nysdoh partnerships for pediatric obesity prevention

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NYSDOH Partnerships for Pediatric Obesity Prevention Amy Jesaitis, MPH, RD, PAPHS Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention

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NYSDOH Partnerships for Pediatric Obesity Prevention. Amy Jesaitis, MPH, RD, PAPHS Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention. Default Option = Healthy Option. Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes to: Increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior; - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

NYSDOH Partnerships forPediatric Obesity PreventionAmy Jesaitis, MPH, RD, PAPHSBureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention

Good morning!

Thanks for inviting me Im pleased to be here. I sometimes wonder if state employees are invited to speak so people can see if tax payer dollars are being spent wisely. I hope youll decide youre getting your moneys worth.

1 Default Option = Healthy OptionPolicy, Systems and Environmental Changes to:Increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior; Increase access to and consumption of healthy foods and reduce access to and consumption of foods with minimal nutritional value Increase provision of guideline-concordant health care

Start with our Framework default option = healthy option

MG and Grim illustrates this well MG says uh-oh, the escalator has stopped. Grim you mean were trapped? Actually, the default option became healthy!

We want options that increase PA and decrease sedentary behavior easier to walk or bike to the store than drivefarmers market is closer than McDsworksite beverage vending machines feature water and unsweetened coffee and teamedical practices practice guideline-concordant care

2NYSDOH Partner InitiativesHealthy Schools New YorkHealthy Eating and Active Living by DesignCreating Healthy Places to Live, Work and PlayCommunity Transformation GrantObesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care SettingsDASH-NY

The DOH has to pay people to be our partners

Note lots of healthy initiatives.

Each initiative receives 5 years of funding, except for CTG two years.

Some of our partners may be here today. Please stand if you are with:HSNYHEALDCHPCTGOPPHCSDASH

Designing a strong and healthy NY Monica is here from DASH. DASH is the statewide obesity prevention coalition and policy center. 3

Healthy Eating and Active Living by Design Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work & Play Healthy Schools New York NYSDOH Community and School ProgramsCommunity Transformation Grant

This is just to provide you with a sense of where many of the partners are working. It makes for a colorful state.HSNY has the greatest coverage.4Healthy Schools New York 18 Contractors; 1 Training CenterLocal wellness policiesHealthful foodsPhysical activityPE plans

Provide brief bouts of physical activity before, during, or after sedentary classroom periods. When possible, have movement integrated into the academic content. Provide at least one daily period of recess for a minimum of 20 minutes (not to replace the PE requirement, but an additional activity period of free play); Provide all students with opportunities to participate in intramural activities, including those with particular physical activity needs and who are at high-risk for sedentary lifestyle; Establish a Safe Routes to School program; and Ensure that physical activity cannot be taken away from students nor can excessive exercise be used as a form of punishment.

Establish standards for fundraising that do not include food or limit foods sold for fundraising to those meeting nutrient and portion size standards established for the school;Prohibit the use of foods and beverages as reward or punishment;Limit the frequency of classroom celebrations that include food, and provide recommendations for non-food celebrations and healthy classroom celebrations consistent with established nutrition standards; andRequire that all students have at least 10 minutes to eat after sitting down for breakfast and 20 minutes after sitting down for lunch.

5Healthy Eating and Active Living by Design12 ContractorsTrails Afterschool programs Healthy beverages Complete streetsCommunity gardensSmaller portionsGrocery stores

Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play22 Contractors NutritionCommunity gardens Farmers markets Grocery stores in high needs areasQuality food at grocery stores, convenience stores/bodegasChild care

Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and PlayPhysical ActivityJoint-use agreementsNeighborhood or community trailsStreet-scale urban design for small geographic areas Complete streetsChild care

Lots of overlap with HEALD8Community Transformation Grant3 Counties8 High Need School districts10 Strategies (8 obesity related)Safe Routes to School Healthy beverages Day Care PA in classroom Complete streetsSchool food buying groups

Broome, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua

School districts and their related cities and towns.The other two strategies are around tobacco.

Just two years of funding (CDC) so working very hard!

Food buying group is being modeled after a Broome-Tioga initiative started under Steps to a Healthier NY.9

Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings 9 Contractors

Children age 2-18 years

AMA 2007 Expert Committee Recommendations on the Assessment, Prevention and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity.

Assess for and prevent obesity in PCPs/HCPOs serving low-income populations, racial and ethnic minorities and children and adolescents with disabilities.

11Thank you!

Contact Information:[email protected] or 518-474-6683