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  • 1. Northwest Coastal Tribes

2. 3. What is the environment like there? 4. What is the environment like there? Small IslandsDeep Inlets Narrow BeachesThick forests of spruce,cedar, and fir Many riversand streams 5. The Seasons... How did life change over different seasons? 6. What type of housing was used here? 7. What type of housing was used here? 8. Totem Poles Purpose Construction Features 9. Clothing 10. Potlatch Festival of gift givingStatus through giving, not possessionsBanned 1881-1951 11. Social Status The Raven and the Eagle 12. 13. In your Social Studies notebook, write a day in the life of a typical Haida native.You can choose to write about a man, woman or child.Think about what tasks and challenges they would face. Include as much detail as you can to keep it interesting!You can use the textbook (pg 45-48), information from the slideshow, or the internet for research. 14. Reflection question:Think about the Plains natives compared to the coastal natives.Why do you think Coastal Natives would have anything in common with the Plains natives when they lived in such different areas?