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  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report


    Summer training report



    mutual funds and their comparative analysis

    Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of business

    management program.








  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    No work is considered complete unless due acknowledgement is given to those who

    made it possible. Therefore, I am very thankful to the entire team of HDFC BANK for

    their cooperation, without which completion of this project would not have been possible.

    Words at my command are inadequate both in form and spirit to express my sincere and

    profound gratitude to Mr. Naveen Relan (branch manager) of HDFC ltd.. for having

    confidence in my abilities and giving me all the liberties to perform. Sirs meticulous

    guidance, keen supervision and whole hearted help has made me capable to complete this

    project. I would also like to thankMr. Hitesh Mehta and Mr.Dinesh (Advisor- Mutual

    Funds) for sharing with me all the details of the project and providing me with valuable

    insights about the product. I would also like to thank Ms. Meenu (Advisor credit cards),

    Mr.Deepak bajaj(personal banker) for the patience shown by them and being of such a

    great help to all my queries and above all making the environment more comfortable for


    Last but not the least I would like to thank my co-trainees Ms sheetal and

    Ms rachna.they have been a great support in preparing this report as well as in

    discussing about the related data and creating a cosy environment for my research work.


  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    This report gives one an insight into the mutual funds in India. I have tried my level bestto incorporate the readings and the information I collected through these readings duringmy Summer Internship in HDFC BANK.

    This report basically consists of all information regarding work which I had done in thisproject .So going ahead I would like to tell you in general actually what my project is?


    So under, First topic ofMutual Funds I had collected data from various resources andreference like facts sheets of various funds houses and secondary data from differentwebsites and with total support of the bank staff and branch managerMr.Naveen relan

    From these facts sheets of various companies I had analyzed the past track record ofvarious funds of selected Fund houses..By this analysis I had seen the performance ofdifferent funds of different fund houses. So that it I can make this project helpful for theinvestor in selection of the right fund and guided the investor for his or her investment

    This project would help the investor in selecting best of best fund for making investment.This project basically concentrates on the study of Mutual Funds, which are currentlyattracting investors from all walks of life. This project also enhances my knowledgeabout the subject. and enable me to understand the terms more easily by knowing the

    funds behind the name and its implications This project aims at understanding theviability of best of best in different sections of mutual funds and banking scrips forfuture investment.

    SUPERVISION:Mr. Naveen Relan(Branch manager)HDFC BANK


  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    In todays world where people are more concerned about protecting their future, theyneed to plan out their investments in a judicious manner. Investment goals vary fromperson to person. While somebody wants security, others might give more weight age toreturns alone. Somebody else might want to plan for his childs education whilesomebody might be saving for life after retirement.

    With different objectives their main aim is that they want their money to grow in a safeand secure manner. but there is a phrase which states that Higher the Risk Higher isthe Return everyone is not that strong that he could risk his earning but they do want toearn at minimum possible risk

    This project would help the investor in selecting the Best fund for making investment.This project basically concentrates on the study of Mutual Funds and selected BankingScrips as investment avenues, which are currently attracting investors from all walks oflife. This project also enhance my knowledge about the subject. and enable me tounderstand the terms more easily by knowing the funds behind the name and itsimplications This project aims at understanding the viability of best of best in differentsections of mutual funds and banking scrips for future investment

    This project would guide them as to how they can plan out there investment by providinginvestors with the research facts In this project a study for comparative analysis of

    various schemes offered by different Mutual fund companiesLastly Enough work has not been done on this subject hence I have chosen this projectfor further research to guide .This Analysis can help in relating the risk profile of aninvestor with the investment avenue that he is opting


  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    Managed assets to rise 6-fold by 2015

    The total assets managed by all funds in the country--mutual funds, international funds, private banking, including portfolio management services, unit-linked insurance andpension funds--is likely to grow more than six-fold to US$ 1,300 billion by 2015, fromUS$ 170 billion, says the Boston Consulting Group. The potential of the Indian market isattracting many new entrants and this is likely to continue over the next five years. Theopportunity for various fund categories to invest in India will grow exponentially;managed assets, excluding pension, are expected to grow at least 10 times over next 10years Trends

    India--with its GDP approaching

    US$ 800 billion--is viewed as one of the biggest growth stories among emerging marketsexplains only part of the attraction for foreign banks. Credit off-take has grown 25-30 percent annually in recent years, with retail consumer lending being the hunting ground forforeign banks. State Bank of India (SBI), the country's largest bank, has earmarkedbiotechnology, fisheries, food technology, dairy and horticulture as thrust areas. Its three-year national plan, FY07-10, involves an outlay of US$ 2.66 billion. ICICI Bank says its20 million customer base is growing by 35 per cent annually. The bank operates 2,680

    automated teller machines, and its network of 670 branches is expanding by 50-100 everyyear. A growth machine in the past five years, the group held US$ 62 billion in assets forthe year ended on March 31, 2006.


  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    This project is not only for those people who are planning to invest there money indifferent Mutual Funds or Banking Scrips but also for them who had invested theremoney in either of the schemes which are being compared in the project . so that theycould also use this report for there investments so as to yield maximum benefit out of thisproject As hdfc deals in various financial instruments where in which investors investthere money so by my research I could tell investors which Banking stock to buy or tosell with strong fundamental research .

    The prime objective of the project would be to identify and suggest people with properresearch facts for investment in mutual fund and banking scripts prior to there investmentso as to why they go for our recommendations


    1. To Appraise leading Mutual Fund companies

    2. To Analyze returns generated by leading fund houses

    3. To Study Scripts on Various parameters of Research

    4. To Guide investors about there investments among these scrips

    5. To give recommendations on the best Fund / Scrip


  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    A large number of schemes around 590 are available in the market and it is

    difficult to analyze all of them.

    The analysis is completely based on the past performance and does not confirms

    the future performance.

    Lack of enthusiasm among investors due to fluctuations in market

    Difficulties in gathering desired information

    No Co-ordination between study and project

    Study is not very exhaustive and many concepts cannot be studied due to time and

    other constraints.

    Officials though very helpful, are not able to give much of their time due to their

    own time constraint.

    The results from the analysis is qualitative and not the quantitative.

    Limitations of stock market.


  • 8/4/2019 Nidhi Mittal Report



    It is an Empirical study in which mostly secondary data will be used . The Primary data

    in this case is not required as such because investments are made according to the pasttrends and market value of an mutual fund or a scrip primary dataThe Secondary data has been collected from the followings

    Fact Sheets of all the AMCs

    Mutual Fund Insight

    Indian Mutual Funds Handbook

    Newspapers ( Economic Times , Business Line)

    Magazines ( Business World)

    Internet Web Sites

    In this the Sample Size For Mutual Funds companies is 6 this size is selected out of 10companies which are currently offering their products in the market these 6 companiesare selected according to th