very generous and supported their own Rotary Foundation. This is something that we shallnever forget The Rotary Foundation belongs to the Rotarians.Consequently we can note how membership, extension, and contributions all are linked together, and it is every Rota-rians responsibility and honor to work toward these goals as we areBuilding Communities Bridging Continentsthrough Service Above Self.

    Il est intressant de noter que trois pays - l'Inde, Le Japon et les tats-Unis - reprsentent eux seuls 46% de la popu-lation du Rotary travers le monde. Avec la Core et Tawan, ils sont parmi les plus gros contributeurs la FondationRotary.

    Ceci, bien sr, est de la plus grande importance pour la Fondation Rotary Fondation, puisque la possibilit pour ellede soutenir les diverses programmes est totalement tributaire des contributions des Rotariens, clubs et districts. Jesuis heureux que, malgr la crise financire mondiale, les Rotariens aient t trs gnreux et aient soutenu leur propreFondation Rotary. C'est quelque chose que nous n'oublierons jamais - La Fondation Rotary appartient aux Rotariens.Par consquent, nous pouvons noter que l'adhsion, l'extension et les contributions sont toutes lies entre elles, et il

    est de la responsabilit et de l'honneur de tout Rotarien de travailler ces objectifs que sont pour nousRenforcer les collectivits- Rapprocher les Continentsau travers de notre devise "Servir d'abord."