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Northern Wells Community Schools School Board Work Session & Public Input Re: Budget Reduction Options March 5, 2009 Revised version Revised version

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  • Northern Wells Community SchoolsSchool Board Work Session & Public


    Re: Budget Reduction Options

    March 5, 2009Revised versionRevised version

  • Please note

    • This presentation may not include all possible options for reducing the general fund budget

    • Still considering many options• Public input will help guide decisions• The General Fund budget is the focus of

    this work session

  • This presentation is to…Help people understand school fundingUnderstand why cost reductions are necessaryPresent options for reducing the budgetUnderstand the potential impact to kidsProvide an opportunity to ask questionsHear input from the public

  • Understanding School Funding


    Capital Projects Fund

    General Fund

    Debt Service Fund Bus


  • Revenue Sources for

    School Funds


    Bus Replacement

    Local Property Tax Dollars

    CPF - Capital Projects Fund

    Debt Service Fund

    General Fund

    State Tax Dollars

  • Understanding School Funding

    • General fund pays for:– Teachers– Custodians– Maintenance workers– Administration– Secretaries & Nurses– Teacher Aids– Supplies, Utilities– Professional Development

    General Fund

    State Tax Dollars

  • CPF & Debt Service

    • Construction and upkeep of the buildings• Technology• Mortgage• Interest on loans• Other

    Debt Service Fund

    Local Property Tax Dollars

    Capital Projects

    FundLocal Property

    Tax Dollars

  • NWCS General Fund Budget issues

    Spending obligations of approx. $1 million more than revenue in 08-09.Using our General Fund balance to make ends meet and will likely have to borrow from other funds until the budget is corrected.Reducing General Fund expenses by AT LEAST $1.3 million should be the goal.ADM is declining.Staff size has grown.Uncertainty of the State Budget

  • General Fund ExpendituresA rule of thumb is that a General Fund should spend 85-90% for salaries and Benefits

    NWCS is on track to spend 103% on salary and benefits in 2009.

    Salaries & Benefits



    10-15%Spending 103% on Salaries & Benefits

  • Northern Wells - ADM for the past 10 years24




























    2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

    # of




  • Positions added since 2003

    OES3.5 Kindergarten1 Third grade.5 Technology

    LES2.5 Kindergarten2 First grade1 Science.5 Technology

  • Positions added since 2003

    NMS.5 Literacy Coach

    NHS1 Assistant Principal1 Math1 Science.5 Foreign Language/English.42 Art.5 Language Arts.5 Spanish

  • Positions added since 2003

    Alternative School1 English (NWCS pays for ≈48% of this position).3 ICE (NWCS pays for ≈48% of this position)

    NWCS.75 English as New Language Teacher

  • Initial steps

    No pay raises for administrators paid from General Fund in 08-09 or 09-10. Principals, Assistant Principals, etc…Eliminated the HS Assistant Principal and Curriculum Director positionsEliminated Central Office receptionist position

  • Initial steps

    Eliminated a Maintenance PositionLowered the reimbursement for business use of a personal vehicle from $.585 to $.30 Restricted professional development spendingDevelop a plan for further reductions of staffSeek public input

  • Potential Elementary Reductions

    11 K-5 Classroom Positions1 Technology Position1 High Ability Position1 Science Position

  • Reduction to 49 K-5 Classroom Teachers







    Class SizesTeachers

    * Assumes 190 Kindergarten

  • NMS Potential Reductions

    1.5 English Teacher.5 Literacy Coach1 Physical Education/Health4/9ths MusicSecretary/aide PositionClass sizes approximately 25

  • NHS Potential Reductions1 Assistant Principal1 Math Teacher1 Science Teacher1 Industrial Technology.5 English4/9ths Music.25 Art

  • Additional NHS Reductions that may be possible

    Up to 1 Industrial TechnologyUp to an additional 1 EnglishThe scheduling process is currently under way.Maybe other areas to reduce?Average classes should be ≈ 25 students per class

  • Other Potential ReductionsExtra-Curricular positions in each building.1 positions in Custodial ServicesSafety Specialist positionProfessional DevelopmentMileage reimbursementEnergy costs

  • Other Potential Reductions

    $ 309 0.00965German Club$ 309 0.00965Spanish Club$ 1,544 0.04823Drama$ 309 0.00965Artisans$ 1,776 0.05546Spell Bowl$ 1,776 0.05546Academic Bowl

    Sponsors:SalaryIndexNORWELL HIGH SCHOOL

  • Other Potential Reductions

    $ 1,544 0.04823Dance team$ 1,776 0.05546Freshmen Mentoring Coach$ 1,853 0.05787Color Guard: Winter$ 1,853 0.05788Jazz Band$ 1,853 0.05788Band assistant director$ 1,544 0.04823Newspaper$ -0.00965Pep Club$ -0.03858Speech assistant

    Sponsors:SalaryIndexNORWELL HIGH SCHOOL

  • Other Potential Reductions

    $ -0.06752Softball assistant$ 1,544 0.04823Soccer assistant$ 433 0.01351Intramural basketball$ -0.04823Golf assistant$ 1,544 0.04823Golf assistant$ 4,324 0.13504Football assistant$ 1,544 0.04823Cheerleader assistants$ 4,324 0.13504Basketball girls varsity assistant$ 4,324 0.13504Basketball boys varsity assistant$ -0.06752Baseball assistant

    Athletics Coaches:

  • $ 2,316 0.07234Wrestling assistant

    $ 1,544 0.04823Volleyball freshman

    $ 2,316 0.07234Volleyball assistant

    $ 2,316 0.07234Track assistant

    $ 2,316 0.07234Track assistant

    $ 1,544 0.04823Tennis assistant

    $ 1,544 0.04823Tennis assistant

    Other Potential Reductions

  • $ 1,853 0.05788Jazz Band

    $ 680 0.02122Newspaper

    $ 618 0.01929Spellbowl

    $ 1,235 0.03858Academic team

    Norwell Middle School:

    Other Potential Reductions

  • Other Potential Reductions

    $ 1,050 0.03280Wrestling assistant$ 1,050 0.03280Track 7th assistants$ 1,050 0.03280Track 8th assistants$ 1,050 0.03280Soccer assistant$ 1,050 0.03280Soccer assistant$ 1,681 0.05250Football assistant$ 1,235 0.03858Cheerleaders assistant$ 772 0.02411Basketball 8th assistant$ 772 0.02411Basketball 7th assistant$ 772 0.02411Basketball 8th assistant$ 772 0.02411Basketball 7th assistant

    Athletic Coaches:

  • Other Potential Reductions

    $ 618 0.01929Spellbowl$ 618 0.01929Vocal music$ 309 0.00965Young authors$ 309 0.00965Science fair$ 185 0.00579Intramural assistant$ 370 0.01157Intramural volleyball$ 618 0.01929Fame sponsor

    Sponsors:Elementary Schools:

  • Other Potential Reductions

    $ 13,000.00 Mileage

    $ 35,000.00 Professional Development

    $ 1,000.00 Safety Specialist


    $ 4,760.00 6800.02122Team Leaders (7)$ 9,520.00 6800.02122Grade Level Reps. (14)$ 7,912.00 9890.03087Department Heads (8)

    From NCTA

  • Revised savings estimates2 Admin. Positions - $196,00015 Elementary Teachers - $603,0003.4 NMS Teachers - $149,0005.25 NHS Positions - $250,000Maint./Custodial - $53,000ECA/Other – $124,000

    Estimated Total - $1,375,000

  • Other ideas4-Day school week

    Salaries and Benefits not reducedSmall savings in utilitiesMost savings are in transportation & cafeteriaOther issues

    Traditional Schedule at high schoolBlock appears to be not “not working”Right size NHS staff 1st

  • Other ideasNMS Schedule

    Change to traditional?Middle school concept seems best for kids

    Energy SavingsReduce non-essential use of electricityEnergy savings is difficult to predict

  • Other ideasUse CPF for General Fund

    General Fund may borrow from CPF for a short period of time but pay it back by Dec. 31stWe still have maintenance needs for CPFCPF funds will decrease because of HB 1001 (2008)

  • PrioritiesBe Fiscally responsibleLeast negative impact to studentsElementary class sizes as small as reasonableFull day kindergartenPrevent staff cutting from happening in the future6-8% Cash Balance in General Fund

  • In closing…Approximately 28 non-permanent staff members will receive reduction noticesApproximately 5 semi-permanent or permanent staff members will receive reduction noticesIt is possible that up to 14 staff members may be rehired

  • Questions?

    Do you have any questions or suggestions?If so, please contact the Superintendent at [email protected] call 260-622-4125 and ask for Scott Mills

  • Public Input

  • Elementary Class sizes if three additional staff can be added.

    52 (adds 3 staff)K-5 staff


  • OES with 52 K-5 Classroom teachers


  • LES with 52 K-5 Classroom teachers option


  • Elementary Class Sizes

    53 (adds 4 staff)K-5 staff