nigeria's blueprint for a brighter tomorrow

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Nigeria’s blueprint for a brighter tomorrow

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Nigeria’s blueprint for a brighter tomorrow


Lagos State, Nigeria

40% of Lagos State residents live in riverine communities, and

are not connected to the national power grid.

Nigeria’s population = 180 million

Tens of millions are far from a clean and stable source of power

Towards a sustainable future in Nigeria:

Deliver clean and reliableaccess to energy to rural schools and

healthcare centers

Eliminate the costly and

harmful dependence on diesel



This is an example of ….

Solar Nigeria Program


183 solar and storage locations installed

Complete list of sites:

Size of

installationBadagry Ikorodu



5kW 6 29 9 18

7.5kW 2 8 3 1

10kW 5 9 2 -

12.5kW 4 3 1 1

15kW 10 7 5 -

10kw (PHC) - 3 1 -

25kW 3 1 1 -

This project aimed to deliver 4.59 MW of

sustainable solar power

Innovative four way partnership


1. Schneider Electric

2. Lagos Solar

3. UK Department for International

Development (DFID)

4. African Energy

Schneider Electric’s

ConextTM battery-based


“ConextTM XW+ models were

selected for this project because of

their long-term record of reliability

in Nigeria’s rugged market, as well

their patented technology to

improve battery life in a solar and

storage system”

Lincoln Dahl, Principal, African


1. Modular

2. Flexible

3. Robust

4. Simple to install

5. Patented features

Technical Solution

• Intelligent design

• Training program

• Sustainable model

ConextTM XW+ System

1. Conext XW+ battery

based inverter/chargers

2. Solar Charge Controllers

3. System Control Panel

4. Conext ComBox

Successfully executed in only 8 months with 183 systems


Scalable solution

172 schools and

11 primary healthcare

centers electrified

by solar

• 190,000 students

• 4.7 million clinic patients

• 3000 jobs across the PV

supply chain

• Drinkable water

• Able to pump water for days

• Babies safely delivered

Solar Energy

Impact by 2020

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