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  • North South Images Newsletter February 2014
  • REMOTE at The Jam Factory REMOTE, a collection of 64 images mostly from the Arctic and Antarctic, was on show at The Jam Factory in O x f o r d from mid-November to mid-January.
  • Thank you to everyone who visited, and particularly those who left enthusiastic messages in the visitors book
  • Stunning images! We particularly love the Greenland icebergs the way you have captured their luminosity
  • I love the penguins!
  • Favourite picture: the three gorgeous polar bears just breath-taking.
  • Iceberg sunset brilliant
  • Images from the exhibition are still available online at
  • Oxford Floods, January 2014 Like many parts of southern England, Oxford has seen its share of flooding. The first spell of flooding in January coincided with some very bright warm days which encouraged me to explore the watery landscapes. By mid-February, it would be fair to say that any novelty value has very definitely worn off.
  • There are more images from this collection at
  • Aviemore Sled Dog Rally, January 2014 Every January the UK sled dog community come together at Glenmore in the Cairngorms for a major rally.
  • There are more images from this collection at
  • Up Helly Aa, Shetland, January 2014 The Viking heritage is important to the Shetland Islands. One of the key outlets for their inner Viking is the Up Helly Aa fire festival. On the last Tuesday in January, the streets of Lerwick are filled with hoards of bearded torch-bearing Vikings intent on burning a replica long boat.
  • There are more images from this collection at
  • Shetland Sunrise, February 2014 One of the real bonuses of spending time on a small island is the opportunity to see dramatic sunrises and sunsets. In early February sunrise is around 08:00, so its not too much of a challenge to get up to Sumburgh Head for the pre-sunrise light show.
  • There are more images from this collection at
  • Wave Power, Shetland, February 2014 Shetland really does have potential to exploit both wind and wave power. Spending time around the coastline really does bring home how much energy is caught up in even quite modest waves. Ive been trying to capture images that give a sense of this power.
  • There are more images from this collection at
  • Newsletter Updates The next issue of this newsletter will be in May 2014, this should include Returning Shetland Islands bird life Spring in the Lofoten Islands Information about Oxford Artweeks
  • Next time: Shetland Islands Ill be back on Shetland to watch some more waves, and to see the sea birds returning to the cliffs and beaches around the islands.
  • Next time: Lofoten Islands Ill be revisiting the Lofoten Islands to photograph the mountains when there isnt a covering of snow on the peaks and the roads.
  • Next time: Oxford ArtWeeks Your next chance to see my pictures will be at Oxford ArtWeeks. Pictures will be on show at 34 Stile Road, Headington, Oxford from 17th 26th May 2014 (12:00 to 18:00 each day).
  • Contact For more information about North South Images contact E: [email protected] T: W: All the images in the newsletter are (c) Ross Mackenzie, please get in touch if youre interested in using them.