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  • A Guide To Digital Photography For Beginners.Keith S. Black you've finally decided to make the jump from your old film camera to a digital camera but are some what intimidated by using a camera that requires the use of the memory card, you need not have any worries. I'm about to connect the dots for you.

    Digital cameras are most certainly advanced when it comes to technology but this does not mean they are difficult to use and requires you to have an advanced background in the use of advanced cameras. Here are my suggested tips that will help you ease the pain of the transition and aid you in taking pictures with your new digital camera.

    Color Enhancing- Have you ever taken a picture and noticed the clammy look and feel of the image? You can correct this by changing your default white balance settings to auto. For more vivid colors change your setting to cloudy.

    Close Up Shots-If you desire to have a sharper image, use the close up mode known as macro mode. This feature is easy to use on a digital camera. To use this feature, look for the "up close" feature. On many cameras you'll see a flower icon.

    Be sure to get as close to the image as possible. You do this because you are working with a very shallow field of depth. You want to focus on the subject's most important part.

    Got Memory-Be sure you have a memory card that has a lot of memory or at least have several cards available. This will allow you to store lots of images and prevents you from having to stop your photos sessions because you don't have memory cards. If you have a high resolution camera, you'll need more memory. When you have lots of memory, you don't have to miss out on any shots.

    Since your camera does have a resolution setting, always take your images using the highest resolution. You always want the highest because the images are much more superior than using a low resolution. Even though it does require more memory, do not sacrifice quality for memory.

    Take as many great shots as you can. Since you have memory, the great thing is once you get home you can look through all of your images and those that you don't like can be deleted. This will help you free up any space on your memory cards.

  • Do not be intimidated by the use of digital photo technology. If you need additional help, you can find online tutorials to help you with anything you may need help with as well as borrow books for your library.