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Dina Eldrina Tovanny Panjaitan Amritha Mendonca

Liang Liang Vadim Neumann Pavan Bagade

OverviewStart Up Activation Consolidation

FY 1999 FY 2000

Charismatic Leadership

Innovation and Marketing

Enhancing Brand

FY 2001 FY 2002


Nissan is Back

Zero Debt Environment

Start Up Charismatic leader Identifies problem Sets the goals and objectives Provide resources Handpicked executives

Change in organizational culture

Activation Innovation and Marketing R&D Brand Re-enhancement

Cut Cost Suppliers Globalization Shut down plants

Increase efficiency Optimize machine utilization

Activation Improve communication Bottom-up Approach Use of Emails Clear and constant communication Internal Agreements

Delegation Accountability and responsibility

Other changes in culture Transparency Language One rule

Consolidation Turn profit around by 2001 Enhancing brand

A Framework for Taking ChargeEnabling tools Visited plants Set clear goals

Avoiding the traps He interacts with people Identifies the problems Listening to others Hand picked executives

Creating Momentum For Employees Bottom up approach For Stake holders Turn profit around For Public Transparency No Choice

Meeting Challenges Involvement of stakeholder

Managing oneself Strong leader style Clear understanding

Start Up 2001 Urgency awareness Promotions Product Employee

For Shareholders Dividend payment

For Employees Stock options, salary increase

Gender equality Increase in stock price

Activation Product Innovation Flashy new vehicle

Brand Campaigns Tokyo motor show

Meeting market needs Debt reduced to half Nissan is back

Consolidation Zero debt environment Plan 180 New 3 year supplier cost reduction

How to keep the Momentum Going? Keep the underdog spirit Continuous improvement Set new goals

Recommendations Improve relationship with stakeholders Customer satisfaction Expanding overseas market Incentives to keep the momentum going Employee satisfaction

Ghosn Leadership Skills Self awareness Self regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skill


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