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<p>NISSANS U-Turn</p> <p>Dina Eldrina Tovanny Panjaitan Amritha Mendonca</p> <p>Liang Liang Vadim Neumann Pavan Bagade</p> <p>OverviewStart Up Activation Consolidation</p> <p>FY 1999 FY 2000</p> <p>Charismatic Leadership</p> <p>Innovation and Marketing</p> <p>Enhancing Brand</p> <p>FY 2001 FY 2002</p> <p>Awareness</p> <p>Nissan is Back</p> <p>Zero Debt Environment</p> <p>Start Up Charismatic leader Identifies problem Sets the goals and objectives Provide resources Handpicked executives</p> <p> Change in organizational culture</p> <p>Activation Innovation and Marketing R&amp;D Brand Re-enhancement</p> <p> Cut Cost Suppliers Globalization Shut down plants</p> <p> Increase efficiency Optimize machine utilization</p> <p>Activation Improve communication Bottom-up Approach Use of Emails Clear and constant communication Internal Agreements</p> <p> Delegation Accountability and responsibility</p> <p> Other changes in culture Transparency Language One rule</p> <p>Consolidation Turn profit around by 2001 Enhancing brand</p> <p>A Framework for Taking ChargeEnabling tools Visited plants Set clear goals</p> <p>Avoiding the traps He interacts with people Identifies the problems Listening to others Hand picked executives</p> <p>Creating Momentum For Employees Bottom up approach For Stake holders Turn profit around For Public Transparency No Choice</p> <p>Meeting Challenges Involvement of stakeholder</p> <p>Managing oneself Strong leader style Clear understanding</p> <p>Start Up 2001 Urgency awareness Promotions Product Employee</p> <p> For Shareholders Dividend payment</p> <p> For Employees Stock options, salary increase</p> <p> Gender equality Increase in stock price</p> <p>Activation Product Innovation Flashy new vehicle</p> <p> Brand Campaigns Tokyo motor show</p> <p> Meeting market needs Debt reduced to half Nissan is back</p> <p>Consolidation Zero debt environment Plan 180 New 3 year supplier cost reduction</p> <p>How to keep the Momentum Going? Keep the underdog spirit Continuous improvement Set new goals</p> <p>Recommendations Improve relationship with stakeholders Customer satisfaction Expanding overseas market Incentives to keep the momentum going Employee satisfaction</p> <p>Ghosn Leadership Skills Self awareness Self regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skill</p>


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