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  • 1. Anhydrous Ammonia and you StaySAFEwith Shelter-in-PlaceBrochure prepared by: Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center Tampa Bay Pipeline Corporation Dorothy D. Zeviar, Ed.D., LAc, MPH student, USF For more information, contact: Hillsborough County EOC:813-236-3800 Hillsborough County Sheriff:813-247-8200 Tampa Bay Pipeline Corporation:813-623-2431 What is Anhydrous Ammonia (NH 3 )? You live, work or go to school near an anhydrousammonia (NH 3 ) pipeline.You can recognize the location by marker signs. Anhydrous ammonia (NH 3 ) is used in manufacturing (refrigerants), agriculture (fertilizer), and household cleaning products.If accidentally released, NH 3can burn mucous membranes in the eyes, mouth andrespiratory system (breathing).Shelter in Place is one way to protect yourself.

2. Shelter in Place means staying inside the school or classroom or day-care when an alertfor chemical release is given. If you are outside, it means going back into the building to get out of toxic fumes in the air.The principal will close and seal all doors, windows and outside air exchanges.What is Shelter-in Place?Shelter in Place protects your eyes, nose and throat from burning and toxic fumes in the air, such as ammonia.Protect Yourself!

  • Radio and TV
  • announcements
  • Neighborhood sirens
  • Phone calls to schools,day-cares,businesses
  • Sheriff dept going door-to-door

How will we know? What happens atschool?

  • Principal announces Shelter-in-Place
  • All automatic doors secure shut
  • All windows are closed and sealed
  • All outside air circulation is closed
  • Students, teachers and staff areSAFE
  • Roads leading into school area are blocked to keep otherssafe

REMEMBER: The most important thing is to protect yourself. Do not venture into a hazardous area untilthe All-Clear signal is given.Children areSAFEat school