no pens day wednesday assembly. scientists and researchers know talking and listening are really...

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  • No Pens Day WednesdayAssembly

  • Scientists and researchers know talking and listening are really important to help us learnTalking and listening are really important to help us learn

  • Speaking and listening are really important skills

  • We start developing these skills right from birth and through primary school

  • But these skills continue to develop right through secondary

  • Speaking and listening skills support

  • These employers have something in commonWe need you to have great communication

  • However, 47% of employers say they cant find employees with the communication skills they needWere out!








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    2nd Qtr53

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  • So, speaking and listening skills are important, now and for the future

  • And they are the same as many other skills...

  • With good practice, they improve onwards and upwards

  • And although writing is important...

  •, were going to put down our pens and learn just by talking and listening

  • Well learn just as much with different activities

  • Your job is to decide which activities and lessons work best...

  • ...and when writing would have been useful and whether you think more or less of these no pens activities would help you learn?< > or

    Use this assembly presentation in what ever way works best for you*Research around links between language and literacyImportance of talk in the classroom for problem solving

    *Speaking and listening skills are crucially important for learning both in terms of helping us understand the content of what were being taught as well as many different skills that are important in education and the world of workAdditionally, these skills are important outside of school with families and friends too*At 11 we get that words have double meaningsE.g. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Answer: FrostbiteAt 13/14 we can use sarcasm as a way to interact with mates and adults we know wellE.g. Cool dance dad!By 18 we use language much more imaginatively for social interaction E.g. Thats so many colours of wrong**Employers consistently rate communication skills as the most important skill they are looking for in employees*However...*