objective: to analyze wilson’s peace plan and the versailles treaty. ts:c-7 state implications and...

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  • Objective: To analyze Wilsons peace plan and the Versailles Treaty.TS:C-7 State Implications and ConsequencesPalace of Versailles

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  • MilitarismAlliancesImperialismNationalismWhat were the four MAIN, or root causes of World War I?World War IWorld War IIHow did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the start of WWII?

  • Wilsons Plan for PeacePresident Wilsons goals for peace after World War I, known as the Fourteen Points, included the following. an end to secret agreements among nations formation of a League of Nations in order to protect the independence of all nations and settle international disputes freedom of the seas, free trade, and a limit on arms allow national groups self-determination

  • The Debate Heats UpWilsons 14 Points vs. Europes Revenge

    Even God himself only had 10 -Clemenceau

  • * Germany was an angry, humiliated nation, setting the stage for World War II.Versailles Treaty - Germany was forced to: take full blame for the war completely disarm pay huge reparations to the Allies give up its colonies to the Allies

  • Europe in 1914Notice the size of the empires

  • - Based on the goal of self-determination, many new nations were formed.Examples: Finland, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czech.

  • Fight over League of NationsWilsons IdealAn International Organization to prevent future warsVs.US isolationismWilson refuses to compromiseSuffers stroke

    Republican CongressDo not want to be entangled in European AffairsAgainst a Blank Check to go to war to protect independent nations