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  • NS3 Tech Talk

    in1010 - Redes de Computadores 2015.1 rodrigodma@gprt.ufpe.br

  • NS3 Open source simulator for networking

    research and education Core is written entirely in C++ User code (protocols and scenarios)

    C++ Python wrappers

    Library-based usage http://www.nsnam.org/getting_started.html

  • NS3 extensive parameterization system embedded tracing system standards outputs

    txt logs PCAPs

  • NS3 Discrete event simulator

    Simulation time moves discretely from event to event Schedule events to occur at specific simulation times A simulation scheduler orders the event execution Simulator execute events one by one Simulation stops at specific time or when events end

  • NS3 NS3 vs NS2

    not a extension does not have an OTcl API

  • NS3 Nodes

    Contains Applications, Stacks and NetDevices NetDevices

    represents the technology used to communication Channels

    NetDevices are strongly bound to Channels of a matching type

  • NS3

  • NS3

  • NS3 Internet Stacks

    Provides IPv4/IPv6 models Routing

    implement the routing protocol class, like Ipv4RoutingProtocol

  • NS3

  • NS3 Applications

    a list of application is stored in the Node applications are like processes make use of a sockets-like API

    Application::Start() may call ns3::Socket::SendMsg() in a lower layer

  • NS3

  • NS3 Mobility

    could set the mobility, position, direction and velocity

  • NS3

  • NS3

  • NS3

  • NS3 everything is object

    similar objects can be grouped in containers every object can have attributes

  • NS3 Waf build system

    is a python-based framework for configuring, compiling and installing applications.

    similar to other tools such as Autotools, CMake, Ant http://code.google.com/p/waf/

  • NS3 waf key commands

    configure ./waf -d [optimized|debug] configure

    make ./waf

    run programs ./waf --run simple-point-to-point

    run visualizer ./waf --run --vis

  • NS3 Pyviz Visualizer

  • NS3 Writing scripts

    Create nodes Create netDevices with MAC and PHY Attach netDevices to nodes and set interconnections install protocol stack in nodes set network address for interfaces setup routing install applications in nodes set application start and stop time set simulation start time run simulation

  • NS3 Debugging

    Assertions: NS_ASSERT(expression) aborts the program if expression evaluates to

    false unconditional breakpoints: NS_BREAKPOINT();

    GDB commands

  • NS3 Logging

    NS_LOG_ERROR Log error messages;NS_LOG_WARN Log warning messages;NS_LOG_DEBUG Log relatively rare, ad-hoc debugging messages;NS_LOG_INFO Log informational messages about program progress;NS_LOG_FUNCTION Log a message describing each function called;NS_LOG_LOGIC Log messages describing logical flow within a function;NS_LOG_ALL Log everything.NS_LOG_UNCOND Log the associated message unconditionally.

  • NS3 Future Read

    ns-3 overview http://www.nsnam.org/docs/ns-3-overview.ppt http://www.nsnam.org/docs/ns-3-overview.pdf

    ns-3 Tutorial http://www.nsnam.org/docs/release/3.13/tutorial/ns-3-

    tutorial.pdf ns-3 Manual


  • Q&ARodrigo Melo (@rodrigodma)