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  • 1. North Somerset Times Masthead name of newspaper being located at the top in order for your eye to be drawn straight to it. Could help to see which newspaper youre buying when mixed with others Dateline Headline adjective ghastly is shocking to audience and so attracts attention Standfirst/OR Pullquote - this could be described as being a standfirst due to it introducing the story. However, it could be a standout quote taken directly from the main story. Adverts the cost of these adverts are likely to be relatively high due to being located on the front page Body Text - the article itself. Skyline - This gives an idea of what is inside and entices the reader to read on. Byline this gives a little bit of information about the writer and title. Usually, contact details (email address) is included so that they can be contacted with your own stories/comment on what their story.
  • 2. The Bath Chronicle Adverts very effective placement for the advertiser as will definitely be one of the first to be seen Caption gives information about whom is featured in the picture, little description. Masthead Sidebar gives a good proportion of the article but will usually have rest of the article inside Price, date, strapline featured in a much smaller font but at the top of the newspaper itself. Skyline gives the reader an insight as to what to expect from the newspaper. Entices the reader/consumer. Headline hopefully one of the first things the consumer is drawn to. This, in combination with the sad picture acts emotively. The sad faces the more mature women are pulling (MES) makes the consumer feel something towards them and so reading on allows this to be achieved. Latter part of newspaper name always featured biggest. This is because it will be displayed with other local newspapers so bath will not be necessary but there will only be one Gazette in that area Byline
  • 3. Bexley Mercury Masthead makes it easily recognisable when placed with others and enables consumers to clearly see what newspaper youre to read. Headline & subsequent main article - Standfirst to give the reader that stand-out thought/id ea about this story and encourage them to read the rest of the article. Adverts There are 5 present on the front cover, much more than any of the other newspapers, despite following the same principal as others and being delivered through the door for free. Headline Skyline 3 of these skyline boxes are used and give in impression of the types of stories inside the newspaper Byline writers info Same sized adverts on the front page, possible format/house style with these that need to be adhered to?
  • 4. Gloucestershire Gazette Masthead Date, time, strapline Again, interesting to note there are fewer adverts on the front cover of this newspaper, despite it being the priciest out of the five at 80p per copy. This could be due to the type of reader aimed at or the particular location this newspaper is for. Byline, the writers name and contact details. Useful for contact about new stories and comments on previous. This gives the impression they seek for others to inform them of stories foremost. Skylines similar to the Bexley Mercury despite being from different regions. Doesnt follow a trend amongst its competitors in a certain area. Large image with small accompanying text body, prompting readers to look inside the newspaper
  • 5. Bristol Post This front cover appears to be very busy with lots of different adverts, skylines, pictures and articles around the page. The design is much more modern than the others but does stem from the fact that this newspaper faced a recent rebrand from its former Evening Post days. It has a greater air of professionalism, perhaps due to greater financial support. They have 3 during each day. Edition starts differs depending on morning, lunchtime or evening edition. Skyline, reference to Bristol City and promotion to prompt purchase of newspaper Skyline Date, time, price Byline Mayor or Bristol, George Ferguson a face locals will be familiar with. Could be compared to national newspapers putting a celebrity on the front page. Anothe r Skyline Strapline? Uses this title to advantage. Technological convergence. Advertisment of their website too. subtle Masthead