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Northern Ireland. Geographical location. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom in the north-east of the island of Ireland. Area of Northern Ireland is 13843 к m ². The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast . It is washed by the Atlantic ocean and its seas. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Northern Ireland.

  • Geographical location.Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom in the north-east of the island of Ireland. Area of Northern Ireland is13843 m.The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.It is washed by the Atlantic ocean and its seas.Lake Loh-ney(345 km) is the biggest lake of the UK.

  • Flag.Official flag of Northern Ireland is flag of great Britain.Until 1973, the flag was composed of the red cross of St. George, six-pointed star, crown and red hand.This flag is used now, but as the unofficial symbol.

  • Coat of armsEscutcheon looks as well as flag. a On the one side red lion stand , on the other side Irish elk stand near the Escutcheon .On the first flag is harp : symbol of Northern Ireland, On the second is George cross.

  • Bloody handAccording to one legend, When kings of Ireland was competed for County Olster, one of them ONil, when he start lag , cut his hand and threw it ahead to win the race

  • Mountain.Mourneis Granite mountain in Olsters County Down.

    Sliv Donard is the highest point of the country. Its height is 845 m.

  • Population1,741,600 people live in Northern Ireland : About 500 thousand Irish Catholics.About 1 million - the Engle-Irish and Scots-Irish.

  • History.The British finally was attached Ireland in the 19 century. After that Irish committed a lot of attempts to gain independence. But it was unsuccessful. 1919-1921- started war between England and Ireland.In 1921 Ireland became an independent country. But Northern Ireland remained part of UK.

  • Celebrities and Attractions of Northern Ireland.

  • St. PatrickIn the Vantury St. Patrick led the Irish to Chistianity.

  • Joseph Sheridan Le FanuHis novels and short stories are often truly awful, the puzzle unsolved.

  • The Boomtown RatsThe Boomtown Rats is the Irish rock band. The Band was Founded in 1975 in Dublin.

  • Giants CausewayLegend tells that the Giant's Causeway built warrior Finn, not to soak his feet in battle. After Finn built Giant's Causeway, he went to sleep. While his enemy Benandoner went to his house. Then Finn's wife Oonagh decided to help her husband. She wore a sleeping baby Finn. Oonagh showed Bennandor her "baby" and said that his father had not yet arrived. Benandoner saw a "baby" and he thought that if the son of a great father even more. Then Benendoner escaped.

  • Giants Causeway

  • Carrick-a-RedeThe bridge was built 350 years ago by fishermen, but the bridge was not safe. Then in the 1970s, the bridge was rebuilt. New safe bridge was built in 2000. In 2004, the bridge has been improved.

  • Carrick-a-RedeDuring the history of the bridge no one fell.

  • These are the most interesting facts about Northern Ireland as we can see it.

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