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  • Nucleation and

    Atmospheric Aerosols 17th International Conference, Galway, Ireland, 2007

    Edited by

    Colin D. O'Dowd National University of Ireland

    Galway Ireland

    Paul E. Wagner University of Vienna Austria





  • Contents

    Preface vii

    Committees viii

    Plenary Lectures xi

    Scries History xiii

    Part I Nucleation: Experiment and Theory

    Homogeneous Nucleation Rate Measurements and the Properties of Critical Clusters 3

    B.E. Wyslouzil, R. Strey, J. Walk, G. Wilemski, and Y. Kim

    Size Analysis of Ion and Aerosol Nanoparticles in Nucleation and Growth 14

    K. Okuyama, T. Seto, and C. Soo Kim

    Classical and Generalized Gibbs' Approaches and the Work of Critical Cluster Formation in Nucleation Theory 26 J. W.P. Schmelzer

    Microstructure of Supersaturation Field and Nucleation Experiments 31 S.P. Fisenko

    Efficiency of Immersion Mode Ice Nucleation on Surrogates of Mineral Dust 36

    C. Marcolli, S. Gedamke, and B. Zobrist

    Do Highly Supercooled Liquids Freeze

    by Spinodal Decomposition? 41 L.S. Bartell

    The Balanced Nucleation and Growth (BNG) Model for Controlled Crystal Nucleation and Size Distribution 46 I.H. Leubner


  • jtviii Contents

    The Balanced Nucleation and Growth (BNG) Model

    for Controlled Crystal Nucleation and Size in Controlled Precipitations 48

    l.H. Leubner

    Continuous Crystallization: Nucleation and Size Control

    as a Function of Crystal Solubility 50

    l.H. Leubner

    Investigating the Role of Ammonia in Atmospheric Nucleation 52

    T. Kurten, L. Torpo, H. Vehkamaki, M.R. Sundberg, K. laasonen, V.-M Kerminen, M. Noppel, M. Salonen, and M. Kulinala

    Dependence of Nucleation Rates on Sulfuric Acid Vapor Concentration in Diverse Atmospheric Locations 57 C. Kuang, PH. McMurry, andA.V. McCormick

    Evaluation of Surface Tension and Tolman Length as a Function of Droplet Radius from Experimental Nucleation Rate and Supersaturation Ratio 62 A.A. Onischuk, S.V. Vosel, P.A. Purtov, and A.M. Baklanov

    Atmospheric H2S04 / H20 Particle Formation: Mechanistic Investigations 69 T. Bemdt, O. Beige, and F. Straimann

    The Role of Ions in Condensation Particle Counting for Particle Diameters Below 2nm 73

    P.M. Winkler, A. Vrtala, and RE. Wagner

    /i-Nonane Nucleation in the Presence of Carbon Dioxide 78

    D. G. Labetski, J. Hruby, andM.E.H. vanDongen

    Challenges in the Thermochemical Water-splitting Cycle Based on the ZnO/Zn Redox Pair: Rapid Quench and Nucleation of Zinc 83

    F. Riitten, I. Alxneit, and H.R. Tschudi

    Relevance of Several Nucleation Theories

    in Different Environments 87

    M. Boy, B. Bonn, J. Kazil, N. Lovejoy, A. Turnipseed, J. Greenberg, T. Karl, L. Mauldin, E. Kusciueh, J. Smith, K. Barsanti, A. Guenther, B. Wehner, O. Hellmuth, H. Siebert, S. Bauer, A. Wiedensohler, and M. Kulmala

    Kinetic Theory Applied to Nucleation and Droplet Growth 92 V. Holten and. M.E.H. van Dongen

  • Contents xix

    Computation of Nucleation Rates for n-Nonane Using the Gradient Theory 97 J. Hrubj, V. Vins, D.G. Labetski, andM.E.H. Van Dongen

    The Temperature of Nucleating Droplets 102 ./. Wedekind, D. Reguera, and. R. Strey

    Kinetic Reconstruction of the Nucleation Free

    Energy Landscape 107 D. Reguera and J. Wedekind

    Laboratory-measured Nucleation Rates of Sulfuric Acid

    and Water from the S02 + OH Reaction 112 D.R, Benson and S.-H Lee

    Simulation of the Growth and Decay of Isolated

    Lennard-Jones Clusters 117

    J.C. Barrett and A.P. Knight

    An Insight into the Failure of Classical Nucleation Theory 121 J. Merikanto, A. Lauri, E. Zapadinsky, and H. Vehkamdki

    Nucleation Chemical Physics: From Vapor-phase Clusters

    to Crystals in Solution 126 S.M. Kathmann

    Homogeneous Nucleation: What I Understand, What I Somewhat

    Understand, What I do not Understand 131

    J.L. Katz

    Homogeneous Nucleation Rate in Supersaturated Water Vapor 134 V. Zdunal and D. Brus

    Displacement Barrier Heights from Experimental Nucleation Rate Data: Scaling and Universality 139

    J. Malila, A.-P Hyvarinen, Y. Viisanen, and A. Laaksonen

    Arrhenius Temperature Dependence of Homogeneous Nucleation Rates 144

    R. McGraw

    A Study of Scaled Nucleation in a Model Lennard-Jones System 149 B.N. Hale and J. Kiefer

    Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering to Measure Homogeneous Nucleation Rates of n-propanol in a Supersonic Nozzle 153 D. Ghosh, R. Strey, and B.E. Wyslouzil

    Condensation of a Supersaturated Lattice Gas 158 V.A. Shneidman

  • XX Contents

    Argon Nucleation in a Cryogenic Nucleation Pulse Chamber 162

    J. Wolk, K. Hand, anclR. Strey

    Water Homogeneous Nucleation: Importance

    of Clustering Thermodynamics 167

    H. Du, F. Yu, and A.B. Nadykto

    Validation and Development of a New Hailstone Formation

    Theory-Numerical Simulations of a Strong Hailstorm

    Occurring Over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 172

    F. Kang, Q. Zhang, and S. Lu

    Scaling of Critical Nuclei Composed of Diatomic

    and Triatomic Molecules 177

    /. Napari andA. Laaksonen

    Heterogeneous Condensation on Nanoparticle 181

    S.P. Fisenko, M. Shimada, and K. Okuyama

    Kinetics of Multicomponent Nucleation in Gas Phase 185

    S.P. Fisenko

    Simulation of Nucleation Experiments in Laminar

    Flow Diffusion Chamber 190

    S.P. Fisenko and A.A. Brin

    A Comparative Study in Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nucleation 195

    J. Julin, I. Napari, and H. Vehkamaki

    The Reactions of Sulfuric Acid with Biogenic Criegee Intermediates or Secondary Ozonides as a Possible

    Source of Nucleation Precursors 200

    T. Kurten, B. Bonn, H. Vehkamaki, and M. Kulmala

    Condensation-Relaxation of Supersaturated Vapor and the Possibility of the Experimental Determination of the Nucleation Rate 204 N. Kortsensteyn and E. Samujlov

    Nanoparticle Detection Using Nucleation Regime of the CPC 209 G. Mordas, M. Sipilci, and M. Kulmala

    Structure of Sulfuric Acid-Water Clusters 214 M. Salonen, I. Napari, and H. Vehkamaki

    Quantum Chemical Calculations of the Binding Energies of (H2S04)2, HOS02-H2S04, and HOS04-H2S04 218 M. Salonen, T. Kurten, M. Sundberg, and H. Vehkamaki

    Calculation of Cluster-free Energies Using the Jarzynski Relation 222 H. Y. Tang audi.J. Ford

  • Contents xxi

    New Particle Formation and Sulphuric Acid Concentrations

    During 26 Months in Hyytiala 226 T. Nieminen, M. Kuhnala, I. Riipinen, A. Hirsikko, M. Boy, and L. Laakso

    The First Heterogeneous Nucleation Theorem Including Line Tension: Analysis of Experimental Data 230 A.l. Hienola, H. Vehkamdki, A. Lauri, RE. Wagner, P.M. Winkler, and M. Kulmala

    Heterogeneous Nucleation Theorems for Multicomponent Systems.... 235 H. Vehkamdki, A. Lauri, A. Mddudnen, RE. Wagner, P.M. Winkler, and M. Kulmala

    Nucleation Events in Melpitz, Germany, and Po Valley, Italy: Similarities and Differences 240

    A. Homed, K.E.J. Lehtinen, J. Joutsensaari, B. Wehner, W. Birmili,

    A. Wiedensohler, F. Cavalli, S. Decesari, M. Mircea, S. Fuzzi, M.C. Facchini, and A. Laaksonen

    Simulation of an Aerosol Nucleation Burst 245

    ./. Salm

    Heterogeneous Nucleation of Nitrogen 250

    G. Chkonia, J. Wedekind, J. Wolk, and R. Strey

    Homogeneous Nucleation of a Homologous Series of H-Alkanes in a Supersonic Nozzle 255

    D. Bergmann, D. Ghosh, J. Wolk, R. Strey, S. Tanimura, and B.E. Wy.slouzil

    Preliminary Results on Homogeneous Nucleation of Water:

    A Novel Measurement Technique using the Two-valve

    Expansion Chamber 260

    A. Manka, D. Bergmann, D. Ghosh, J. Wolk, and R. Strey

    Part II Nucleation: Binary, Homogeneous, and Heterogeneous

    Homogeneous Binary Nucleation Theory and the Structure

    of Binary Nanodroplets 267

    G. Wilemski

    Nucleation Versus Spinodal Decomposition in Confined

    Binary Solutions 278

    A.S. Abyzov and J.W.P. Schmelzer

    Stabilization of H2S04-H20 Clusters by Organic Acids 282 A.B. Nadykto and F. Yu

  • xxii Contents

    Critical Cluster Content in High-pressure Binary Nucleation:

    Compensation Pressure Effect 287

    V.I. Kalikmanov and D.G. Labetski

    The Effect of Total Pressure on Nucleation in a Laminar

    Flow Diffusion Chamber: n-Pentano! + Helium 293

    A.-P. Hyvdrinen, D. Brus, V. Zdimal, J. Smolik, M. Kulmala,

    Y. Viisanen, and H. Lihavainen

    Thermochemistry of (H^O^HjO^NH,),,: A DFT Study 297

    A.B. Nadykto andF. Yu

    Monte Carlo Simulations on Heterogeneous Nucleation II:

    Line Tension 302

    A. Lauri, E. Zapadinsky, A.I. Hienola, H. Vehkamiiki, and M. Kulmala

    Insights from the Atomistic Simulations of a Ternary

    Nucleating System 306

    R.B. Nellas, B. Chen, and J.I. Siepmann

    Two-component Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Martian

    Atmosphere 310

    A. Miiiittdnen, H. Vehkamiiki, A. Lauri, I. Napari, and M. Kulmala

    Binary Homogenous Nucleation of Sulfuric Acid

    and Water Mixture: Experimental Device and Setup 314

    D. Brus, A.-P. Hyvdrinen, H. Lihavainen, Y. Viisanen, and M. Kulmala

    Monte Carlo Simulations on Heterogeneous Nucleation I:

    The Point Where the Classical Theory Fails 317


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