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Innovalysis CEO, Travis Howerton, delivered a presentation on Next Generation Web and Social Media solutions for the small to medium business market. This presentation was given during May 2013 to the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce. Presentation also covers the Innovalysis mobile app platorm that delivers custom mobile apps for the small to medium business markets.


  • 1. Solutions for NextGeneration Web andSocial Media PresenceYour customers are mobile.Are you?

2. It is no longer enough for a business to have a basic website.Users expect to interact in new ways. The rise of social mediahas created new opportunities for sales channels while the riseof mobile devices has increased the complexity of effectivelyleveraging those channels.Question: How can small businesses effectivelyand efficiently use these new tools to driverevenue and increased web traffic? 3. By 2015, it is expected that Chief MarketingOfficers (CMOs) will have larger InformationTechnology (IT) budgets than Chief InformationOfficers (CIOs) GartnerWhy? Big Data and Social MediaThe 4. This session will cover a variety of topics that are important to amodern day, cutting edge web presence: Content Management Systems Web Analytics Advertising and Revenue Social Media Channels E-Commerce Solutions Software as a Service Platforms Mobile 5. For this presentation, it is assumed that the audience hasminimum experience in IT.Therefore, topics are kept at a high level to cover a variety ofpertinent information.Innovalysis is happy to follow up with more information ontopics of 6. It is well past time to stop paying high priced IT resources tomanually update web pages. A modern content managementsystem can bring sophisticated web capabilities to smallbusinesses.The two most popular content management systems are: WordPress pick for ease of use Drupal pick for power to customizeContent Management 7. Powers some of the largest websites in the world (i.e.CNN) Free to download and install if hosting internally If hosting externally through a provider, manycompanies offer pre-installed Wordpress options forunder $10 per month Useful for anything from simple blogs to advancedwebsites Find out more at 8. Out of the box, it is very easy for non-IT users tocreate content for the web. To provide a truly professional website, Wordpressshould be extended with: Themes PluginsExtending 9. Professional themes can be downloaded andinstalled in Wordpress with incredible ease There are a combination of free and paid themesthat you can choose from There are over 1,700 themes available for downloadat WordPress and even more available at otherrelated websitesWordpress 10. While all of the basics are covered out of the box,you can easily add advanced features with plugins: Search Engine Optimization Spam Blockers Analytics Form Creation Image Galleries Social Networking Security Tools ForumsWordpress 11. Same easy to use content management featuresfound in Wordpress Requires a higher level of knowledge than Wordpressbut allows for fine grained control Perfect solution for a company with 1 2 powerusers who want full control and advanced features is powered by Drupal Find out more at 12. Many hosting providers will install Drupal for you.There are three main consideration with managing aDrupal website: Distributions Themes ModulesExtending 13. Aside from the vanilla Drupal install, there are avariety of distributions you can pick with pre-installed themes and modules targeted for specificwebsite types: E-Commerce (Commerce KickStart) Community Sites (Drupal Commons) Government (OpenPublic) News Media (OpenPublish)Drupal 14. Like WordPress, Drupal has a large number ofthemes you can download and install for your site. Over 1700 themes are available Must make sure the theme you are downloadingis the appropriate one for the version of Drupalyou are running Nearly everything in Drupal can be downloadedfree since it is an open source projectDrupal 15. Today, the most advanced websites use aResponsive Design This technique leverages Javascript and CSS tricks todynamically redraw your page based on the size ofthe screen. This technique allows you to support any device UserInterface (UI) through one website uses a responsive themeAdvanced 16. The true power of Drupal comes from the power toextend the website with modules: Views (query and display custom data) Pathauto (simple URLs) WebForm (create surveys and web apps) IMCE (advanced text editor, like MSFT Word) CCK (add custom fields) FileField (allow file uploads)Drupal 17. Enterprise Class Web Analytics from Google Find out more at 18. Track the number of visitors coming to your websiteover time to look for trends Determine the most popular content Evaluate the number of unique visitors Determine the web browsers used to access your site View where in the world your website is beingaccessed Monitor average visit duration and bounce rateWhy Analytics? 19. Incredibly easy to install on a website Create an account with Google or tie GoogleAnalytics to your existing Gmail account Pre-built modules for installing on WordPress andDrupal (just provide your details to the module) For an existing website, just paste script into themaster pageHow Google Analytics 20. Google Analytics 21. Advertise your website in Google Searches Find out more at 22. Your website is highlighted in the most popularsearch engine on the internet Will drive a large amount of new traffic to yourwebsite Paid Service you pay for each time your website isdisplayed in a search and can track click throughs Can be expensive suggest setting daily maximumcharges to avoid an unexpectedly high billWhy AdWords? 23. A must have for e-commerce sites to separate fromcompetitors and drive traffic A nice to have if your market is highly competitive,your site will show up first in search and make theuser more likely to pick your site versus competitors Not likely to be a good fit for most non-profits,government websites, or other entities that are notdriven by revenueWho should use AdWords? 24. Maximize Revenue for Your Content Find out more at 25. Turns your website into a profit generating machine Shows relevant ads on your website based on the type ofcontent of your page Tries to understand who the user is Tries to understand the content on the page Creates a best fit match for ads The more people who come to your website and click thelink, the more you get paid Over 2 million websites today use AdSense to driverevenueWhy AdSense? 26. Great solution for blogging and community sites todrive revenue for your content Use of AdSense can make your website look lessprofessional if not carefully thought out Avoid placing too many ads on a page (doesntusually drive any more clicks) Not a good solution for e-commerce sites (may drivecustomers to your competitor!)Who Should Use AdSense? 27. AdSense 28. Definition: Media for social interaction using highlyaccessible and scalable publishing techniques. Three most relevant social media sites for yourbusiness are: Facebook Twitter LinkedInSocial 29. Most popular social media site and should be primary focusfor your business Allows users to interact with you Get Likes to create an advertising channel for your posts Use Facebook ads to create advertising to people who havent likedyour page yet If used properly, can get much higher Click Through Rates(CTR) than with Google Find out more at Like Innovalysis @ 30. Useful for your business or personally for your publicpersona Great tool for events, media engagement, publicspeaking, etc. Allows users to follow your business Creates a new advertising channel Find out more at Follow me at 31. Designed to be a business focused social network Use personally for your online resume, helprecruiters find you For your company, post job openings and searchprofiles to assist in recruiting Build a network of business associates Find out more at View my profile at: 32. For larger companies, the cutting edge social mediaapproach is to leverage sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of thepublic to your company based on social media and webcontent feeds. There are some free tools out there even for smallbusinesses: 1) SocialMention, 2) TweetFeel, 3) Twendz More sophisticated enterprise tools are also available butare expensive (my favorite is Radian6)Advanced Social 33. My favorite tool for bringing e-commerce to the smallbusi