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No Comment Gibraltar Weekly Magazine - Features Gib U19 match versus Hungary U19, women's football friendly, Risto Mejides visit to the Rock and more. All in photos


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2. welcomeHere we are again, with our second issue of No Comment. Easter is now upon us, and this week has really been marked by the sporting achievements of the Under 19s and the Gibraltar Womens squad. Appropriately, both have happened at a time when the John Mackintosh Hall marked its 50th Anniversary, again another celebration of cultural, educational and social achievments, and in the same week the Governor gave out long service medals to firefighters, police and prison officers for their service to the community. And guess what? We have it all in pictures again ;) Our style is catching on and readers are liking it. 3. On Wednesday 16th April the Gibraltar Under 19 Football National Squad produced a shock result after drawing with Hungary Under 19. Leading throughout the game the local team were unable to hold Hungary from scoring a spectacular goal from outside the box, even though the latter had just gone one man down due to a sending off. The 2-2 draw was hailed as a success for Gibraltars young internationals. itsadraw 4. ?do you know how much advertising on this page costs? of course you couldnt know we havent told anyone yet, but..... (just read on a bit more) 5. random 6. eastside road green light The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo this week announced that a judgement by the High Court in England had gone in favour of the Governments termination of contract for works done by OHLfor the east side road access tunnel. The judgement means the works will now be able to proceed. Damages and costs are expected to surpass the 30 million. This will also mean the runway road will soon no longer be needed. 7. !you pay monthly for this space.. but we give you weekly ad copy changes to have a different ad every week of the month, on each separate issue, yes four issues, one price we know you are still asking so how much? well..... (just read on a bit more) 8. random 9. Marrakechto gibraltarThursday marked the start of the Marrakech to Gibraltar flights with the first flight arriving on the Rock. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Tourism Minister Neill Costa met with crew and passengers of the flight on arrival. 10. *still interested? this page would have cost you 80 p/m (thats four issues a month) (artwork not included) Our prices reflect what we believe you should be paying for a full page advert where printing costs do not exist. Interested? Call +350 54017663 or email 11. random 12. The Governor of Gibraltar and Chief Minster presented long service medals to members of HMPrison, City Fire Brigade and Royal Gibraltar Police at the Convent on Wednesday. Long Service RewardedLong Service RewardedLong Service Rewarded 13. Chief Minister and Governor 14. random 15. Risto Mejide Risto Mejide Risto Mejide, host of Viajando con Chester, a popular Spanish television show on La Cuatro was in Gibraltar this week with his famous sofas to interview Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and other guests. Better known for his dry and direct humour the TV star caused a bit of a stir whilst filiming on the Rock. ManySpanish workers on the Rock who recognised the TV star showed their excitment at seeing him asking for photographs and autographs from him whilst at the airport and Main Street. films in gibfilms in gib 16. 50john mackintosh hall celebrates years Gibraltars cultural elite met at the John Mackintosh Hall to celebrate 50 years of culture and education afforded by the centre. An exhibit celebrating the contribution the hall has made to the community is now open. 17. O.M.G12-0 The nerves were clear to see amongst the whole staff of the Gibraltar Womens Football National Squad. Just a year ago they did not fare well in a simiar encounter. Sunday was different, StudsStilettoLFC proved to be a poor rival to a well tuned, well balanced young team. The 12-0 score could have easily been higher. 12-0 18. Produced by Core Photography w. w. t: +350 54017663 t: +350 54030211 e: e. b. f. gibraltar t: @CorePhotoGib