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    ADVENTUREI would like to introduce myself, my name is ROBERTO PERALVO, Iam your TRIP LEADER in ECUADOR (and in Galapagos as well)

    I am from the Galapagos Islands (Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz Island), Iam 32 years old and the oldest of my three siblings and I have beenmarried for 5 years, my wife Veronica, works in tourism business as well.

    I have studied Tourism Career, getting a University degree as aNATIONAL GUIDE; and I am also a NATURALIST GUIDE in the GalapagosIslands. I am currently studying Tourism Administration as my seconddegree. I have been leading groups, in the Galapagos Islands andEcuador since 2001. Through my career I worked with differentcompanies as a free lance, but no one of them compares with OAT. Aspart of OATs family I have learned and improved my professional skillsduring the trips at the same time that we helped the communities that wevisit, this is what I enjoy more as a local, been able to help my people andsharing my culture with our guests.

    As your trip leader and I will show you all of the wonders of this region of

    the world, if you are interested in a particular topic of Ecuador (birdwatching, history, archeology, geology, etc) please let me know, so and Ican work it out and improve your experience.

    What I can advise you about clothing in ECUADOR and GALAPAGOS is the following: we are going to have onefull day in Quito, this time of the year the weather is around 69 - 48 F and it becomes cold and raining in theafternoon. If you can pack with you a rain jacket that it is not so bulky you may use it for the islands too.During this full day in Quito we will be out doors for 4 to 5 hours, the rest of the time we will be using the busto move from one location to another.

    In the islands the weather is around 70-80 F, the water temperature is around 70 F

    I can offer for the group laundry service in Quito. The official currency in Ecuador is US dollar

    Ecuador and the Galapagos have 110v (this includes the boat)


    Under advise of Overseas Adventure Travel office in Quito we

    would like to inform you that there is a $10 (ten dollars) fee

    per person required by the Government of Ecuador for visitors

    to the Galapagos, that must be paidonly in cash, one time

  • 8/2/2019 Oat Letter 1


    About the home hosted, in Ecuador we are goingto have one home hosted dinner in Quito, this isa middle class family that usually have youngkids, I dont know which one of the families aregoing to be our hosts, but they normally give usfor dinner chicken, beef, fish ( a regular kind ofmeal).We normally advise if you want to bringsomething for the family you can bring a postcard, a poster that shows your country, a T- shirtsomething not bulky. Also in Quito we will visit

    a local school that is specializes in handicapchildren.

    Its very important that you remember, foreignfood its different to what you have at home,different spices, ingredients, flavors, textures, (agreat learning and discovery), so I recommend

    you to enjoy it but with measure.


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    I know that in Peru they usuallyhave walking sticks, on board of theships they also have walkingsticks, but they usually dont haveenough for all of the group andthese walking sticks are not morethan rustic (wood) sticks so it isbetter if you can pack yourown walking sticks, this will beuseful for the Galapagos.

    About the hiking bootsthese are not really necessary; you

    will need a good pair of shoes witha good grip, for some of our islandadventures.

    The rule on board of the ship is thatthe footwear you use on the islands,

    you cannot wear on board, so Iadvise you to bring a pair of sandals( TEVAS, KEEN etc) that you canwear on board (or if you feelcomfortable walking barefoot onboard) Everyday in our eveningsbriefings/port talks we will know

    whether that is going to be a wetlanding or dry landing, wet landing:is actually a beach landing, you willhave to step out into a foot or so ofwater, to do this your swing yourfeet out over the side and then stepinto the water, reverse theprocedure when you get back in;meanwhile a dry landing made upagainst a natural dock of lava rocks.

    We always wear casual clothes for our meals on board, and for the major part of the trip,

    I recommend you to bring: lightweight breathable clothes (cotton, nylon), light long sleeved T

    shirts, shorts, leg zip off pants, this can works like long pants and shorts, warm fleece zip front, tryto get clothes that you can combine and the best thing to do is wear layer, for example a T- shirt

    that you can combine with a long sleeved T- shirt

    Check the video: how a wet landing is athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=znRn2XHEU


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    The terrain in the Galapagos is veryrocky an uneven (Lava Rocks allway) and even sometimes slipperytrails, you must be able to walkunassisted through theseconditions.

    We will have some chance forswimming and snorkeling duringour Galapagos cruise, the boat hassnorkeling equipment (snorkel,mask, fins) and there will be wetsuits to rent in some boats.

    Sometimes we will have

    2 opportunities for snorkelingthe same day, a second bathingsuit will be helpful.It is always a good ideato carry on with you zip lock bagsto protect camera, binoculars, etc.


    The best colors to wear are earth-colored clothing(shadesof greens, browns and grays).Better avoid lighter colors specially yellow.

    Galapagos itineraries are subject to change without previous notice, dueto operational reasons, weather conditions or by the authorities of theGALAPAGOS NATIONAL PARK

    Check the video: what happen after a wet landing at


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    Please take in consideration thatdue to marine currents influencingdirectly on the Galapagos

    Archipelago, seas might tempt to berough and choppy especially duringlong navigations. So, please contact

    your Physician or Doctor to ask forenough motion sickness medicine(Dramamine patches or pills). All ofour privately charter boats areadequate to sail in this conditions.

    I recommend using a small lockable duffel bag dueto space limitation on board of our boats; I carrywith me to the Galapagos one 30 x 14 duffel bag.(more than enough for one person)The rest of our luggage will be storage in the hotel inQuito until our return.


    Along the adventure in Ecuador we will have a water dispenser available to reuse our plastic

    bottles, if you dont want to waste plastic you can bring a wide mouth bottle. A day pack or waistpack will keep our hands free along our landings and walks, this is the best way to carry ourGalapagos gear (camera, binoculars, water bottle, insect repellent, sun block, etc)

    Every day we reach the islands using our Pangasfor our island explorations.

  • 8/2/2019 Oat Letter 1


    If you have any other question please let me know I will be more than glad to help you, myphone numbers are: 593 80387824 / 593 2 3186020.

    Enjoy the Legendary Ruins of Machu Picchu and the Peruvian culture . I will be waiting foryou to continue our adventure in Ecuador.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon, please check our web site www.oattravel.com

    for last minute information.If you want to learn about the Galapagos National Park check our web sitewww.galapagospark.org also it will enhance your experience if you can check some bookslike: The beak of the finch by Jonathan Weiner, Darwin in Galapagos by Grant and Estes,Floreana by Margaret Wittmer.