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  • AWSUM Celebrity Interview

    AWSUM News caught up with sensational YouTube comedy wondergirl, Suzelle DIY, who has just landed her very own slot on Comedy Central not bad for a poppie with a hectic wannabe accent and an ever-silent best friend! Suzelle DIYs

    YouTube channel has more than 48 000 subscribers and picks up 40 000 views on the day a new episode launches.)

    Q: Congratulations on the latest feather in your cap your very own slot on Comedy Central. How does it feel to play in the big league now? A: I feel like a million rands. It has been a dream come true to watch myself on TV.

    Q: Who is Suzelle really? Tell us a bit more about yourself likes, dislikes, favourite movie, favourite song, favourite book.

    A: Im just a small town girl with a passion for DIY, braai-ing and dinner parties. My movie of the moment is the How To

    Be Single and my favourite book is How to do Just about Everything by The Readers Digest.

    Q: Why do you think you are so popular? What is your secret to success?A: I think people like that the DIY in my videos is useful, and that sometimes things go wrong. My secret is to keep going no matter what happens!Q: What are your top five DIY tips

    for women like yourself who like to be glamorous and never get their hands dirty while doing the dirty workA: Right, this is a good one. Its important to always look your best no matter what you are busy doing. Wear an apron when you are in the kitchen. Use safety goggles when you chop onions to stop your eyes from tearing up and smudging your

    make-up. Run your nails over a bar of soap before you do the

    gardening. It will keep the dirt from getting under your nails.

    Buy a box of disposable gloves. They are great to use for any DIY project.

    I like to cut up plastic packets and lay them down on my work surface to prevent any mess escaping

    Q: What do you do for fun and relaxation in your leisure time? A: I like to go for a coffee with my best friend, Marianne. I like to watch cooking shows and look for DIY ideas on the Google.

    Suzelle DIY

    Page 2 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016

    Q: Other celebrities, across a spectrum, like Natanil, Hellen Zille, Tim Noakes and Jan-Hendrik, want to be associated with you. Why is that? What do they gain? What do you gain? A: I think they are just excited to meet me because they want to soak up some of my creativity.

    Q: Where do you get your ideas from for your videos? Which episode is your favourite? Why?A: I get my ideas from all sorts of places. I find them on the Google and in magazines. I also get sent a lot of great ideas from my fans. My favourite episode is How to Make a Braai Pie, because that was my first video to go viral.

    Q: Are you English or Afrikaans? Who are your biggest fans English or Afrikaans-speaking people? Why do you think is that so? A: Im Afrikaans, but I like to speak in English in my videos so that the peoples overseas can also enjoy the videos. Shame. I think my fans are a real mix of different cultures.

    Q: What is the single thing that you enjoy most when creating and crafting a new episode?A: I love filming it with Marianne and my neighbour Hennie. We always have so much fun together.

    Q What DIY message do you have for our readers (parents of schoolgoing children)?A: Parents you must teach your kids that their creativity is their number one tool!

    Editorial teamEditor

    Marika Truter | 021 872 [email protected]

    Fashion editor

    Pepe Sofianos | 083 300 2068 [email protected]


    Rowan Engledoe | [email protected] Bushby | [email protected] Matthee | [email protected] Keller | [email protected] Venter | [email protected]

    Editorial coordinators

    Ryno Wolfaardt | 021 872 [email protected] Davids | 021 872 [email protected]

    AdvertisingArina van Biljon | 076 126 [email protected]

    DistributionAWSUM News is distributed to the following schools in NORTHERN SUBURBS: Primary Schools: De Kuilen, Mikro, Bellville-Noord, Edgemead, Welgemoed, Aristea, Durbanville Voorbereiding, Eversdal, Gene Louw, De Tyger, Kenridge, Bellpark, Brackenfell. High Schools: Stellenberg, Durbanville, Brackenfell, Bellville, DF Malan, Fairmont, Settlers, De Kuilen.

    AWSUM News is published by the TieMedia Group, Jock de Villiers Office Building, 376 Main Road, Paarl, 7646.

    021 872 3880 |

    We trust you will enjoy finding out more about some of the countrys favourite celebrities in the entertainment, fashion, dcor, health, beauty, food and sport industries.

    To kick off this new celebrity feature, there are two copies of Suzelle DIY, The Book/Die Boek up for grabs. Email [email protected] with Suzelle DIY in the subject line, with your name and address details and whether you would like English or Afrikaans.

    Enjoy this edition, and let us know on our Facebook page what you think of AWSUM News and what you would like to see in future editions.

    All the best for the last stretch of this term!Marika & your dedicated AWSUM team

    Heres to an AWSUM 3rd birthday!!Three years ago, AWSUM News broke onto the media scene with one schools

    newspaper in the Boland region, reaching 10 schools and 12 500 households. Today, this newspaper is published in 13 regions

    countrywide, with a reach of over 250 schools and 192 000 households.

    M a y 2 0 1 3 V S M a y 2 0 1 6 We are glad that

    you are on this journey with us, and we look forward to many more AWSUM years

    with your schools and families.To celebrate officially moving

    on from toddlerdom, we bring you a new-look AWSUM News, introducing new regulars, such

    as a celebrity interview each month.



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    Suzelle DIY

    Get to know

    Live on the edge and live it up right now in great gear from SODA Bloc

    Win a copy of Suzelle DIY!


    CarpentryFlooringWaterproofingHigh Pressure Roof CleaningCell: 084 392 8445Email: [email protected]



    Pg 4

    Scrumptious roulade


    Pg 3


    Come and experience the wines of the Durbanville Wine Valley from the back of a horse.


    Come and experience the wines of the Durbanville Wine Valley from the back of a horse.

    Hulp met leerprobleme disleksie, ADHD, konsentrasie, lees en spel wiskunde en geheue.

    Skoolresultatebepaal ons sukses

    072 350 3907021 976 [email protected]

    Lees-, wiskunde en

    WALVIS BAYFish & Chips Restaurant

    Monday-Friday: 8AM - 8PMPhone: 021 981 3545

    4 Old Paarl Rd, Cape Town

    Chip roll Special - R10with FREE sauce

    Nico van den HeeverT - 021 981 9990 C - 082 874 3804E - [email protected] C38, Icon Business Park, Fourie StrBrackenfell, 7560

    Small movements = contoured body free of aches and pains.Lose Centimetres & cellulite. Gain muscle strength & tone.Fast, visible results & safe for joints.Free trial session with this ad.

    Bevs CallaneticsPure Pulse Studio

    083 229 [email protected]

    Christoline MaraisMusiekskoolKlavier | Orrel | Kerkorrel

    Klawerbord | Blokfluit | Kitaar |Toonsetting | Teorie

    Trinity, Royal Schools & Unisa Eksamens

    Kontak: Christoline Marais021 981 2696 | 083 261 5854

    Roll up, roll up!!I always have a roll or two of frozen pastry in my freezer, you should too, it comes in handy if I want to make a tart or pie at the drop of a

    hat. I love little jam tarts and when the craving hits me, I make my way to the freezer and pull out a roll of shop bought frozen pastry, wait for

    it to thaw, roll it out, cut out little rounds and pop them into the hollows of a muffin tin, place a little butter in the base, sprinkle with desiccated coconut and a spoonful of any jam that takes my fancy , pop it into a

    hot oven, put the kettle on and before you know it Im munching on jam tarts and sipping tea. The other thing I like to do with a sheet of pastry is fill it and make a roulade. A roulade is a dish of filled rolled meat or

    pastry, the term roulade originates from the French word "rouler", meaning "to roll". Now what I like about having a sheet of pastry handy

    is that you can fill it with a million different things and call them, tarts pies and roulades, you can make any of these from scratch or use up

    left-overs from the night before to make a pie.


    Vegetarian puff pastry rouladeIngredientsOliveoil200gbuttonmushroomssliced2clovesgarlic,crushed2Tbsp.Wellingtonssweetchillisauce1cupchoppedspinach,wilted250mlricotta3tbspchoppedpeppadewscCheddarcheese1tspchoppedfreshrosemarySaltandfreshlygroundpepper1x400gTodayspuffpastry1eggbeaten








    Jenny Morris 2015

  • FASH

    IONGo Grunge

    Linda Hallberg loves her grungey makeup mode. Go for a new softer rebooted version of the 90s make up with a palette of browns and maroons instead of dead black .The key is dark moody maroon lips and matching coffin nails with Essence Megaslicks Balm Stain in Lady and the Vamp, R53.95 and Megalast Nail Colour in Under Your Spell, R56.95, at selected Clicks. Keep skin matte and make-up minimal with deeply smudged eyes.

    Gorge grunge

    Heres the easiest

    way ever to edge

    up your look --- ju

    st tie a flannel

    checked shirt arou

    nd your waist!


    This trend is all about attitude and comfort, worn-in, damaged, slouchy

    stuff so get your look sorted.

    Checks --- in any shape or form are compulsory.

    Oversized checked flannel shirt --- wear it over Ts, under puffas and

    always around your waist.Ripped, patched, washed-out jeans --- the scruffier the better and denim cut-offs with dark tights for the girls.

    Denim overalls --- wear one strap unclasped, folding down the panel and this also works with pinnies.

    Beanie mania ---- THE unisex accessory or bandanas and flat bill

    caps for dudes.Chunky boots --- floral pretties for the gals and good old American

    work boots for the guys.

    @ Layering inspo for grunge The best thing about cold season

    grunge is the practical layering like

    wrapping a shirt around your waist.

    Its a great way to keep an extra layer

    handy if youre out for some fun and it

    gets chilly. You can rock the look with

    sweatshirts, puffas, biker jackets and

    for the girls its equally cool to tie a

    shirt around your favorite LBD, or add

    a checked shirt over a floral skater skirt.

    We love the talking beanies

    and caps.Black Savage

    beanie, R59.99 and Escape flat bill cap, R79.99, both Mr Price.

    Relive the grunge glory days with checked

    shirts, cosy sweatshirts, destroyed denims, wicked pinnies and

    classic work boots all from SODA BLOC.

    Grunge guy ---

    beanie, R59, sweatshirt,

    R229, checked

    shirt, R249 and worn-in

    jeans, R259, all

    SODA Bloc.

    Boys blue work boots, R299, Soda Bloc.

    Patched denim backpack,

    R149, Soda Bloc.

    Black fringed pleather jacket, R249.99, Jet. Crop top, R49.99, washed-out cut-offs, R189.99 and black chunky boots, R359.99, all The Fix. Grey

    beanie, H & M, R149.

    Guys star-studded flannel

    hoodie, R189.99, Mr Price.

    Slashed and patched

    acid-wash skinny jeans,

    R249.99, Legit.

    Navy parka vest, R320

    and printed hoodie

    sweatshirt, R220, both


    Checked pullover, R49.99, Mr Price. Chelsea sneakers,

    R169.95. Ackermans.

    Floral Doc Martens-style boots, R320, Woolworths.

    Big sis --- Camel cord pinny, R399.95, Edgars.

    Black lace blouse, R119.99, Mr price.

    Lil sis --- maroon cord pinny and checked

    flannel shirt, R129.95 each, Ackermans.

    Navy checked skater dress,

    R119.99 and slashed trim denim waistcoat,

    R199.99, both Mr Price.





    s d



    e m






    k te



    k st





    d h


    ie K




    n sh


    s th

    at r


    ed, t


    , p


    ed a

    nd t





    s h


    a ne

    w li

    fe !


    r P




    t it




    in h

    is c


    ed s









    na M









    h a





    r yo

    ur o


    lls l









    p d


    n an

    d o




    o b

    ig. P


    ch o




    * All prices correct at time of going to print. Stocks may be limited.

    Fashion Editor Pepe Sofianos goes for modern grunge in a big way this winter.Grunge was a music style popularised by bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden in the 1990s and

    their laid-back scruffy style of dressing soon morphed into a way of life.

    Say hi to Grunge Girl --- see yourself ?

    What to wear now

    CHECK IT OUT! Navy checked shirt, R129.99, Mr Price, red checked shirt,

    R250, Woolworths and checked denim fleece-

    lined shirt, R189.99, Ackermans.

    Pink puffa floral vest R149.95 and checked tunic, R129.95,

    both Ackermans. Over-the-knee socks, R69.99 for two pairs and sparkly Chelsea boots, R99.99,

    both Pick n Pay Clothing.

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    Checked shirt R24990s T-shirt R109

    Skinny jeans R199Ankle boots R299

    Short-Sleeve T-shirt R109Denim shirt R249Parka jacket R449Skinny jeans R299

    Mountain boots R299Star T-shirt R119Pinafore R339

    Chelsea boots R299

    Grey Beanie R 59 Pom pom beanie R79

    Red Snapback


    Varsity jacket R349

    Washed-out skinnies R299

    Clear backpack R189

    Checked shirt R249. Checked backpack R179. Skinny jeans R199. Ankle boots R299. Clear backpack R189. Sherpa denim jacket

    R399. Black jeggings R219. Mountain boots R299.

    Short-Sleeve T-shirt R109Denim shirt R249Parka jacket R449Skinny jeans R299

    Mountain boots R299

    Red Snapback R89Heart print jersey top R129

    Skinny jeans R199

    Check Snapback R89Long-Sleeve T-shirt R129


    Mountain boots R299

    Checked Hooded Shirt R249

    90s T-shirt R109

  • Page 6 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016

    LAERSKOOL ARISTEA (t) 021 988 7463 (e) [email protected]

    DURBANVILLE VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL (t) 021 975 1125 (e) [email protected]

    LAERSKOOL EVERSDAL (t) 021 976 8134 (e) [email protected]

    Aristea Kosfees 2016Op Dinsdag, 26 April was dit ons jaarlikse kosfees by Laerskool Aristea: n Fees om te geniet vir oud en jonk. 16 Verskillende disse van 16 verskillende lande was op die spyskaart. Die tafels het gekreun onder 6 000 porsies wat binne etlike ure uitverkoop is. Die kos was so lekker mense het mekaar se vingers afgelek vir nog. Oor die 4000 mense het Aristea se kosfees besoek.

    Vermaak was daar in oormaat: Talentvolle leeringe het die verhoog laat skud, waarop die groep Afrikaans Ruk voortgebou het en die skare verder laat skud het. Daar was ook n kulkunstenaar. Die bekende sanger Hugo Niewoudt het die skare vermaak tot laat.

    Volgende jaar maak ons weer so!

    Landloopn Vinnig groeiende sport te LS Aristea! Landloop-atlete van LS Aristea neem gereeld deel aan byeenkomste op Vrydae, byvoorbeeld by Hoopenburg-wynplaas en by Jan Kriel-skool.

    Hulle trotseer die wintersweer en geniet die vars lug terde. Ons is trots op die atlete se deursettingsvermo!

    HokkieAg van Laerskool Eversdal se hokkiespelers is gekies om tydens die winterskoolvakansie deel te wees van die Zone-spanne.

    VOOR: Liam Telo (Table Bay), Mari Blom (Northerns) en Martin Hattingh (Durbell). AGTER: Adant Scheepers (Northerns), Ren Steyn (Durbell), Corben ORyan (Durbell), Nadia Altun (Table Bay) en Eugenie Muller (Northerns).

    World Book DayOn 22 April the Evers of Eversdal Primary School celebrated World Book Day. The Evers could dress up as their favourite book character. The teachers joined in the fun.

    Mss Aneske Jacobs, Kirsten Matthews, Maryke Botha, Madri Gerber, Zahn Botha, Madi Kotz and Danicia Gouws.

    Kaapse OoruilHierdie Gevlekte Kaapse Ooruil is een van twee wat vir n paar dae die bome by Laerskool Eversdal kom opsoek het voorwaar kosbaar vir kinders wat in n stadsomgewing grootword!

    Cultural EveningOn 20 April the Marimba Band from Gonubie visited Eversdal Primary School, where they participated in a Cultural Evening. The other participant was the Percussion Band of Panorama Primary School.

    Eversdals Percussion Band.

    Olympiade / Olympiad 2016 Durbanville Preparatory School hosted a very successful annual Olympiad. Prizes were won by the class who collected the most money by the cut-off date: Leana Sterley 3A1 R21 144,50 Uitstappie na Two Oceans

    Aquarium of Butterfly World Hilanie Snyman 3A5 R20 591,00 Pizzas Panarottis Tygervallei Sonja Botha 2A3 R18 332,50 Nelrene Marais 1A5 R17 358,00 Marina Cloete 3A3 R16 338,30Leerders wat die meeste geld ingesamel het teen die sluitingsdatum: Luan Stander 3A5 R11 000 Fiets Inge-Annebel Alves 3A1 R7 020 R1 500 Emile Botha 3A3 R6 530 Equitots Perdryles en R800 Dian Pienaar 1A5 R4 020 Mmtazz Hair Boys Cut en R650 Lukas Kotze 1A6 R3 685 Equitots Perdryles en R300

    HerfskonsertDurbanville Voorbereidingskool se koor het n pragtige vertoning gelewer by Horskool Durbanville se Herfskonsert op Dinsdag, 19 April.

    Paarl EisteddfodDie skool se koor het aan die jaarlikse koorfees in die Paarl deelgeneem. Each participating choir is judged and also receives a detailed report after their performance. We are so proud of our talented young choir members who, once again, surprised both the audience and the judges with their beautiful performance.

    PanarottisDie Graad 3A5s is bederf deur n besoek van Panarottis Durbanville op Vrydag 29 April 2016. Groot was die opwinding! Hierdie bederf was om dankie te s vir hulle harde werk tydens die afgelope Olimpiade. Hulle was die klas wat die 2de meeste fondse ingesamel het.

  • AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016 Page 7

    LAERSKOOL BELLVILLE-NOORD (t) 021 948 3654 (e) [email protected]

    LAERSKOOL MIKRO (t) 021 903 2126 (e) [email protected]

    LAERSKOOL WELGEMOED (t) 021 913 2104 (e) [email protected]

    Junior Bioloog KursusDanielle Jefferies en Mia Kretschmer (albei Graad 6) was uit honderde gekeur om in die Maart-vakansie n Junior Bioloog Kursus by die Twee Oseane-akwarium te volg.

    Graad 7 kampOns Graad 7s het in April n baie suksesvolle en aksiebelaaide oorslaapkamp te Africa High meegemaak.

    Drakenstein SportnaweekMeeste van ons sportspanne het vroeg in Mei deelgeneem aan die Drakenstein Sportnaweek in die Paarl. Die o.9 rugby- en o.10- netbalspanne was onoorwonne.

    NetbalaandOns jaarlikse MC Grant / Protea Toyota Netbalaand was weer eens n groot sukses.

    RugbyOns o.11-rugbyspan in aksie.

    0.13 A-span in aksie teen Bellpark.

    Media-opleidingsessieLaerskool Welgemoed se Mediamonitors het na n basiese inligting- en opleiding-sessie aan die begin van die kwartaal met hulle werksaamhede begin. Ons is baie trots op hierdie behulpsame Blessies en hoop hulle gaan hulle diensjaar in die Mediasentrum baie geniet!

    Grade 7 campThe Grade 7 learners enjoyed their camp at Wortelgat.

    Student councilThe prefects from Table View Primary school visited Welgemoed Primarys student council. It was wonderful to make new friends and share ideas.

    Die o.10-netbalspan op pad na een van hulle drie oorwinnings.

    WP HokkiekleureHanr du Preez en Danil Geldenhuys (beide Gr.7) is vir die 2016 WP 0/13 hokkiespan gekies.

    Hanr du Preez Danil Geldenhuys

    Boland PluimbalEnslin Goosen (Gr. 6) is vir die Boland Cape Winelands pluimbalspan gekies.

    Nasionale LandsdienskampMieke Gildenhuys en Zani Hattingh is gekies om die Wes-Kaap te verteenwoordig by die Nasionale Kamp later vanjaar. Mieke is ook aangewys as die leier van die Wes-Kaap span. Robin Ludick is as reserwe gekies.

    Mieke Gildenhuys, Robin Ludick en Zani Hattingh.


    Jinelle Louw (Gr. 5) is deel van n groep leerders wat vir n Suid-Afrikaanse span gekies is wat in Julie aan n internasionale byeenkoms, Talent America, in New York gaan deelneem.

    Anri Malan (Gr. 3) is as Mej. Winelands gekroon. Sy het ook 2 medaljes verower: 1 vir beste Junior Onderhoud en 1 vir Best Ramp.

    Anri gaan vir die volgende jaar betrokke wees by fonds-insamelings vir die CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa) tehuise in die Kaap. Sy is ook gekies om in n KFC TV-advertensie te speel wat in Suid-Afrika uitgesaai sal word.

    Mej. Winelands

  • Matric Farewell 2016


    KERASILK frizz free straighter for all hair types.R450 (short)R650 (medium)R850 (long)JOICO treatment for only R200

    +27 21 979 [email protected]

    Cobble Walk Centre, 1st Floor, Shop 68,Cnr Verdi and De Villiers

    Sonstraal HeightsDurbanville

    ARRIBA SPANails full set acrylic nailsR290Shape and paint plus hand massageR100Nail art per nailR5

    Thursday blowdry special is R100

    NIMUE GLYCOLIC PEELRid your skin of the damage caused by the long harsh summer .This deeply exfoliating Glycolic Peel improves texture and hydration.

    7.55% TCA PIGMENTATION TREATMENT Superficial peeling treatment resulting in radiant smooth texture with a lightening effect at only - R350

    MATRICS PACKAGES 2016 NAIL EXTENTION - R200.00 MAKE UP - R150.00 UPSTYLE: LONG - R290.00 MEDIUM - R250.00 SHORT - R220.00 GENTS: CUT & STYLE - R100.00




    BRACKENFELLTEL: 021 981 9265

    EMAIL: [email protected] HOUR




    Tailormade For Purchase Or Rent

    Fine Selection AvailableBrides, Bridesmaids


    Special Occasion Evening Wear

    By AppointmentCell 082 971 9147

    E-mail : [email protected]/anjebridalcouture

    1. The dateBy now you should have a date. After receiving the formal event invitation, phone your date and make sure that they save the date!

    2. The parentsYour dates parents might want to meet you. They will appreciate your effort and feel more comfortable sending their son or daughter to the dance with you.

    3. The meeting pointCreate a central meeting point for all your friends by arranging a cheese and wine event at someones house on the day of the farewell. This is the perfect opportunity for last-minute photo shoots with parents.

    4. The dress/suitHave a fitting to make sure that your outfit is still intact, clean and fits perfectly. If not, you still have time to have it cleaned, trimmed or fixed. Remember to take a cocktail dress with for the afterparty!

    5. The shoesDont forget the shoes! Wear something that is stylish, complements your outfit and comfortable. Girls, you should avoid heals that hurt your feet. They can put a serious damper on your evening.

    6. The accessoriesAdd style to your outfit. Get some bling jewellery, a tie that complements your dates dress or a handbag to carry the essentials.

    7. Beauty appointmentsBook your hair and make-up appoinments for the morning of your matric farewell. Plan the look you are going for. Be sure to take photos with you to the appointment as examples. You can do your nails earlier the week.

    8. The photoshootDepending on your budget you can either hire a photographer or have a friend or family member take the photographs. Plan your day so that there is time for taking photographs before leaving for the event.

    9. Getting thereThe trend is to hire a vehicle for the event from sports cars to old collector cars but you can use any method of transport that will get you there on time and looking as fabulous as when you left. A limousine is spacious and can transport a whole bunch of your friends. This is fun for getting excited on the way to the event!

    10. The afterpartyMany matric farewells have a official afterparty. They are less formal than the matric farewell, but be sure to check the dress code of the venue beforehand. For the girls a cocktail dress should be fine. For the guys long trousers, closed shoes and a collared shirt should fit the bill. Source:

    10-step Matric Farewell Checklist

    Page 8 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016



    OPKOMENDE WEDSTRYDE: 17 Mei vs DF Malan (T)21 Mei vs Outeniqua sport dag (W)4 June Wes-kaap Topskole

    VOOR: Zeandr Nel (kaptein), Joana Winterbach (afrigter), Courtley Behr. MIDDEL: Bianca van Rensburg, Maria Loubser, Donn Kriel, Ebonie Gaskin, Heike Swartz. AGTER: Jean-Marie Orton, Miceala van Dijk, Bronwyn de Lange.


    OPKOMENDE WEDSTRYDE: 27/28 Mei vs Settlers3/4 Junie vs Westerford4 10/11 Junie vs El Shaddai

    Elri Snyman (Kaptein), Mari Engelbrecht (Onder Kaptein),Nicole van der Kolff, Charnay van der Merwe, Samantha Alexander, Tanya Erl-ston, Celine Ware-Lane, Caitlin Els, Kaylin Andries, Sanette Olivier, Kara Lategan, Ash-Lynn Speelman. Afrigter: Lizhan Bredenhann.



    OPKOMENDE WEDSTRYDE: 20/21 Mei vs SACS27/28 Mei vs Oudtshoorn3/4 Junie vs Pinelands en Wynberg10/11 Junie vs Fairmont, Parow en De Kuilen


    VOOR: Andrew Joerning; Anthony Nelson; Ruben van Biljon; Tiaan Spangenberg; Le Roux van der Merwe; Jacques de Vos AGTER: Henco Scriven; Christiaan Bassett; John Marias (Kaptein); Morn Hollander; Ruben Crafford (Kaptein); Joshua Maloney; Emile Visser; Reynard Stals; Mikhail van Greunen; Ulrich Grobler; Hanroux Wolmarans; Xandr Fourie

    5 8 jariges 9 12 jariges

    9 12 jariges

    Tieners n Ouerhandleiding

    R45 R45 R45 R60

    Leer jou kind vanaf n jong ouderdom hoe om op n gesonde wyse stoom af te blaas.

    Wouter is al vir die afgelope 18 jaar n jeugwerker in Welgemoed en die brer Kaapstad area. Vir meer inligting of bestellings: [email protected]

    of 083 364 8579

    5 8 jariges 9 12 jariges

    9 12 jariges

    Tieners n Ouerhandleiding

    R45 R45 R45 R60

    Leer jou kind vanaf n jong ouderdom hoe om op n gesonde wyse stoom af te blaas.

    Wouter is al vir die afgelope 18 jaar n jeugwerker in Welgemoed en die brer Kaapstad area. Vir meer inligting of bestellings: [email protected]

    of 083 364 8579

    5 8 jariges 9 12 jariges

    9 12 jariges

    Tieners n Ouerhandleiding

    R45 R45 R45 R60

    Leer jou kind vanaf n jong ouderdom hoe om op n gesonde wyse stoom af te blaas.

    Wouter is al vir die afgelope 18 jaar n jeugwerker in Welgemoed en die brer Kaapstad area. Vir meer inligting of bestellings: [email protected]

    of 083 364 8579

    5 8 jariges 9 12 jariges

    9 12 jariges

    Tieners n Ouerhandleiding

    R45 R45 R45 R60

    Leer jou kind vanaf n jong ouderdom hoe om op n gesonde wyse stoom af te blaas.

    Wouter is al vir die afgelope 18 jaar n jeugwerker in Welgemoed en die brer Kaapstad area. Vir meer inligting of bestellings: [email protected]

    of 083 364 8579

    Nish Onderrigdienste Onderrig/Education

    gr. 7 9 Leerders/Learners spesiale behoeftes/special needs

    Sukkel jou tiener in die hoofstroom? Sukkel jy om

    plek te kry in n skool wat kan


    Does your teen struggle in the main

    stream? Do you struggle to get excepted in a

    school that can help?

    Skakel ons, sommer dadelik! Contact us!

    C/o St. Andrew and Postma Str. Oakdale, Bellville 083 364 8579

    [email protected]

    The best way to SUPPORT your child from R270 p/m x 24 months

    RSA Curriculum (CAPS) Grade 1 12 Perceptual Activities (Grade R) Eng/Afr Spelling/Reading (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Master Read (Learn to Read) (Gr 1 7) Eng Life Orientation (Drugs/Sex/HIV) - Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 8 10) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 11 12) Eng Science - Grade 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Accounting - Gr 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Study Methods - (Grade 7 12) Eng

    No Internet required, No Tutor or Parental Supervision needed

    The best way to SUPPORT your child from R270 p/m x 24 months

    RSA Curriculum (CAPS) Grade 1 12 Perceptual Activities (Grade R) Eng/Afr Spelling/Reading (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Master Read (Learn to Read) (Gr 1 7) Eng Life Orientation (Drugs/Sex/HIV) - Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 8 10) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 11 12) Eng Science - Grade 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Accounting - Gr 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Study Methods - (Grade 7 12) Eng

    No Internet required, No Tutor or Parental Supervision needed

    The best way to SUPPORT your child from R270 p/m x 24 months

    RSA Curriculum (CAPS) Grade 1 12 Perceptual Activities (Grade R) Eng/Afr Spelling/Reading (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Master Read (Learn to Read) (Gr 1 7) Eng Life Orientation (Drugs/Sex/HIV) - Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 8 10) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 11 12) Eng Science - Grade 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Accounting - Gr 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Study Methods - (Grade 7 12) Eng

    No Internet required, No Tutor or Parental Supervision needed

    The best way to SUPPORT your child from R270 p/m x 24 months

    RSA Curriculum (CAPS) Grade 1 12 Perceptual Activities (Grade R) Eng/Afr Spelling/Reading (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Master Read (Learn to Read) (Gr 1 7) Eng Life Orientation (Drugs/Sex/HIV) - Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 8 10) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 11 12) Eng Science - Grade 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Accounting - Gr 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Study Methods - (Grade 7 12) Eng

    No Internet required, No Tutor or Parental Supervision needed

    The best way to SUPPORT your child from R270 p/m x 24 months

    RSA Curriculum (CAPS) Grade 1 12 Perceptual Activities (Grade R) Eng/Afr Spelling/Reading (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Master Read (Learn to Read) (Gr 1 7) Eng Life Orientation (Drugs/Sex/HIV) - Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 1 7) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 8 10) Eng/Afr Mathematics - (Grade 11 12) Eng Science - Grade 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Accounting - Gr 12 (Revision 10 11) Eng Study Methods - (Grade 7 12) Eng

    No Internet required, No Tutor or Parental Supervision needed

    OPKOMENDE WEDSTRYDE: 21 Mei vs Bishops (weg) | 28 Mei vs HHH (tuis) | 4 Junie vs Tygerberg (weg)

  • Page 10 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016

    LAERSKOOL GENE LOUW (t) 021 976 8144 (e) [email protected]

    EDGEMEAD PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 021 558 1007 (e) [email protected]

    LAERSKOOL BRACKENFELL (t) 021 981 2141 (e) [email protected]

    WP-hokkie Alicia MalanAlicia Malan van Laerskool Gene Louw is vir die WP 0/13 hokkiespan gekies wat vanaf 27 Junie tot 1 Julie die provinsie op n toernooi in Potchefstroom gaan verteenwoordig.

    Hockey boysGene Louw Primary is very proud of the hockey boys who were chosen to play for the zonal teams.

    Errin Leak (Durbell Team), Xander Rall (Durbell Team), Ethan Buckley (Northern Zonal Team) and Ethan Rodger (Table Bay Zonal Team).

    Hokkiedogters - SonespelersSimone Wessels, Jodie Sutcliffe, Jane Hitchinson en Mijeane Fryer (Table Bay Sonespan) neem vanaf 29 tot 30 Julie aan die Intersone Toernooi te Hartleyvale deel. Mari-Lu Loubser, Anja Nel en Izaiah April (Durbell Streekspan) toer vanaf 27 tot 30 Junie na George. Megan Weideman en Lerato Nyamane speel vir die Noordelike Sonespan by die Intersone Toernooi te Hartleyvale vanaf 29 tot

    30 Julie. Alicia Malan is deel van die WP 0/13 dogter-span.

    VOOR: Simone Wessels, Jodie Sutcliffe, Jane Hitchinson, Mijeane Fryer. TWEEDE RY: Mari-Lu Loubser, Anja Nel, Izaiah April. DERDE RY: Megan Weideman en Lerato Nyamane. AGTER: Alicia Malan.

    Wildeklawer netbalDie 1ste span netbaldogters van Laerskool Gene Louw het vanaf 28 tot 30 April aan die Wildeklawer toernooi deelgeneem. Die span het vier uit hulle ses wedstryde gewen en eindig derde uit 10 skole. Ons is trots op ons netbaldogters.

    VOOR: Suan Vorster en Megan Schutte.MIDDEL: Stefanie du Plessis, Jami Kruger en Bianca van Staden.AGTER: Nina Smit, Emma Thom en Bianca Leighton.

    Wildeklawer rugbyDie 1ste span rugbyseuns van Laerskool Gene Louw het vanaf 28 tot 30 April aan die Wildeklawer toernooi deelgeneem. Die span het twee uit hulle drie wedstryde gewen.

    VOOR: Ruan Nienaber, Henco Smit, Wickus Theron, Michael Koch, Kungawo Mehlomakulu, Justin Snygans en Scott Enslin. MIDDEL: Martin van der Bijl, Jean Johnson, Louis van Rooyen, Stefan Breuninger, Henre Venter en Dante Visser. AGTER: Keean Bosse, Juan Smal, Slabbert Maartens, Jack Haynes, Eduard du Toit en Johno Sterley.

    Community FteAwesome! Amazing! Fantastic!

    Community! Support! The Edgemead Primary School Fte

    on Freedom Day epitomised it all.Thank you to everyone for

    your incredible contribution, whether you assisted or just

    attended you helped to achieve our goal of building community.

    Well done!

    0/12 Netbalspan presteer op topvlakLaerskool Brackenfell se o/12A-netbalspan vir 2016 onder leiding van befaamde netbalafrigter me. A Retief het tot dusver puik netbalvertonings gelewer en word as een van die top netbalspanne in die omgewing beskou.

    Die span is tot dusver by verskeie toernooie as baan- of algehele toernooiwenners bekroon. Hulle resultate dui op die ongelooflike passie wat me. Retief deel met die jong formidabele dames wanneer die groep hul liefde betoon vir die spel.

    Die span het reeds vroeg in die jaar die seisoen afgeskop met n voorseisoen-ontwikkelingstoer na Riebeeck-Kasteel. By die toernooi is daar aan verskeie aspekte van hul spelpatroon onder leiding

    van Kovsies-afrigters, Burtha de Kock en Corne Marais, geslyp. Die leerders en afrigters het hierdie geleenthede hoog op prys gestel en as noemenswaardig beskou.

    Die span was in aksie by die Lochnerhof aandtoernooi wat op Vrydag, 11 Maart plaasgevind het en het teen van die sterkste teenstanders te staan gekom. Tydens die toernooi het Laerskool Brackenfell met buurskole Bastion, Eikestad en Lochnerhof afgereken. Die span is aan die einde van die toernooi as algehele baanwenners aangewys en is met pragmedaljes beloon.

    Nog n spoggeleentheid waar die span hul staal bewys het is die o/12-toernooi aangebied deur Laerskool Panorama op Vrydag, 6 Mei. Die span het afgereken met verskeie teenstanders en was ook tydens die toernooi as die baanwenners bekroon

    en het ook daarvoor n ekstra medalje tot hul versameling toegevoeg.

    Tans is die span deel van die Top-Schools-toernooi en neem hul in die o/12 meriete-afdeling deel. Hulle het tot dusver n onoorwonne seisoen en word alle voorspoed toegewens met hul voorbereidings vir opkomende wedstryde en toernooie soos vir hulle beplan word.

    0/10A Netbalspan, verseker n spogspanDie Laerskool Brackenfell se o/10A netbalspan het op Saterdag, 9 April aan die o/10 Gundle Plastics-netbaltoernooi, deur die Laerskool Durbanville aangebiedis, deelgeneem.

    Onder die bekwaamde en entoesiastiese afrigting van die hoofafrigter, me. B Coetzee, en hulpafrigter Elzaan Potgieter het hierdie span sonder moeite met verskeie buurskole afgereken en kon hulle by die toernooi as bekroonde baanwenners van baan B wegloop.

  • AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016 Page 11

    KENRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 021 976 3046 (e) [email protected]

    LAERSKOOL BELLPARK (t) 021 919 0002 (e) [email protected]

    LAERSKOOL DE TYGER (t) 021 930 2829 (e) [email protected]

    Hockey girlsOn Saturday, 16 April, the U/14 A girls took part in a tournament at Somerset House and received a bronze medal for their overall performance. Tatum Nicolay won the Most Attacking Award and Lara de Lange won the Sportsmanship Award. Thank you to all of the parents and the U/14 A Kenridge boys for the constant support!

    Hockey boysOn Wednesday, 20 April, the hockey boys played matches against Paarl Boys, who proved to be strong opposition. The U/8 D team enjoyed their time on the field. Well done to all of our boys.

    Congratulations, Julia Thomas!Julia Thomas received her Western Province colours for hockey. Jacques le Roux was the guest speaker at the Awards Ceremony.

    Happy Mothers DayMothers hold their childrens hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.Happy Mothers Day from Tisani.

    Spanwerk die sleutel tot suksesBellpark is bevoorreg om knap rugby-afrigters te h wat deelname bevorder en hard werk om n trotse kultuur van goeie sportmanskap in elke rugbyspeler te kweek.

    VOOR: Mnr. L von Solms, Mnr. W Nell, Mnr. B van Wyk. AGTER: Mnr. D Wentzel, Mnr. W Carstens, Mnr. M Thomas.

    Skeidsregter van formaatWickus Nell, n onderwyser van Laerskool Bellpark, is tans n Senior WP-skeidsregter. Hy het in 2012 sy eerste skeidsregterskursus voltooi en in 2014 en 2015 die WP-unie by die 0/12-provinsiale toernooi wat jaarliks in Riversdal plaasvind, verteenwoordig.

    Hy het in 2015 as assistent-skeidsregter by die Varsity Sewes-toernooi opgetree en in Maart 2016 is hy gekies om die Nasionale Laerskolekamp vir skeidsregters by te woon.

    Om n skeidsregter te wees, verg baie opoffering en harde werk. n Mens moet vasberade wees, hard oefen en bereid wees om Woensdae vir laerskole en Saterdagoggende vir horskole te blaas. Saterdagmiddae is klubrugby weer aan die beurt.

    Ons wens meneer Nell alle voorspoed toe en hoop om hom by die 2023 Rugby Wreldbeker in aksie te sien.

    Nedine Blom stel haar CD bekend by De TygerVrydag, 15 April was n besonderse geleentheid toe Nedine Blom haar nuwe CD, Wiskunde is Supercool, by ons bekend gestel het. Die gehoor was vermaak deur Nedine, hiphop-dansers en die Cami-maskot. Almal het hullself gate uit geniet.

    SAMIn Paar van ons leerders het die SAMI Leer-en Lewens-vaardighedekursus bygewoon. Baie geluk aan elkeen met julle sertifikate.

    HoedekompetisieVrydag, 29 April kon die leerders gewone klere aantrek en n hoed of masker opsit wat hulleself gemaak het. Daar was n hele paar oulike hoedeen die keuse vir n wenner was moeilik. Dankie aan elkeen wat deelgeneem het. Julle was baie oorspronklik.

    Julia Thomas and guest speaker, Jacques le Roux.

  • Blood donating dayOn 3 May, Grade 11 learners Annika Carstens and Marn von Butzelaar invited the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service (WPBTS) to Stellenberg High School for a blood donating day.

    These two learners created an opportunity to make a difference. Stellenberg learners, staff members and the community donated blood to save lives.

    Annika says that it is great to see how these blood donating events are growing. More Stellenberg learners and the community feel the urge to be part of such an important cause.

    On 18 July, Stellenberg High School will also host a shavathon and blood donating day. This charity event will be the schools contribution to the 67 minutes for Mandela Day.

    Karate champion Keisha Demas started karate at the age of only 5 in Pretoria, starting out with a White belt and still going strong, currently Brown belt, which she obtained on March 2016.

    She attended the Karate South Africa national tournament held on 18 March in Durban. The category she competed in was quite big, as 18 very competitive girls all had their eyes on the prize. Keisha accomplished 3rd place. Her hard work, determination and love for karate is transparent, so now we look forward to the Interschools taking place later in the year in Johannesburg and the Cheetah Cup in Bloemfontein.

    We at De Kuilen Primary school are very proud of our Karate champion!

    LAERSKOOL DE KUILEN (t) 021 903 4160 (e) [email protected]

    LABIANCE PRIMARY SCHOOL (t) 021 949 9740 (e) [email protected]

    HORSKOOL STELLENBERG (t) 021 919 1029 (e) [email protected]

    Page 12 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016

    Stellies wen silwermedalje by WildeklawertoernooiStellenberg se eerste netbalspan neem die afgelope vier jaar aan die Wildeklawertoernooi, in Kimberley, deel. By hierdie toernooi kompeteer die voorste 12 netbalspanne teen mekaar. Stellenberg eindig elke jaar onder die top-drie skole. Stellies het vanjaar die silwer medalje verower. Jean-Marie Orton is as doelspeler van die toernooi aangewys.

    Gewilde Food Festival weer n groot suksesDie Studenteraad organiseer elke jaar die Food Festival. Stellenberg-leerders neem in spanne deel, wat n spesifieke land verteenwoordig. Hierdie stalletjies verkoop tradisionele geregte van die onderskeie lande. Buite-beoordelaars beoordeel elke stalletjie volgens oorspronklikheid, uitbeelding van die land en die smaaklikheid van die gereg. Die aand sorg vir lekker vermaak en smullekker kos.

    Waars dit lekker? Hiers dit lekker!Labbies had the amazing privilege of being part of a show with Emo Adams on 21 April at our school. Both Senior and Junior choirs performed with this talented man on stage. Emo gave the audience a funny, absolutely talented performance, and even entertained us with some Indian singing.

    The crowd loved it! The choirs joined him with some of his popular songs like Jantjie. Not only is Emo a funny man, but his compassion and love for children showed as he interacted with our learners throughout the show. He was accompanied by talented band members and a friendly crew. This was definitely a highlight moment for Labbies and an experience our learners will cherish forever.

    We thank our parents for their support. The hall was packed to capacity. Thank you to all the teachers involved in making the evening such a success. We are sure Emo and his team have taken a piece of Labiance with them.

    Emo, jou lekker ding!!

    Jean-Marie Orton

  • Durbanville rugby presteer by Wynberg RugbyfeesHorskool Durbanville se rugbyspanne was vanjaar genooi om aan die gesogte Wynberg Rugbyfees deel te neem.Die spanne het puik gespeel en as volg presteer: 0/14 A vs Parel Vallei wen 48-3 0/15A vs Parel Vallei wen 54-0 0/15A vs St Johns wen 14-0 0/16A vs Parel Vallei wen 83-0 0/16A vs St Johns wen 17-8 0/19A vs Parel Vallei verloor 22-23 0/19A vs St Johns verloor 24-26

    Willie BesterDie Graad 11 Visuele Kuns-leerders van die Horskool DF Malan het die geleentheid gekry om n nadere kykie na een van Suid-Afrika se voorste en ook internasionaal bekroonde kunstenaars, Willie Bester, se besondere kunswerke by die Art.b gallery te kry. Baie van hierdie werke is in privaat besit en dit was dus n groot voorreg om hierdie kunsbeelde en -skilderye vir die eerste keer weer in die publieke oog te h.

    HORSKOOL DF MALAN (t) 021 948 8781/2/3 (e) [email protected]

    HORSKOOL DURBANVILLE (t) 021 976 3188 (e) [email protected]

    AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016 Page 13

    Mnr. en Mej. DFDie jaarlikse Mnr. en Mej. DF-kroning het Donderdagaand, 14 April, in die stampvol Aktiwiteitsentrum van die Horskool DF Malan plaasgevind. Di glansryke geleentheid, waaraan 20 leerlinge deelgeneem het, is deur sowat 90 maatskappye en individue moontlik gemaak, onder meer die hoofborge Mr Suit Hire, Ilse Roux Bridal Boutique en Paul Hackett Hair Studio.

    Die tema, Die Fairytale, het bygedra om hierdie geleenthied soos n feverhaal te laat afloop. Die gewilde wenners van die Mnr. en Mej. Persoonlikheid-titels was Jason Townes en Carlize Marias. Die pragtige Alexandra May is onder luide toejuiging as Mej. DF aangewys. Geskiedenis is gemaak toe die Debutant, wat die meeste fondse ingesamel het, Gerrut van Lill, ook as die wenner van die Mnr. DF-titel aangewys is.

    Mnr. en Mej. Persoonlikheid -titels, Carlize Marias en Jason Townes.

    Mej. en Mnr. DF, Alexandra May en Gerrut van Lill.

    DF PowerAgt DF Ontwerp-leerders is onder die wenners in die eerste rondte van die Tygerberg POWER uitdaging. Jovanna Marais, Sabrina van Rooyen, Lesinda Louw, Emmerencia Douglas, Michael Horne, Rene Cronje, Abigail Williams en Fernazthea Petrus is as gevolg van hierdie prestasie genooi na n spesiale werkswinkel by SARATEC (The South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre). By hierdie geleentheid het hulle meer geleer van hernubare energie, het hulle hulle eie sonligenergie-batteryherlaaiers gebou en tegnieke in design thinking en mensgesentreerde ontwerp geleer.

    UCT Wiskunde OlimpiadeHorskool DF Malan het puik prestasies in die jaarlikse UCT Wiskunde Olimpiade gelewer. In hierdie kompetisie, waaraan ongeveer 7 000 leerders deelgeneem het, het twee DF-leerders met n goue toekenning weggestap, terwyl ses van die skool se leerders uitgenooi is om aan die UCT Uitdaging deel te neem.

    An Pienaar, Heinrich Crouse, Lara Voigt, Francis Stoffberg, Bernard Oosthuizen en Alexander Mouton.

    Durbie haal rugby Dream TeamJean Aucamp, o/19A skrumskakel van Horskool Durbanville, is aangewys as deel van die Wynberg Rugbyfees se Dream Team.

    Jean se skitterspel tydens hierdie toernooi het dit n maklike keuse vir keurders gemaak en hy ontvang sodoende n rugbybeurs vanaf die WP Rugby Instituut.

    Durbanville neem deel aan Waterkloof NetbaltoernooiMet Horskool Durbanville se netbal wat verlede jaar puik presteer het, het Durbanville vyf spanne vanaf o/14 tot o/19 die geleentheid gebied om die toer mee te maak.

    Durbanville was die enigste skool wat vyf spanne gestuur het en al die spanne het uitstekend presteer.

    Baie dankie aan almal wat die toer moontlik gemaak het!

    Netbal o19A

    Durbies wen HokkietoernooiHorskool Durbanville se o/16A gogterspan het die Edgemead Hokkietoernooi gewen.

    Mnr. en Me. DurbieSpogaand vir n spogskool - verseker een van die hoogtepunte op elke Durbie se sosiale kalender.Vanjaar se wenners was as volg: Me. Durbie - Ingrid Baartman 1ste Prinses - Inge van der Merwe 2de Prinses - Cinae Swart Mnr. Durbie - Ruben van der Merwe 1ste Prins - Muller van der Westhuizen 2de Prins - Andries MeyerBaie geluk aan al die deelnemers, elkeen het fantasties gelyk!

    Mnr. en Me. Durbie, Ingrid Baartman en Ruben van der Merwe.

  • Third time ITU winnersThe Fairmont Dream Team won the International Triathlon Union (ITU) sprint mixed relay team, for the 3rd year in a row, in a time of 1.03.32.

    The team consists of Samuel van der Merwe (Grade 12)(run) and Keith Vroon (cycle) and Kelly Vroon (Grade 11) (swim).

    Kelly Vroon also represented Western Province at the South African Youth/Senior National Championships and 2016 Rio

    Olympic trials from 9 April to 17 April in Durban. She placed 3rd and received a bronze medal in the youth category in the 200m backstroke. She also achieved a 4th place for 200m freestyle and 100m backstroke.

    Page 14 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016

    HORSKOOL BRACKENFELL (t) 021 981 5522 (e) [email protected]

    HTS BELLVILLE (t) 021 948 6951/2/3 (e) [email protected]

    FAIRMONT HIGH SCHOOL (t) 021 976 1147 (e) [email protected]

    Landsdiens4 leerders is gekies om die Nasionale Landsdienskamp by te woon: Seniors: Chant Geldenhuys en Janice

    HeynekeJuniors: Natasha Spangenberg en

    Anja van ZylReserwes: Sen de Villiers en Celine


    Die Brakkies het weer skitterend gevaar en is vir die soveelste keer 1ste en 2de in die SAICE Wes-Kaap Brugboukompetisie. Span 1 (Seunspan) het die Wes-Kaapuitdaag gewen en dring deur na die Internasionale SAICE Brugboukompetisie in Gauteng.

    Die lede van Span 1 is Dewald Mouton, Nil Oosthuizen en Philip Kleynhans.

    Hulle wenbruggie het 185g geweeg, die spanwydte was 800mm en dit kon 175kg dra.

    n Dogterspan (Span 2) het die tweede plek in die Wes-Kaap behaal. Die span bestaan uit Danille Groenewald, Karmin Fouch en Eugnie Groenewald. Hulle bruggie het 225g geweeg en kon 125kg dra.

    Internasionale Skietkompetisie: DuitslandAdriaan die Beer (SA Protea Skut) in Gr. 10 skiet tans skitterend in Duitsland.

    Hy neem deel in die o.20 ouderdomsgroep en het reeds in die 10m Presisie vir Junior Mans n 4de plek behaal in die Finaal. Die SA-span waarvan hy n lid is, het die goue medalje verower.

    Op die eerste posisie op die podium staan Adriaan de Beer regs in die SA-span.

    Philip Kleynhans, Dewald Mouton, mnr. Johan Nieuwoudt (Vakhoof: IGO) en Nil Oosthuizen.

    Danille Groenewald, Karmin Fouch en Eugnie Groenwald saam met mnr. Johan Nieuwoudt (Vakhoof: IGO).

    Me. Maritsa Brand (Skakelopvoeder), Natasha Spangenberg, Anja van Zyl, Chant Geldenhuys, Celine Ware-Lane, Janice Heyneke en Sen de Villiers.

    Football BoysWOW! We congratulate one of our football boys, Sebastian Lucas, who is leaving for Holland and Germany with the Ajax team soon.

    They will be playing against the likes of Barcelona and Liverpool.

    HTS Bellville se netbalmeisies het ongelooflike wilskrag en leef die liefde vir netbal uit.

    Die o.15 meisies het 4 van hul 7 wedstryde gewen

    en die o.16 dogters het 3 van hul 4 wedstryde gewen. Die o.17 meisies het 2 van hul 4 wedstryde gewen.

    Wat n wonderlike manier om die seisoen af te skop!

    SAICE Wes-Kaap Brugboukompetisie


    Fairmont choirs excelFairmonts choir performed at the Stellenbosch Eisteddfod. The mixed choir as well as the girls choir received gold plus, while the boys ensemble, The Broties, achieved silver plus.

    Netball Sabrina Beeka, Grade 12, has been selected for the U/17 WP Netball team.

    Samuel van der Merwe and Kelly Vroon.

    The Fairmont boys and girls choir.

    The Fairmont Boys Ensemble.

  • AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016 Page 15

    THE SETTLERS HIGH SCHOOL (t) 021 948 6116 (e) [email protected]

    HORSKOOL DE KUILEN (t) 021 903 5121 (e) [email protected]

    HORSKOOL BELLVILLE (t) 021 948 1801 (e) [email protected]

    On Friday, 6 May, The Settlers High School hosted their Annual Box Cart Fundraiser. Learners (dressed according to chosen themes), staff and parents

    participated enthusiastically. Radio Good Hope DJ, Mark Fitzgibbon (a past pupil), handed out the prizes. The learners especially enjoyed dunking Mrs Gallie

    (principal), teachers and Mark in the dunk tank. The Box Cart afternoon was a great success filled with loads of fun and laughter!

    The Settlers annual Box Cart Fundraiser

    Cross country RugbyDe Kuilen vs Langenhoven GimnasiumMan of the Match: Marcel Roux.Bonnievale teen De KuilenDe Kuilen wen Bonnievale met 29-5.Man of the Match: Corn Thiart.

    Mnr. en Mev. De Kuilen Veels geluk aan AL ons finaliste wat gesorg het vir n ongelooflike lekker aand!! Julle is ALMAL sterre!

    Maar veral Veels Geluk aan Jamie Vermeulen (Mej. De Kuilen) en Marcel Roux (Mnr. De Kuilen), asook die eerste en tweede prinse en prinsesse, Amy van Staden, Alexandra Fraser, Ethan Smit en Kyle Isaacs

    Amy van Staden, Alexandra Fraser, Jamie Vermeulen (Mej. De Kuilen), Marcel Roux (Mnr. De Kuilen), Ethan Smit en Kyle Isaacs.

    FRONT: Annique Hartnick, Mishka Alexander, Matthew Maarman. MIDDLE: Shane Papier, Heike Thumser, Eagon Matroos, Lisa-Marie Playandi, Jayden Hanekom. BACK: Mishcha Maarman, Casey Sellidon, Kirstin Vries, Amber Daniels.

    Springbok o.20Baie geluk aan ons oud-skolier Carlu Sadie (2015) met sy insluiting in die Springbok o.20 span wat aan die Werld o.20 Rugby-Kampioenskappe gaan deelneem in Manchester, England.

    Wynberg Seunskool rugbyfees

    0.19A-rugbyspan tydens die Wynberg Rugbyfees.

    SPAR Wes-Kaap UitklopkampioenskappeBellville Premier meisies het die afgelope 2 maande deelgeneem aan die SPAR Wes-Kaap Uitklopkampioenskappe. Bellville eindig sesde.

    Catherine Stacey is as Speler van die toernooi aangewys.

    0.14-rugbyspan het deelgeneem aan die Wynberg Seunsskoool rugbyfees

    Annerike wen Internasionale kompetisieAnnerike du Plessis is as wenner van ouderdom 17-19 jaar aangewys vir n internasionale aanlynkompetisie, Music of the Centuries.

    Die ander kandidate wat plekke onder die eerste drie behaal het, is afkomstig van musiekskole uit onder ander die VSA, Denemarke en Australi.

    Ons is baie trots op haar en wens haar baie geluk.

    Marcel Roux saam met die oud-Sharks en Springbok rugbyspeler, Johann Muller, wat die speler van die wedstryd aangewys het.

  • Page 16 AWSUM NEWS, MAY 2016

    HEALTH SEMINAR IN DURBANVILLE SATURDAY 28 MAY 10:00-1PM. We owe it to our children to protect them. The food and drug industry is

    corrupt. Benefit from Maureen Boddys 30 years study on health, nutrition, and senescence

    (biology of ageing) PILATES: R350 PER MONTH Youthing Isometric

    Pilates targets problem areas, Stubborn Belly fat, flabby underarms, unsightly buttocks and thighs. In a short time you can tone and reshape your body. For more details on PILATES and SEMINAR please

    visit our website Tel: 083 414 6898


    in aksie!Miki Maths Magic klasse: Gebaseer op skoolkurrikulum (CAPS) Interaktief Klein groepiesMiki Maths Magic ontwikkel: Begrip deur die gebruik van modelle Selfvertroue om probleme op te los Effektiewe maniere om getalbewerkings te doen

    Amari Meyer - 071 424 9319 DURBANVILLE - [email protected]


    021 976-1954 / 083 708-8922

    Indoor Accommodation

    Feeding/exercising/medication given under personal supervision.

    Eating, behaviour & elimination closely monitored. Bedding provided, owners welcom to bring own. Sooting music played in cattery and kennel.

    SpesBona Rd. Durbanville

    Dr Janine Niegaardt Dr Ian Heyns Dr Sureta Wiese Adri van Zyl (Oral Hygienist)

    16 Kerk Str. - Kuilsrivier

    Tel: 021 903 2222

    16 Kerk Str. - Kuilsrivier

    Fax: 021 903 5362

    Private Tuition & Extra Classes Grade : 1 12 / All Subjects

    Maths, Physics, Maths Lit, Accounting, English, Afrikaans etc Individual Attention

    C a l l : 0 2 1 9 4 5 3 2 4 1 / 0 7 4 5 2 1 3 1 7 7E m a i l : i n f o @ t u i t i o n a n d l e a r n i n g . c o . z aU n i t 2 2 , N o b e l P a r k C e n t r e , B e l l v i l l e

    MARIETJIE MANUEL C +27 (0)79 863 7347Northern Suburbs E [email protected]

    SMS eValuation

    to 079 863 7347

    Date: 20 & 21 May 2016Time: 20:00Venue: Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town

    Contact: Karen - 076 785 7023 [email protected]

    #EachOneBringOne #Remission #SA4J

    Tickets Available @


    T-Shirt included

    ntexmacapeccPrinting & Branding

    Screen PrintingClothing and Sports ApparelDigital Clothing TransfersDigital PrintingFabrication and Installation of SignsPad PrintingSandblastingCorporate and Promotional ItemsFull Vehicle and Truck wraps

    18 HIGRO PARK, FOURIE STREET, BRACKENFELL021 982 0310 * 082 792 9861 * [email protected]

    ntexmacapeccPrinting & Branding

    18 HIGRO PARK, FOURIE STREET, BRACKENFELL021 982 0310 * 082 792 9861 * [email protected]

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