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Oat Cosmetics: An Introduction to Oat Oil Prepared by Oat Cosmetics Presented by Angus Robertson Business Development

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Oat Oil Presentation for Oat Cosmetics


  • 1.Oat Cosmetics: An Introduction to Oat Oil Prepared by Oat Cosmetics Presented by Angus Robertson Business Development

2. What is Oat Lipid e Oat Lipid e is an ethanol extracted EcoCert natural oil It contains high level of important natural antioxidants including several forms of vitamin E It provides softening, smoothing and hydrating properties to skin and hair care products 3. The Benefits of Oat Lipid e For Formulators: Applications: used in emulsions, creams & ointments, pressed powders and lipsticks Golden in appearance with a natural odour, Oat Lipid e can be easily formulated for aesthetically-pleasing products For Manufacturers: Emulsifying properties Stable at high temperatures with a naturally high long shelf life Low viscosity and good stability 4. The Benefits of Oat Lipid e For Marketer: A light and natural odour Hydrating and moisturising epidermal layers A natural emollient Skin barrier repair agent An Ecocert/Cosmos natural ingredient Price competitive when compared to similar functional oils For Consumer: Hydrates, moisturises, softens and soothes the skin Rich in Linoleic acid an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid critical for the maintenance of the skin permeability barrier and reducing TEWL High levels of Vitamin E to repair damaged cell membrane and maintain skin condition Presence of powerful avenanthramides giving anti-itch and anti-irritant qualities Contains saponins No Dermal irritation and sensitivity 5. Lipid Class (%) composition in Oat Lipid e 6. Linoleic Acid in Oat Lipid e LA is one of the most significant lipids for the maintenance of barrier function Decreases scaliness and TEWL (improved barrier) LA is essential for the formation of the lamellar phase of the stratum corneum lipids LA, are important for the maintenance of the surface acid mantle, which, in turn, seems important for both the integrity of the permeability barrier and stratum corneum cohesion LA-rich oils have been shown to improve the skin barrier in EFA deficiency 7. Technical Support Angus Robertson Business Development, Oat Cosmetics 02380 767 228 [email protected]