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<ul><li><p>DECEMBER 2001, VOL 74, NO 6 N 0 M I N AT I N C C 0 M M I T T E E </p><p>Nominating Cornmiltee initiates AORN leadership </p><p>and candidate development he Nominating Committee has listened to AORN mem- T bers suggestions, ideas, and </p><p>questions about leadership and candidate development, candi- date availability, and informa- tion sharing needs. Plans for the 2002 AORN Congress in Anaheim, Calif, include educa- tion about becoming an AORN leader, Nominating Committee responsibilities, candidate pre- sentations, and availability and changes in candidate and dele- gate responsibilities. </p><p>NETWORKING SESSION On Monday, April 22,2002, </p><p>from 11 :45 AM to 12:45 PM, a networking session will be held for Congress attendees who want to pursue leadership roles within the Association. Brenda C. Ulmer, RN, MN, CNOR, AORN Past President and Nominating Committee advisor, will share her perspective of leadership in AORN. She will describe activi- ties and responsibilities that helped her prepare for her many leadership roles. Other topics to be discussed include </p><p>I </p><p>the nominating process and timelines, communication and networking skills needed to get nominated, and nominee activ- ities; completing biographical data forms, a curriculum vitae, and nomination forms, as well as length of time to record activi- ties; assessing leadership qualities and an individuals progression </p><p>as a leader in AORN activities; and </p><p>I information to include in per- sonal statements and letters of endorsement for nomination. </p><p>LEADERSHIP RESOURCES </p><p>has developed a Leadership Development Primer that is intended as a guideline for mem- bers interested in becoming more involved in AORN or serving as a national oficer. The primer will be included in every members Congress registration packet. It includes tips about how to get involved at the chapter, state, and national levels. In addition, an overview of how national com- mittees operate and the nomina- tion process for AORN ofice, as well as suggested readings to build skills (eg, public speaking, legislation, parliamentary proce- dure), is included in the primer. </p><p>Copies of willingness-to-serve forms, national nomination forms, biographical data forms, and the biographical data score sheet are included in the primer. These forms can be used and copied as a reminder of the information and guidelines about professional activities that should be accom- plished to become a leader in the Association. Nominating Committee members will be available at the networking ses- sion and in the Nominating Committee booth to answer ques- tions and serve as a resource for completing forms and tracking information. The candidate hand- </p><p>The Nominating Committee </p><p>book, which is sent to all AORN members running for national ofice, also will be available at the Nominating Committee booth for those who would like more information about what happens after a person is nominated for office. </p><p>CANDIDATE INFORMATION AND AVAlfABlllTY </p><p>the 2001 -2002 ballot will be post- ed on AORNs MemberTalk before the 2002 AORN Congress. Candidate information also is available to members on AORN Online at in the Meet the Candidates section (ie, http ://www. . In November 2001, professional and informal photographs of the can- didates, an election statement, and their biographical information were posted. </p><p>In January 200 1, a question and answer section on AORN Online will be available for mem- bers to post questions to the can- didates. Members can ask candi- dates about issues facing AORN and the nursing profession. Answers will be posted online, and an updated list of the ques- tions and answers also will be posted online for all members to view. </p><p>At the 2002 AORN Congress, Nominating Committee members will present the candidates during a Meet the Candidates session on Sunday, April 2 1,2002, from 1 1 AM to 12:15 PM. Candidates will give an election speech addressing </p><p>Candidate names selected for </p><p>898 AORN JOURNAL </p></li><li><p>DECEMBER 2001, VOL 74, NO 6 </p><p>perioperative issues. A Candidates Town Hall </p><p>Meeting will be held Sunday, April 21, from 1:30 to 3 PM. From the podium, each candidate will answer questions asked by delegates during a four-minute time allotment. A timekeeper will enforce time limits. Nominating Committee members will serve as moderators and will choose ques- tions on a rotating basis. Each candidate will be able to answer questions at his or her discretion. Delegates should ask questions based on the following guide- lines: </p><p>prepare short, single-focused questions; write the question on a piece of paper before approaching the microphone to facilitate time; and when recognized fiom the stage, briefly state your name and whether you are spealung on behalf of yourself, your chapter or state council, or others. </p><p>The intention is to make interac- tion between candidates and dele- gates appealing for everyone. If questions from delegates cannot be answered during the session, </p><p>NOTES </p><p>opportunities to question the can- didates will be available through- out the week (eg, riding the buses, stopping in the hallways, visiting the Nominating Committee booth). </p><p>The Meet the Candidates and Candidate Town Hall meetings will be videotaped and played throughout the convention center during Congress week. The Nominating Committee also has a room available where the video- tape can be viewed. </p><p>NOMINAT/~G COMMiTTEE BOOTH Nominating Committee mem- </p><p>bers will be available in the main hall leading to the convention center arena on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during Congress week. This will provide an oppor- tunity for attendees to meet candi- dates and gain information about the nomination processes, the Candidate Handbook, the Leadership Development Primer, or related issues. </p><p>DELEGATES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE </p><p>Committee is to prepare and present an annual slate of candi- </p><p>The purpose of the Nominating </p><p>dates to serve as elected officials of the Association. Nominating Committee members support del- egates needs to meet the candi- dates, and they help develop future leaders so delegates can make the best choices. </p><p>It has been an honor to serve on this committee and to work with a hardworking, committed group of perioperative nurses who have served you well to change processes we believe will lead us into the fhture of AORN. </p><p>LINDA L. SAVAGE RN, BS, CNOR </p><p>NOMINATING COMMIITEE CHAIR </p><p>(Denver: AORN, 2000) 9. </p><p>SYLVIA DURRANCE RN, BSN, CNOR </p><p>CHAIR-ELECT </p><p>PAT HICKEY RN, BSN, MS, CNOR </p><p>KATHLEEN A. OTOOLE RN, BS, BSN, CNOR </p><p>ANTONIA 6. HUGHES RN, BSN, CNOR </p><p>BRENDA C. ULMER RN, MN, CNOR </p><p>ADVISOR </p><p>I. AORN Policies, Section F, AORN Board Manual </p><p>Have a New Job Title? New E-mail Address? Tell AORN! AORN Headquarters strives to maintain communi- cation with AORN members and ensure that each member receives the benefits that come with AORN membership. To do this, we need your help to keep our records updated. If you have received a promotion or new job title, or if you have moved </p><p>or changed employers or your contact information (eg, name, telephone number, e-mail address), please contact AORN customer service at (800) 755-2676 x 1 or at to update your membership record. Outside the United States, call (303) 755-6304 x 1. </p><p>899 AORN JOURNAL </p><p>Nominating Cornmiltee initiates AORN leadership and candidate developmentNETWORKING SESSIONLEADERSHIP RESOURCESCANDIDATE INFORMATION AND AVAlfABlllTYNOMINAT/~G COMMiTTEE BOOTHDELEGATES MAKE THE DIFFERENCENOTES</p></li></ul>