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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre Success Through Entrepreneurship Education
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 2 Introduction NUS Entrepreneurship Centre was established as a university level, academic unit dedicated to nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship & innovation among the NUS community through effective entrepreneurship programmes: Minor in Technopreneurship for Undergraduates Electives in Technopreneurship for Graduates
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 3 Objective of Programmes Encourage & develop the technopreneurship potential of our students from various faculties. Enhance our graduates contributions to the economy by equipping them with knowledge of the processes and mechanisms by which new ideas can be commercialized in the market.
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 4 Our modules are open to.. Undergraduates from: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences School of Business School of Computing School of Design and Environment Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Science Graduates from: School of Computing Faculty of Science Faculty of Engineering School of Business
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 5 Minor in Technopreneurship for Undergraduates Students must elect at least 4 modules from Group A & at most 2 modules from Group B: Group A offered by NUS Entrepreneurship Centre TR2201 Entrepreneurial Marketing TR2202 Technological Innovation TR3001 New Product Development TR3002 New Venture Creation TR3009 New Venture Consulting Practicum Group B offered by Respective Faculties MN01001/ BH1001/ BZ1001 Management & Organization FNA1002/ BH1002/ BZ1002 Financial Accounting EC1101E Introduction to Economic Analysis or EC1301 Principles of Economics
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 6 How do I apply for the Minor? You may declare the Minor in Technopreneurship or bid for any of our modules via the Centralised Online Registration System (CORS). No hardcopy application is required. Please note that the modules offered by NEC are available for bidding every semester, except the special semesters.
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 7 Electives in Technopreneurship for Graduates Students from Biz, FOE, FOS and SOC are welcome to take up the following electives: TR5105 Technopreneurship BMA5251 Management of Technological Innovation
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 8 How do I apply for the Electives? You may sign up for the electives by completing the Cross Faculty Module Form. You can obtain the form from your respective faculty. Both modules are available for application at every semester (including the special semester), except that BMA5251 is not available in the special semesters.
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 9 Testimonials This course has enriched me with the multi-aspects of the business world. It is an eye-opening course. I certainly become stronger and gain substantial self confidence. Coming from an IT background, business is an unfamiliar territory for me. However, after this course, I am no longer afraid to discuss business problems with my colleagues, clients and even friends. Many thanks again for giving me this wonderful opportunity - Vincent Chua Song Kiat, School of Computing, 2nd Y The amount of time and effort that we have put in the course (especially in the project) is no easy task, but the rewards we get at the end- the knowledge, the skills and the friendships makes it all worth it! - Seow Aik Hoe- The topics and the way the lectures are conducted are very refreshing. I gained a lot of knowledge from the lecturers and fellow students. One strong point of the module is the way the grouping was carried out. It has students from different faculty promoting a more varied class discussion. - Lim Chin Soon, Faculty of Engineering, 3rd Yr
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  • NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 10 Contact Information NUS Entrepreneurship Centre 14 Prince Georges Park Singapore 118412 Tel: 6874 8460 Fax: 6775 0216 Email: Website:

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