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An update of my Oak Grove neighborhood where I am working on a Prosperity Challenge for the Sims2 game.


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2. Oak Grove is based around four families.The Collins Robert, Preston, holding Richard, and William; The Stewarts Roland, holding Marielle, Molly, holding Micah, and Pina; The Monahans Katie; The Tierneys Sergei.
Ive been playing them on a rotation, so decided to put together a little update.
3. The Collins Family
The Collins Family consists of a Grandfather and his three grandsons, living together in a small ranch style home.They are not wealthy, yet they are not poor.The boys parents were killed in a terrible accident on the tracks of the commuter train in Sim City.
Robert, the elderly patriarch
William, the oldest
Preston, the middle child
Richard, the baby
4. Since the last post, Richard actually had two birthdays.Here he is as a child.Despite losing his parents at a young age, Richard was a relatively happy child.He was lucky that his older brother Preston took an interest in all he did and helped him as much as possible.He was also probably very happy to never have had to do homework, due to a glitch with the port that brought him home from school into the family bathroom.
5. Here he is as a teen, getting his first kiss from a friendly neighborhood girl who is NOT Meadow Thayer.
Richard is a family sim, and doesnt yet have a secondary aspiration.I choose the secondarys my self based on how their personalities seem to develop in their childhood/teen years.
6. Shortly after Richards teen birthday, his older brothers decided to move on to the next phase of their lives.Preston, though a minute or two younger than his brother William, was the first to leave the nest.
He had fallen in love.He had plans.He is a family sim.
7. Preston bought a small plot of land in the hilly neighborhood,down the street and around the corner from his boyhood home.
8. With the little money he had, and the money his love, Ivy Copur broughtwith her, they were able to build a small cottage.
Ive decided to start my families with an 16x16 base building, whether its going up or spreading out..I figure its better than an apocalypse house, and I dont have to spend all my time building.Also, the youngest child will be the one to stay in the family home.
9. Preston and Ivy were married in a lovely ceremony in their backyard and are currently expecting their first child.
10. William moved out the same day that Preston did, shortly after Preston in fact.
He too was in love.He didnt have any plans except for lots and lots of parties.He is a pleasure sim.
11. He too bought a small plot of land, right next to Preston and Ivy.He decided to build out instead of up.The house looks much better now since he asked his love, Ricky Cormier, to move in.They have a large deck that surrounds the house and are able to throw many parties.
12. William is a grilled cheese sim secondary, and lucky for him, Ricky doesnt mind.The inside of the house has since been decorated as well.
Parties and jobs are what they both do most of the time.Everything is going according to Williams life plan.Or lack of life plan as the case may be.
13. Well, almost everything.
Squeeee!!Alien baybeez are on the way!!!
14. Robert however was on limited time and his time was up.
You can see the hula girls.He didnt gain his LTW (50 1st dates), but I was able to get him platinum for his last days.
15. Richard was now alone.
Hes currently in a rebuilt house on a new lot placed in the same spot.After the homework glitch, other weird things started happening, so I decided to rebuild the lot.So far, so good.
16. The Stewart Family
The Stewart Family consists of a Grandmother, her daughter and husband, and their twin children.
Molly, the slightly addled elderly matriarch
Pina, her spacey daughter
Roland, the son-in-law, who often has impure thoughts about his M-I-L
Micah and Marielle, the twin toddlers
17. Amongst all the fires that Molly set in the kitchen
18. Pina and Roland decided they wanted another baby.A totally unauthorized ACR baby.
Its no secret that this family drivesme just a little bit insane when I play them.
19. The twins grew up.Marielle is a somewhat serious little girl.I realize her name is associated with a not so nice sim in the community, but the name popped into my head when I named her and I couldnt get it to leave.So far, shes shown no tendencies as a gold digging witch looking to climb the social ladder.
20. Micah is a delight.Hes very friendly, bringing home the neighborhood kids, and cleans up after everyone in the house.
21. Meet Tanner (the blonde) and Trent (the redhead).Yup, twins.In the tiny brick home the Stewarts were able to afford.It took some creative room arranging to fit them all, let me tell you.
22. The Stewart boys were lucky to have their Grandma around to help raise them.Relatively anyway.Ok, so at least she didnt let them starve.
It wasnt long after their childhood transition that old Grim paid a visit to collect her.
23. Trent wasnt the only one who mourned.Actually, the entire family did.
I was the one who muttered under my breath, finally!.
24. Shortly after Mollys demise,the older set of twins grew up again.
Micah is a pleasure/knowledge sim who wishes to be a game designer.He is still awesome.
25. And Marielle.She is a popularity/pleasure sim who would like to become Mayor someday.
Still no sign of gold-digging.
26. Oh, and Micah has fallen in love with another of our star players, but well get to more of that later.
27. Theres not a whole lot to report.Or rather, theres not a whole lot of pictures.Part of the reason I started the Prosperity Challenge was because the pressure of a story didnt seem so prevalent.
Anyway, the younger twins aged up on the last rotation.In fact, it was so recent that I havent even put their stats down in my notes.Heres Tanner.
28. And Trent.They had time to make the shopping trip downtown to get their cell phones and clothing before the rotation was up.
Their house has also recently undergone a rebuild because of some concerning glitches that were occurring.Im hoping its not a neighborhood wide thing.
29. The Monahan Family
The Monahan Family consists of a little girl named Katy.She never knew her mother.No one knew her mother, nor what happened to her.Her father was with her for a short time, but was never very good to her.The day he felt he could he left without a look backward.She has every material thing she needs, and it is all pink.
Katy, a lonely child
30. As mentioned in the preceding slide,Katys father, Placeholder Monahan, took off (died) the minute she teened and could be left by herself.
Katy is a knowledge/popularity sim, whose LTW I have forgotten to add to my notes.This is the dress she grew up into, which fits into the whole idea that while she is surrounded by fairytale pink goodness, she is truly blue herself.
31. The day after her birthday, a gift was left on her lawn.Count Katy amongst some of the luckiest sims.She wished for wealth, and was able to really improve her living space.It is pink.All over.And she has enough money left over to get her to adulthood without having to worry about running out.
32. For such a neglected child, Katy is a relatively well adjusted sim.She cleans up after herself, goes to school and does her homework
33. Has restored a car, almost maxing her hobby enthusiasm
34. And adopted two cats to keep her company.They are almost *fingerscrossed* at a point where kittens should be happening soon.
I dont encourage them to not sleep on the beds, because in our house, we really dont view that as such a bad thing.Besides, they look so cute.
35. Shes also in love with Micah Stewart.They are going steady.Shes a bit older than he, and I havent yet decided if they will be allowed to continue or not.Of course, the possibility exists that they will make the decision for me.
36. The Tierney Family
The Tierney Family consists of a wealthy, elderly gentleman named Sergei.Sergei is the wealthiestperson in the neighborhood and lives in the first house with a functional walk-out basement in the neighborhood.Since he randomized gay, he will be adopting a child to carry on his family name.
Sergei, an elderly gentleman
37. Sergei phoned the adoption agency and Katherine arrived to become a part of his family.
38. Sergei proved to be a wonderful father.Though a romance sim, he could always be counted on to read to Katherine.
39. Reading was important and he made sure she understood this.He helped her with her homework, made her meals for her and made sure she had everything she needed.
40. The were a pair meant to be together.She owned his heart and he hers.
41. Of course, thisdidnt mean he didnt share it with others, including Robert Collins.
42. There were also others.Though nowhere near the 20 he needed to fulfill his LTW.
43. After spending her childhood being reassured that she was truly loved by her father, Katherine became a teenager.
She is a pleasure/romance sim who would like to become a Celebrity Chef.
44. With maxed enthusiasm in music and dance, she has also maxed her creativity skill and is well on her way to maxing her cooking skill in preparation for her adult life.
45. In between his dates, Sergei has painted a few masterpieces.
Alas, the dates and the paintings were not enough to get him platinum in his final days.
46. He had the hula girls, but didnt get the platinum head stone.
Ah, he led a pretty decent life as an elder.He found love, which is more than most people get.
47. Katherine is taking it all in stride as the third orphaned teenager in the neighbor