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SCHOOLS INSIDE • Kenridge • De Tyger • Eversdal • Welgemoed • Gene Louw • Durbanville Voorbereiding • Edgemead


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Lys jou besigheid op een van die volgende skole se 2014 yskasmagneet telfoongids:

- Laerskool Welgemoed- DF Malan- Hoë- Hoërskool Tygerberg


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P3Die “Perfekte”


P3Is it a cold

or flu?

Entries close on the 31st of May 2014. The winner will be contacted shortly after the closing date via a

Facebook private message from us.

Page 2: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools

APRIL 20142



Rate is applicable for accommodation in a 2 bedroom apartment and includes 500Mb Wi-Fi, complimentary parking and shuttle services within a 5km radius of the hotel during set scheduled times!

Minimum 2 nights staMinimum 2 nights stay. Valid for stays on Friday and Saturday including 20, 21, 28 April and 01 May 2014. Valid: 2014/03/17 - 2014/06/30.


+27 (0) 21 913 [email protected]/durbanville

per person per night

R 593

Races:Event Date Venue

Bien Donne Trail Run 2014 12 April Dirtopia

VWS Jonkershoek Trail Run 27 April Jonkershoek

Festivals:Don’t miss out on these festivals:SA Cheese Festival 26 - 29 AprilPrince Albert Olive Festival 25 AprilRiebeeck Valley Olive Festival 3 & 4 May

Barnyard - WillowbridgeStrictly No. 1’s 19 March - 20 AprilArno Carstens and Francois van Coke 13 AprilJack Parow 14 AprilLuidkeels 16 AprilHeuwels Fantasties 22 AprilSteve Hofmeyr 24 AprilChris Chameleon 24 AprilPrime Circle 23 AprilThe Parlotones 25 April - 26 AprilBeauty and the Beast 26 AprilJohnny Cash Tribute Show 27 April

FOMO (Fear of missing out)


Page 3: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools


Lifestyle3APRIL 2014


Fever RareUsual: sudden and high, especially in young children; lasts 3 to 4 days

Headache Rare CommonGeneral aches, pains Slight Usual: often severe

Fatigue, weakness Sometimes Usual: can last up to 2 to 3 weeks

Exhaustion Never Usual: at the beginning of the illness

Stuffy nose Common SometimesSore throat Common Sometimes

Chest discomfort, cough Mild to moderateHacking couch Common; can become severe


AntihistaminesDecongestantsNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines

Antiviral medicines (doctor’s prescription needed)

PreventionWash your hands often with soap and water. Avoid close contact with anyone with a cold.

Annual vaccinationPrediscription of antiviral medicineSneeze and cough hygiene

ComplicationsSinus congestionMiddle-ear infectionAsthma

Bronchitis, pneumonia: can worsen chronic conditions; can be life-threatening. Complications more likely in the elderly, those with chronic conditions, young chidren, and pregnant women.

Is it a cold or flu?The flu virus can be transmitted from person to person by droplets or by contaminated surfaces such as banknotes, doorknobs, light switches and other household items. Do you know the difference between a cold or a flu?

Winter is just around the corner making us all more vulnerable for the flu virus which is very contagious.

As ouers word ons gebombardeer met boeke en die media oor hoe die “perfekte” ouer lyk. Ons het die vermoë om onsself op verskeie maniere te kritiseer. Ons voel skuldig as werk of sosialisering ons weerhou om genoeg tyd saam met ons kinders te spandeer. Verdere druk word op ons geplaas deur skole, familie en vriende oor wat die “regte” goed is om te doen, te wees en te sê.

Om onsself as ouers met hierdie ideale sosiale prentjie te vergelyk is fataal en dit lei tot die wanpersepsie dat ek in my rol as ouer misluk het. Wanneer jy as ouers ‘n oomblik neem om te kyk na daardie spesifieke aksie wat maak dat jy jouself as ‘n “slegte” ouer beskou, sal jy sien dat selfs daardie aksie ook jou kind gehelp het.

Elke persoon het ‘n balans van ondersteuning en uitdagings nodig om tot hulle volle potensiaal te groei. As

Die “Perfekte” Ouers

‘n kind net ondersteuning kry, heeldag hoor hoe oulik hulle is en met alles gehelp word, gaan hulle nooit leer om iets op hulle eie te doen nie. Maar as ‘n kind nou weer net een na die ander uitdaging kry, sal die kind deur die uitdagings oorrompel word en nooit selfvertroue bou nie. ‘n Kombinasie van gelyke ondersteuning én uitdagings bevorder ideale omstandigehde vir groei.

So in plaas daarvan om te dink dat jou kinders verwaarloos word terwyl jy werk, sien eerder hoe jy hulle deur jou afwesigheid help om onafhanklik te word, en om in volwassenheid en selfwaarde te groei.

Stop en vra vir jouself hoe jou elke optrede en aksies jou kinders help? Jy sal vining ontdek: maak nie saak wat jy doen of nie gedoen het nie – jy speel ‘n kritiese rol in jou kinders se groei en ontwikkeling.

Karla van Biljon

“…maak nie saak wat jy doen of nie gedoen het nie – jy speel ‘n kritiese rol in jou kinders se groei en ontwikkeling…”

“…Om onsself as ouers met hierdie ideale sosiale prentjie te vergelyk is fataal en dit lei tot die wanpersepsie dat ek in my rol as ouer misluk het…”

Om verdere vertroue te bou en sekerheid te kry in jou rol as ouer, kom woon die Familie Werkswinkel by waar ons saam as ouers leer hoe ons elke

optrede ons kinders gedien het.

FAMILIE DINAMIKA WERKSWINKELAangebied deur Karla van Biljon

(Teologiese Meestersgraad in Kinder Spiritualiteit, RSG Oordenkings, TV Program aanbiedings en opgeleide DeMartini Metode Fasiliteerder)

22 Maart en 19 AprilProtea Hotel, Durbanville

Wil jy graag kommunikasie in jou familie verbeter en elke een in die gesin help om tot hulle volle potensiaal te ontwikkel?

Kom leer saam tydens die werkswinkel, deur middel van The Demartini Method:• Om konflik in die familie te hanteer• Om mekaar se waardes te verstaan en te respekteer• Om in terme van mekaar se waardes te kommunikeer

Vir meer inligting kontak: Karla van Biljon - [email protected]

19 AprilProtea Hotel, Durbanville

Barnyard - Willowbridge

Page 4: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools

APRIL 20144


AWSUM Kombuis

RecipeSlow Braised Sirloin steak with roasted vegetables & avocadoShopping List:

• 400g sirloin A-grade• Fresh chopped garlic• Fresh parsley• Freshly squeezed lemon• Fresh chopped onions• Crispy carrots• Baby marrows• Fine cut butternut• Olive oil

Lightly sear sirloin 3 minutes a side in the pan while your cut up veggies are roasting in the over drizzled with olive oil.Veggies should take 35-45minutes on 180 degrees.

DINNER is served…

Come and visit us to feel all the colours, taste all the flavours and get swept off of your feet in a world filled with gorgeous meats.

Skaapland More than just your local butcherLife without delicious, gorgeous foods would be completely dull without any flavours to look forward to for dinner.

One of the main questions asked within the industry is: What foods make you fat?There are many myths that people are made to believe with regards to eating and living healthy.

Our answer to this question is: Natural fats that come from animals, vegetables and even fruits are exactly what the human body requires to function fantastically without fail. The intake of these fat groups provides the body with the correct nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals to prevent flu for example.

The main key is to consume everything in moderation.

Here follows a high protein and LOW natural fat recipe:


Parsley is slightly peppery and bright herb. There are two main varieties of parsley - curly leaf and flat leaf. Curly leaf is probably the most recognizable, as restaurants often use it as a garnish on their plating, but both varieties are widely used in cooking.

Health benefits of Parsley:Parsley is a great source of vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber. Raw parsley also acts as a breath freshener and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use Parsley in Your Cooking:Because of its light scent and fresh taste, parsley can be used in anything from soups to sauces to vegetables.

Tips with Parsley:

1. To store parsley, rinse with cool water and then wrap in a slightly damp paper towel in a resealable plastic bag and keep in the fridge.

2. Infuse your homemade dressing with chopped parsley for maximum flavor while you’re putting together a salad.

3. You can dry your fresh parsley by tying a bunch together and hanging it upside down in a cool, dry place. When the parsley is completely dry, remove the stems and store the dried leaves in an airtight container. You can also dry out your parsley in a slightly warm oven or in a dehydrator.

SPICE up your life!

SPICE of the month!

Page 5: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools

Get a free cappuccino with any meal on presentation of this voucher!

Shop G 2Willowbridge Centre

TygervalleyTel: 021 914 2557


Kenridge Primary5APRIL 2014


Chess Tennis

Kids Kollage


Outdoor ClubThe learners in this photo are congratulated on their wonderful achievements during the first part of the 2014 athletics season. These nine athletes from Metro North competed against three other districts at the Western Province Championships at Blue Downs on 1 March 2014 and obtained their Western Province colours. The Western Province team took part in the Western Cape Championships at the Doljosaphat Stadium in Paarl on 8 March 2014. Emma Ellis and Nicola Middleton did exceptionally well and represented the Western Cape Team at the South African Schools Athletics National Competition on 21 March 2014. Nicola (U/11) came second in the 1200 m. The staff and learners at Kenridge Primary are very proud of their athletes!

A very successful chess tournament for parents and children of Kenridge Primary, was held at the school on Saturday 15 March. Fifty one children and eleven parents participated. Grade 1 & 2 learners bravely battled against one another across the chess boards, with Reinhard Viljoen, Luke Abrahamse, Hannah Loebenberg and Kyle Maclean taking the top positions. Grade 3 & 4 learners confidently challenged one another, with Francé Esterhuyse, Minkyum Kim and Emihl Rossouw taking the top three positions. Karen Vergeest, Julian Milner en Keenan Loesch het die eerste drie posisies behaal. Elf ouers het alles in die stryd gewerp sodat hul kinders trots kon wees op hulle. Frans Vergeest, Gary Kalt en Werner Barnard het die goue medaljes gewen. Baie geluk aan al die deelnemers. Dit was ‘n dag vol pret en die terugvoering van ouers en kinders was baie positief. Thank you to EvaluNet for donating GetAHead software for the top player of each grade.

Op 13 Maart 2014 was Laerskool Kenridge die gasheer van Tygerberg en WP-Noordliga se Rooiballe Tennistoernooi. Ses skole, met 144 spelers, het aan die toernooi deelgeneem. Spanne het ingeskryf in ‘n Graad Twee en Graad Drie afdeling. Elke span het bestaan uit 12 spelers – 6 seuns en 6 meisies. Behalwe Laerskool Kenridge het Laerskool Welgemoed, Curro, Eversdal, Brackenfell en Welgemoed ook aan die toernooi deelgeneem. Die bane, nette, balle en tellings is aangepas sodat die spelers die wedstryde makliker kon baasraak. Watching these youngsters play was like touching the future of tennis. Good sportsmanship was shown and there were smiles all around.

Kenridge kinders vlieg hoog! ‘n Kollage van ‘n voël wat gemaak is deur Adelle Coetzee.

The two Kim brothers, Minkyum and Youkyum, participated in the music department’s termly Chamber Concert. At these concerts, learners are given the opportunity of performing in front of their parents, friends and staff members.

AWSUM hike to Elephant’s Eye…

Back row (from L to R): Mr Clinton Hill (Coach), Emma Ellis: High Jump (Western Cape), Pierre de Jongh: 80m Hurdles (Western Province), Mrs Sandy Smith (Principal), Mischka Kriel: 1 500m (Western Province). Front row (from L to R), Migael Basson: 75m Hurdles (Western Province), Nicola Middleton: 1 200m (Western Cape), Connor Davis: High Jump, 70m Hurdles and Long Jump (Western Province), Tia Crous: 70m Hurdles (Western Province), Heinrich Crous: Long Jump and 150m (Western Province), Jeanri Thomas: 75m Hurdles (Western Province).

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Page 6: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools

APRIL 20146


Laerskool De Tyger

1ste Krieketspan se nuwe klere

0/9 Mini-krieketspan onoorwonne

Kunsprente 0/6 tot 0/9 – Sanlam Atletiekbyeenkoms

Gr 6 & 7 Boekklub

Gr 2 Uitstappie - Volstruisplaas

Landsdiens – Bergie-aand

Laerskool De Tyger se 1ste krieketspan het nuwe kleredrag ontvang wat geborg is deur, CCHN Marketing cc en KC Flooring Concepts. Die spelers lyk sommer spoggerig en gereed om krieket te speel in hul nuwe kleredrag. Baie dankie aan CCHN Marketing cc en KC Flooring & Carpets.

Tydens die 1ste skoolkwartaal het die 0/9 mini-krieketspan al hul wedstryde gewen. Dankie aan mnr. Grant Welsch vir sy afrigting en aan elke speler, welgedaan. Ons hou julle dop om te sien wat jul in die toekoms gaan oplewer.

Tydens kuns-periodes werk die kinders, van elke klas, baie hard. Aan die einde van die kwartaal word van hul kunsskeppings uitgestal in die gange vir almal om te sien.Hier is ‘n paar van die klasse se kunswerke.

Elke jaar is ons bevoorreg om gasheer te speel vir die Sanlam Atletiekbyeenkoms, geborg deur Sanlam. Vier laerskole het deelgeneem aan die byeenkoms. Elke atleet het ‘n sertifikaat ontvang vir hul deelname en die wenners het medaljes gekry. Dit was weereens ‘n baie suksesvolle byeenkoms wat elke atleet geniet het. Baie dankie aan Sanlam.

Ons Gr. 6 en Gr. 7 Boekklublede is besig om ons Roald Dahl boeke se karakters uit speelklei te bou! Hier wys van die lede vir ons hoe hul karakters uitgekom het. Dit was vet pret!

Op Donderdag, 20 Maart, was die opwinding voelbaar onder die graad 2’s. Dis uitstappie tyd en hul is oppad Volstruisplaas toe. Groot was hul verbasing toe hul hoor dat, elkeen wat wil, ‘n geleentheid het om op ‘n volstruis te kan sit. Selfs die juffrouens het ‘n beurt gekry. Die kinders het die volstruise gevoer, geleer van die verskil tussen mannetjies en wyfies, verskillende tipe volstruise en hul het sowaar op volstruis-eiers gestaan. Na die toer was dit pure kinderpret op die klimrame, swaaie en in die sandpit. Hier het hul verbeelding vrye teuels gekry. Wat ‘n lekker ontspanne, opvoedkundige dag was dit nie!

Vrydagaand, 7 Maart, het ongeveer 40 lede van die Landsdiens ‘n bergie-aand gehad. Elkeen moes sy eie beskutting, van karton boks tot tent, bring en dan uitkamp op die rugbyveld. Die klomp is in 2 groepe verdeel en het lekker aktiwiteite gedoen gedurende die aand. Daar is teen die skynste afgegly, ‘n “katwalk” mode-parade is gehou en toe dit begin reen het, word speletjies in die skool se gang gespeel.Die kinders het om middernag lekker partytjie gehou om juf. Esme Louw en een van die kinders se verjaardag te vier. Met al die pret en plesier was daar beslis nie tyd vir slaap nie, al het party weggeglip na hul “huisies” om bietjie te slaap. Ons wag om te sien wat hulle volgende kwartaal gaan doen.

GelukwensingBaie geluk aan Juf. Hannelie Kotze en haar

man Rayno, met die geboorte van hul seun op Maandag, 24 Maart 2014.

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Page 7: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools


Laerskool Eversdal7APRIL 2014

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Eversdal se atlete presteer puik!

Model Dinosaur The u/14 girls hockey tour to Knysna

Every bread tag helps!

Twee van Eversdal se leerders by die SA Nasionale vlak 3 swemkampioenskappe!Sewe atlete van die Laerskool Eversdal is in die WP Laerskole Atletiekspan

opgeneem. Hulle het Saterdag, 8 Maart 2014, in die Paarl aan die Wes-Kaap Laerskole Atletiekkampioenskappe deelgeneem waar twee van die atlete Wes-Kaapkleure verower het. Jaco Wolstenholme het ‘n goue medalje vir 800m Seuns o/13 ingepalm, terwyl Niel Nelson ‘n derde plek in die gewigstoot vir Seuns o/12 behaal het. Beide hierdie twee seuns gaan nou aan die SA Laerskole Atletiekkampioenskappe later vanjaar deelneem.

Albert Kotze, a Grade 5 learner built this model of a dinosaur using pipe-cleaners and egg containers.

The U/14 girls’ hockey team toured Knysna, the past long-weekend, where they played in a tournament against schools like Herschelle, St. Cyprians and Springfield.

Hana Garthwaite, a Grade 4 learner, collected over 12 000 bread tags which was given to the Jan Kriel School, in Kuilsriver, to help them reach a target of 200kg or 600 000 bread tags. On reaching this target the school will be able to donate a wheelchair to a worthy person. The learners of Eversdal Primary School have been collecting bread tags over the last few years and have so far given over 183 000 bread tags to Jan Kriel School.

Twee leerders van die Laerskool Eversdal, Van Reenen de Waal (links) en Henju Duvenhage (regs) het van 13 tot 17 Maart 2014 aan die SA Nasionale Vlak 3 Swemkampioenskappe by UWC deelgeneem. Die Nasionale Swemkampioenskappe word jaarliks landswyd gehou vir gekwalifiseerde swemmers van die ouderdom van 12-18 jaar. Slegs die top junior swemmers in die land (ongeveer 30 swemmers per item) kwalifiseer jaarliks vir die Vlak 3 Swemkampioenskappe. In die finale rondtes het Henju

Agter v.l.n.r. is Terblanche Kriel, Niel Nelson, Hugo Wolstenholme en Ineke Wegman. Links voor is Liam Telo en regs is Janike Smith. Jaco Wolstenholme was afwesig met die neem van die foto. Fotograaf: Louise Rheeder.

In the photograph we have Albert (left) with Mr. Arangies, the headmaster (right). Fotographer: Louise Rheeder

On the photograph, at the back from left to right, is Cliff Timms (DSC Attorneys), André Nortier (Chairman of the Governing Body), Henk Arangies (Headmaster), Terry-Ann Jacobs (private sponsor), Esmé Eksteen (Spectra), Angelique Portelli (on behalf of Panarotti’s) and Lionel van Rensburg (Master Cargo). Miss Tanya Dreyer (coach), is in the second row from the back on the far right and Mrs Surita Kotzé (coach)in the third row from the back on the far right. Mr Martus Greyvenstein (far left, second row from the back) accompanied the team. Photographer: Louise Rheeder.

Op die foto is hulle saam met Mnr. Henk Arangies, skoolhoof van die Laerskool Eversdal. Fotograaf: Louise Rheeder.

onderskeidelik die sesde plek in die 100m vlinderslag en die sewende plek in die 50m vlinderslag en 200m individuele wisselslag behaal, terwyl Van Reenen die tiende plek met die 200m vlinderslag en die elfde plek met die 100m vlinderslag behaal het.

Op 6 Maart 2014 het die Laerskool Eversdal ‘n baie suksesvolle swemmarathon aangebied. Daar het altesaam 36 swemmers deelgeneem wat ‘n totale afstand van 62 km geswem het. Die beste swemmers was Ilanka Combrink (links op die foto) en Walter de Jongh (regs), beide in Graad 5. Hulle het onderskeidelik 105 en 106 lengtes geswem. Fotograaf: Louise Rheeder.

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Page 8: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools

“Hou u gras kante netjies”“Keep your grass

Edges neat”Bellville: 021 949 3570 | Parow: 021 930 0724 | Brackenfell: 021 981 9002

Wendy moedig leerders aan om hulle drome na te jaag. Boeke is belangrik vir alle Blessies en daarom het LAPA Uitgewers weer kom boeke uitstal en verkoop. Op die vooraand van Biblioteekweek het Wendy Maartens, bekende skrywer, die leerders en personeel van Laerskool Welgemoed toegespreek oor die wonderwêreld van lees, boeke en stories en dit met voorbeelde uit haar boeke toegelig. Verder het sy ook leerders aangemoedig om te droom en daarna te streef om drome waar te maak. Sy het verduidelik dat ouer mense soos dik boeke met baie stories is en hulle aangesê om hulle oumas en oupas te vra om vir hulle meer te vertel oor hulle ondervindings en vroeëre ervarings. Daarna was almal baie lus vir lees en het flink boeke gekoop.

APRIL 20148


Laerskool Welgemoed

Wendy Maartens saam met graad 5-leerlinge van Laerskool Welgemoed. Van links na regs: Daniel Lombard, Tiani Launspach, Francois du Toit, Anine van Sittert, Simon Tredoux, Wendy Maartens, Tine Boot, Ben Roelofse, Inge Schoeman en Charles Neser.

By die o/13 deelnemers het Jeahu Hong en Jihad Essop onderskeidelik tweede en eerste gekom.

Hans Venter (ver regs) was een van die o/10 wenners.

SkaaktoernooiLaerskool Welgemoed het hul jaarlikse skaaktoernooi by die skool gehou. Talle kinders van verskeie skole het dit bygewoon.


Caring Attitude at Blessie Land

Wynand Oberholzer skryf oor sy ervaring:

Die Leerderraad van Laerskool Welgemoed het hulle deel gedoen om Menseregtedag te bevorder! Hulle het sewe regte gekies en vrolike plakkate gemaak om die ouers en leerders te laat “smile” en aan te moedig om dankbaar te wees vir hierdie regte. Die reg vir onderrig, ‘n huis, ‘n familie, vriende, voedsel, gesondheid en veiligheid is beklemtoon.

During Care Week this term, Welgemoed Primary once again supported Môresterretjies, the farm school situated on the farm, Morgenster. The children on Welgemoed Primary donated clothes, toys, art supplies and books for the children at Môresterretjies. Many little eyes twinkled with joy at the sight of their new toys, whilts the burden of purchasing essential items was lessened for the parents of these little children.

Ons Graad 5’s het van die 19de tot die 21ste Februarie by Jonkershoek gaan kamp. Ons was so opgewonde toe ons daar aankom, want dit was ‘n wonderlike plek! Die swembad het heerlik gelyk om inte swem, maar ons moes eers ‘n aktiwiteit doen voor ons kon swem. Die volgende dag het ons in die berge gaan stap en baie nuwe dinge geleer. Die hindernisbaan was vir my die heel lekkerste, want dit was so lekker om in die modder te kruip. In die aand het ons gebraai en toe ek weer kyk is ons kamp verby!

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Page 9: Northern Suburbs (April) Primary Schools


Laerskool Gene Louw9APRIL 2014

Women’s World Day of Prayer WP atlete Eikestad Wenners

World Book Day

Gr. 7 kamp


Women’s World Day of Prayer was held on Friday 7th of March 2014. This year’s theme was “Streams in desert,” and it was dedicated to all the women of Egypt. The reading was from John: 4 Verses: 1 – 42, and it was based on the Samaritan women who met Jesus for the first time at the well.

Laerskool Gene Louw het hierdie jaar ‘n oes van 11 WP atlete opgelewer. Hulle name is soos volg: 4de ry: Lene Steenkamp (gewigstoot), Maya van Zyl (hoogspring), Hannes van Rooyen (gewigstoot). 3de ry: Bianca van der Vyver (200m hekkies), Tenica Mearns (1200m). 2de ry: Stefani du Plessis (70m hekkies, verspring), Mila Kotze (75m hekkies, 150m hekkies, 150m), Francois Joubert (gewigstoot). 1ste ry: Tonet Tallie (150m hekkies), Johan Erasmus (hoogspring), Andrea Beyers (70m hekkies, gewigstoot).

Laerskool Gene Louw is aangewys as die wenskool by ‘n atletiekbyeenkoms wat deur die Laerskool Eikestad op Coetzenburg aangebied is. Die volgende atlete het bygedra tot hierdie oorwinning. 4de ry: Francois Joubert, Hannes van Rooyen, Luciano Custodio, Maya van Zyl, Mila Kotze, Chanel van Zyl. 3de ry: Chad David, Wickus Theron, Tenica Mearns, JP Weideman, Leon van der Merwe. 2de ry: Johan Erasmus, Andrea Beyers, Bianca v d Vyver, Gabrielle Lazarus, Stefani du Plessis. 1ste ry: Adam Mikolaitis, Amy Smit, Jayden Brits, Mila Vermaak, Johno Sterley.

To celebrate World Book Day learners from Gene Louw Primary designed “giant” themed bookmarks. Learners had to decide on a book of their choice and then design a bookmark using the characters in the book as their inspiration. Two learners from each Grade were chosen as the winners. Winners of the best bookmarks: Back: Stella Horvath, Lisa Louw, Glichelle Delport. Middle: Kungawo Mehlamakulu, Kevin Moore, Gemma Pigeon, Zandre Deetlefs, Kayleigh Bauer, Irene Fan Chiang, In the front: Umeshan Pillay, Zak Swart, Joshua Enslin, Amy Venter, Absent: Tauqueer Rinquest and Meleah Neethling.

They also launched a project where families were asked to donate any second hand children’s books. These books will be distributed between less privileged schools and institutions. Here are Grade 2 learners with some of the books which were donated.

During the week of 10 – 14 March the Grade 7 learners of Gene Louw Primary School, once again, had the opportunity to experience Oudtshoorn for a week: accumulating memories! The excitement was tangible when the Grade 7’s, each class dressed in their uniquely designed camp T-shirts, left on the Monday morning. The 223 learners

Op Donderdag 7 Maart 2014 het ons ons 19de Marathon fondsinsameling gehou. Hierdie fondsinsameling is elke jaar groot pret met o.a. draf, fietsry en kiskar ry. Daar word ook heerlik gesmul aan verskillende kossoorte en lekkernye.

resided at the beautiful De Hoek Mountain Resort, 25km outside Oudtshoorn. For many of the learners it was their first visit to places such as the Cango Caves, Cango Wildlife Ranch and the Sahara Ostrich Show Farm. This, along with fun activities such as canoeing, archery, camel riding and swimming, all formed part of their busy programme. The learners described the camp as “the highlight of their primary school careers”.

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APRIL 201410


Durbanville Voorbereiding

Western Cape Education Department

Author Fanie Viljoen spoke to the children in the hall on Friday, 14th March 2014.

Our Grade 2’s designed their own Chocolate Wrappers

Our proud Grade 3 teachersThe Western Cape Education Department held an exclusive gala event on Tuesday, 18th February 2014. Durbanville Preparatory School won the award for excellence of outcomes at Grade 3 level. In this category, an award is presented to ONE school in the province where the combined performance at Grade 3 level in Literacy and Numeracy in 2013 illustrates meritorious outcomes. We received a certificate as well as a monetary incentive of R15000 for the purchase of teaching and learning support material.

Here Ms Penny Vinjevold (Head of the Western Cape Education Department) is with Ms Adél Mostert (Deputy Principal of Durbanville Preparatory), Leana Sterley (Grade Head of Grade 3’s Durbanville Preparatory), Mr Dolph Nortier (Principal of Durbanville Preparatory) and Mr Donald Grand (Provincial Minister of Education) at the awards ceremony.

Here is the proud Grade 3 teachers: front from left to right: Leana Sterley (Grade Head), Celicia Botha, Hanna-Lice Pretorius, Mariette Coetzee (HOD). Back from left to right: Hilanie Snyman, Theresa Emphasis, Caroline du Toit, Marina Cloete, Linda Range (HOD) with Mrs. Adel Mostert (Deputy Principal) and Mr. Dolph Nortier (Principal).

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Edgemead Primary School11APRIL 2014

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Fun day at Melkbos Beach Mathleague

Tennis Team

Bible Breakfast


Junior Gala

Senior Primary Gala

The Grade Two classes visited Melkbos Beach on 18 March and took part in a beach clean-up. After that, they did some fun beach activities, including building sandcastles. A great day was had by all.

Congratulations to the thirty-two learners from grades 4 to 7 who were selected to compete in the Mathleague Cape Town contest held at Constantia on February 22. We are especially proud of those learners who made the Top 10 in their grade divisions ensuring that we were the best performing school at the contest.

Edgemead Primary is very proud of their successful tennis team: Robbie Arends, Christopher Breetzke, Samantha Miller and Kelly Arends. Robbie competed in the WP Mini 2 Tournament over the long weekend and won the under 14 Doubles Championship. Kelly represented Western Province at the WP Interpro against Boland held in Worcester. She won all of her singles matches, and WP won overall.

The Grade One classes had a Bible Breakfast this term. Each learner dressed in simple clothing and experienced a morning depicting the typical life of the Biblical times. Fried fish, pita bread, grapes and dried fruit were served. The highlight was drinking fruit juice out of a goblet which they had made themselves. Entertainment was provided by a group of ‘Israeli dancers’.

As part of the Creative Arts subject in Grade 7, learners need to have seen at least one live production during the year. Twenty-six of our learners went to see the Sound of Music at the Artscape. For some, this was the first time they had been to the theatre. It was a magical experience.

The Junior Gala was held on Friday 14 March. The results are as follows:

Junior Victor Ludorum: Ethan EngelbrechtJunior Victrix Ludorum: Xivona ChabalalaWinning House: Blue HouseRosette (Smartest House): Yellow HouseBehaviour Bear: White HouseSpirit Trophy: Yellow House

The Senior Primary Gala was held on Thursday 13 March. The results are as follows:

Victor Ludorum: Taine Phipson, Keenan Dalwai, Aiden Williams Runner Up: Cole ScharffenorthVictrix Ludorum: Rebecca MederRunner Up: Erin Hartzenberg Winning House: WhiteSpirit Cup: Red

Congratulations to all the swimmers and cheerleaders for a wonderful gala. A special mention goes to Rebecca Meder, Erin Hartzenberg and Casey Seelig who all broke records on the day.

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APRIL 201412



This one is for ALL the ladies!!On the 26th of March our Franchisee, Erika van Wyk, made us come to work for the day without make-up. We had a good chuckle at each other and had great fun posing for our selfies! We also nominated the Rawson Head Office ladies to do the same!

But just taking your selfie is not enough, the Pink Drive association don’t just only need awareness, they also need the funds. We encourage each of you to join in the fun and post a “selfie” of yourself, with no make-up, on Facebook and sms “PINKDRIVE” to 40158 like we’ve done to donate your R20! LADIES this is a nomination from the Girls at Rawson Durbanville Elite to get your photo and donation out there and nominate more ladies to get involved in the fun as well. The Guys are also MORE than welcome to contribute a donation to the Pinkdrive, as they need all the help they can get to reach their target of Two Million Rand.

Come visit us at: Shop 6, Aurora Ipic Centre, Burton Street, Aurora, DurbanvilleCell: 082 650 9258 | Tel: 0861 555 133 | Fax: 086 273 4010 | Email: [email protected]

1. Rawson Durbanville Elite | 2. Rawson Rentals Cape Metro Elite

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (3D) No persons under 13 (Violence)

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Hours No persons under 10 (Violence)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Parental Guidance (Violence)

Need for Speed (3D) Parental Guidance 10-12

Noah (3D) No persons under 13 (Violence)

Pad na Jou Hart Parental Guidance 7-9 (Violence)

Philomena No persons under 13 (Language)

The LEGO Movie (3D) Parental Guidance (Violence)

Vrou Soek Boer Parental Guidance (Language)

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