nyc uxpa: wud 2013 - maya jackson (part 2)

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Part 2 of a 6-person panel for NYC UXPA's World Usability Day 2013 - Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems.


  • 1. Your Trusted User Experience Research Partner.When UX Can Be Life or Death Testing For Medical Devices and Applications

2. Panelist Maya Jackson UX Research Manager, AnswerLab Email: AnswerLab 15 West 26th St, Suite 200 New York, NY 10010#wud20132 3. Why is Medical Device & Application Testing Important?WHO estimates that 1.5 million different medical devices exist in the world today1Research2Guidance posits that the mobile health app market may reach $26 billion by 20172Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports there are 97,000 mobile health applications available for download at major app stores31 2 3 4. Who Decides Whats Safe?#wud20134 5. 5 Tips for Conducting Medical Device & Application UX Testing5 6. 1. Select Tasks Based on Their Risk LevelIdentifyPrioritizeArrange#wud20136 7. 2. Conduct Testing in a Realistic Environment#wud20137 8. 3. Engage the Right (and Right Number of) Users HCPsCaregiversPatientsFDA Guidelines recommend 15 users per discrete segment#wud20138 9. 4. Test the Complete System#wud20139 10. 5. Moderate and collect Data to Evaluate and Control Bias10 11. Thank You. Maya Jackson UX Research Manager, AnswerLab 646.553.5504 | Twitter: @AnswerLabYour Trusted User Experience Research Partner#wud2013