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Your website needs to be accessible. You worked on it for some time to make it that way. You probably felt that the process, especially in an Agile environment, didn't feel right. Why? This presentation addresses the misconceptions about accessibility based upon analysis of WCAG 2.0 criteria in Agile front-end development. From that analysis a new way of approach toward accessibility arose: A211y, under development at Optum Technology (UnitedHealth Group). This presentation is about insights and ways to improve both existing processes and outcomes and moving beyond "the basics." Bill has been UI/UX/IX Designer/Developer for over 30 years with extensive work in medical devices (13 yr.), health plans & wellness (12 yrs.) as well as a "double dotcom survivor." For the past 12 years he has worked on accessibility and also been a member of UxPA-MN. He became a UX/IX Designer in the Interactive Design Services group of Optum Technology (UHG) in 2010 and been focused solely on accessibility for the past year.



2. Before we start 3. About this prezo 4. More inputOPINIONSOBSERVATIONSOPPORTUNITIES 5. AGENDABACKGROUNDAbout meAccessibility: Usual ProcessA211YFoundation: WCAG 2.0 & RolesSqueegee: Whose, What & Where?ProcessExamplesQ&A 6. ABOUT MEBill Tyler 7. ABOUT MEProgrammer by formal education(long, long ago) 8. ABOUT ME30+ years of UI/UX Design & DevelopmentSeminal Event: SIGGRAPH 84 9. ABOUT ME12+ years in medical devices12+ years in plans & providers2X dot-com survivorStarted web 1996Started accessibility 2002Material presented represents9+ months research & analysis at Optum TechnologyUxPA-MN since 2002 10. NOW ON WITH THE SHOW 11. A11YAccessibility11 Letters 12. ACCESSIBILITY ISthe degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible. Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" and benefit from some system or entity. The concept often focuses on people with disabilities or special needs (such as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) and their right of access, enabling the use of assistive technology.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accessibility 13. ACCESSIBILITY AFFECTS A PERSON NEAR YOUAbout 1 in 5 Americans have one or more diagnosed psychological or physical disabilities 14. LIVE LONG ENOUGH ANDYOUwill be disabled in some way 15. A11Y TODAY 16. A11Y: USUAL PROCESSNO ONE THINKS ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY except the accessibility expertOFTEN A FINAL REVIEW BY AN A11Y EXPERT or QA test passALL ISSUES DIRECTED TO DEVELOPERS TO FIXFINAL RESULTS OFTEN NOT AS ACCESSIBLE AS DESIRED 17. A11Y: MISUNDERSTANDINGACCESSIBILITY IS NOTA LAST PASSA FEATUREA MYSTERIOUS PROCESSSPECIAL CODEMAGIC PIXIE DUSTLIMITED TO JUST ONE ROLE 18. A11Y: POSITIONINGLIKE USABILITYACCESSIBILITY SHOULD BE BUILT-IN AT THE START& NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT 19. WHYIS A11Y SO HARD? 20. THE PROBLEM ISCHOICE 21. OR THE PROBLEMS ARECHOICES 22. ALL THE LITTLE DESIGN CHOICESMADE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING A11Y ISSUES & CRITERIA 23. CAN LEAD TOINACCESSIBLE WEBSITES 24. UNLIKE USABILITYTHERE ARE FORMAL CRITERIA & GUIDELINES THAT MUST BE MET INCLUDING U.S. LAW 25. IMAGINE JAKOBS RULES ASACTUAL LAWS 26. A11Y, WCAG 2.0, SECT. 508 STILL APPLYEVEN IF YOU DONT KNOW OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM 27. NOT CONSCIOUSLY OR ACTIVELY MAKING A11Y CHOICESDELEGATES THOSE DECISIONS TO CHANCE OR DEVELOPERS 28. SOHOW TO CHOOSE? 29. THERE WERESTEPS 30. 1.RESEARCH GUIDELINES 31. 2.ASK QUESTIONS 32. 3.FOLLOW THE ANSWERS 33. 4.ANALYZE RESULTS 34. 5.REPEAT UNTIL INSIGHT 35. A211YOUR SOLUTION: 36. A211yAssignedAccessibility11 Letters 37. A211yAssignedAccessibilityUsing WCAG 2.0 38. A211Y IN A NUTSHELL:ASSIGN EACH WCAG SUCCESS CRITERION TO APROPRIATE TEAM ROLES 39. A211Y: APPROACHEDUCATE TEAM MEMBERS ON HOW THEIR CHOICES IMPACT A11YBY ROLE, NOT GENERICALLYTrain ONLY issues important for each roleIncludes things they own (or impact) but dont know they own 40. A211Y: APPROACHUTILIZE EXISTING EXPERTISE OF TEAM MEMBERSTHEY ALREADY KNOW MUCH OF WHAT IS NEEDED 41. A211Y: APPROACHMAXIMIZE A11Y EXPERTISEMINIMIZE ADDITIONAL A11Y STAFF REQUIRED 42. A211Y: GOALSREDUCE TIME REQUIRED TO DELIVER ACCESSIBLE PRODUCTSPrevent issues before they happenIdentify & resolve them as early as possibleIMPROVE OVERALL ACCESSIBILITY MEETING (EXCEEDING) GUIDELINES 43. A211Y FOUNDATIONWCAG 2.0 44. WCAG 2.0Web Content AccessibilityGuidelinesVersion 2.0 45. A11Y: WCAG 2.0WEB CONTENT ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES v2.0International Standard from W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium)Covers Sect. 508 U.S. Government StandardBoth now (1998) and future (2015?) versionsUsed and/or referenced by many other countriesSTRUCTURE4 Principles12 Guidelines61 Success Criteria (SC or Crits)3 Levels from A (lowest) to AAA (highest)Hundreds of TechniquesMore on WCAG 2.0: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG/ 46. WE WCAG2.0 47. WCAG 2.0 ISTECHNOLOGY & METHODOLOGY NEUTRAL 48. WCAG 2.0 TECHNOLOGY NEUTRALCHOOSE INTERNET TECHNOLOGY:HTML / CSS / JavaScriptFlashPDFASCII TextSilverlightClient or Server-side 49. WCAG 2.0 METHODOLOGY NEUTRALBOTHDEVELOPMENT& DESIGN 50. METHODOLOGY NEUTRAL: DEVELOPMENT APPROACHESAGILE (OUR CHOICE)ITERATIVEWATERFALL[ YOUR APPROACH ] 51. METHODOLOGY NEUTRAL: A11Y SOLUTIONSA WEB FOR EVERYONEINCLUSIVE DESIGNUNIVERSAL DESIGNUSER-CENTERED DESIGN[ YOUR APPROACH ] 52. A11Y HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS: SARAH HORTONA Web for Everyone =WCAG+ Universal Design+ Design Thinking 53. A11Y HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS: ME (BILL TYLER)A11Y =USABILITY+ (MORE) USER TYPES 54. A11Y HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS:USE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU & YOUR SITE(S)YOU CAN STILL USE A211Y 55. A211Y FOUNDATIONASSIGN THE 38 A & AA CRITS23 AAA OPTIONALMany worth adding, but not required 56. A211Y FOUNDATIONASSIGN THE 38 A & AA CRITS TO 57. A211Y FOUNDATIONAGILE TEAM ROLES 58. A211Y: THE SEVEN AGILE ROLES0. A11Y SPECIALIST1. BUSINESS OWNER2. INTERACTION (IX) DESIGNER3. VISUAL (VX) DESIGNER4. CONTENT AUTHOR5. DEVELOPER6. QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) TESTERNote: YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)There may not be 1:1 relationship between roles & people.One person may have multiple roles; one role may be split amongst multiple people 59. A211Y: 0. A11Y SPECIALISTA11Y SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT (SME)A11Y INSTRUCTORRESOURCE TO ANSWER DIFFICULT A11Y QUESTIONSA11Y TESTER 60. A211Y: 1. BUSINESS OWNERSTANDARD AGILE ROLEPROJECT INITIATORREQUIREMENTS DEFINERRESULT APPROVER 61. A211Y: 2. INTERACTION (IX) DESIGNERBUSINESS LIAISONREQUIREMENT TRANSLATORWIREFRAME CREATORUSABILITY EXPERT - LIKELY FIRST LINE OF A11Y DEFENSE 62. A211Y: 3. VISUAL (VX) DESIGNERPRESENTATION OWNERSTYLE EXPERTLAYOUT CREATORBRAND & DESIGN ENFORCERSTYLE GUIDE AUTHORCOMP ARTISTIMAGE FILE PRODUCER 63. A211Y: 4. CONTENT AUTHORAUTHOR OF ALL TEXT LARGE & SMALLLARGE: PAGES OF TEXTSMALL: WORDS OR LABELSPROOFREADERINCLUDES TIME-BASED (MULTIMEDIA) CONTENT AUDIO & VIDEOSCRIPT WRITERAUDIO & VIDEO FILE CREATOR 64. A211Y: 5. DEVELOPERPROGRAMMER, CODERLAST STOP BEFORE TESTINGPRIMARY TARGET FOR ALL DEFECTS 65. A211Y: 6. QA TESTERDISCOVERER OF PROBLEMSWRITER OF DEFECTSENFORCER OF QUALITYLAST STOP BEFORE RELEASENOT PART OF DESIGN PROCESS 66. A211Y FOUNDATIONASSIGNING CRITS TO ROLES 67. A211Y: MEET THE SQUEEGEE 68. A211Y: SQUEEGEE DEFINEDSQUEEGEE?De-Mystifying criteriaThe SkinnyTranslate WCAG to something each role understands 69. A211Y: SQUEEGEE IS THEWHOSE, WHAT & WHEREOF WCAG CRITERIA 70. A211Y: SQUEEGEE QUESTION 1WHOSE IS IT?WHO OWNS EACH CRITERION& RELATED ISSUES? 71. A211Y: SQUEEGEE QUESTION 2WHAT IS IT?(WHAT IS IT REALLY?)IS IT NEW TO ROLE OWNER?SHORT ANSWER IS (usually): NO. 72. A211Y: SQUEEGEE QUESTION 3WHERE IS IT COMING IN?WHAT DESIGN DECISIONSOR DELIVERABLES INTRODUCE IT? 73. ANALYSIS &RESULTS 74. A211Y: SQUEEGEE QUESTION 1WHOSE IS IT?DEFINE OWNERSHIP 75. A211Y: WHOSE IS IT? SQUEEGEE: OWNERSHIP DEFINEDPRIMARY OWNERSHIPThe Role with most concern/expertise on subject- One and only oneSECONDARY OWNERSHIPRole(s) with major influence on criterionCONTRIBUTOR (IMPACT)Roles that affect indirectly or are not deeply involved 76. A211Y: WHOSE IS IT? EXAMPLE: COLORPRIMARY OWNERSHIPVx Designer has final say on color selectionSECONDARY OWNERSHIPIX Designers wireframes use colorsCONTRIBUTORBusiness Owner brand guidelines provide palette 77. A211Y: WHOSE IS IT? SQUEEGEE: OWNERSHIP RESULTSPRIMARY OWNERSHIPIX Designer: 37% (14)Content Author: 24% (9)Developer: 21% (8)Vx Designer: 16% (6)Business Owner: 3% (1) 78. A211Y: SQUEEGEE QUESTION 2WHAT IS IT REALLY ?DEFINE TYPES 79. A211Y: WHAT IS IT REALLY? SQUEEGEE: TYPES DEFINEDUSER STORIES / STANDARD REQUIREMENTSTeam members already DO theseNothing changes (at all)Except, maybe, some detailsBEST PRACTICESTeam members probably already know and do themMay just need to revise or apply more of themPRIMARILY A11YTeam members may not know theseA11y Experts train them to help fill in the gaps 80. A211Y: WHAT IS IT REALLY? SQUEEGEE: TYPE RESULTSPRIMARY TYPESBest Practices: 53% (20)User Stories: 8% (3)Primarily A11y: 39% (15) 81. WHERE IS IT COMING IN?DEFINE ENTRY POINTA211Y: SQUEEGEE QUESTION 3 82. A211Y: WHERE IS IT COMING IN? SQUEEGEE: ENTRY POINTS DEFINEDUSER STORY / STANDARD REQUIREMENTSDefinition of functionalityWIREFRAMESStructure of interfaceSTYLE GUIDESGeneral site presentationDESIGN COMPSFeature presentation designCONTENTText (small & large), terminology, video, audioCODEHTML, CSS, JavaScript 83. A211Y: WHERE IS IT COMING IN? SQUEEGEE: ENTRY POINT RESULTSPRIMARY INTRODUCTION POINTSUser Story/Standard Req.: 24% (9)Wireframes: 50% (19)Style Guide: 18% (7)Design Comps: 0%Content: 2% (1)Code: 5% (2) 84. A11Y: CURRENT PROCESSIssues wait until the end (QA or A11y Testing)Issues assigned to Developer to resolveOwners often unaware of issues or resolutionOften owners repeat decision (so it happens again)Note: For simplicity, flow diagrams appear to show a waterfall approach. In Agile this would have more parallel and concurrent pathsQA / A11y TestingDevelopersContent AuthorVisual (Vx) DesignerInteraction (IX) DesignerBusiness Owner 85. A211Y: BASIC PROCESSIssues wait until the end (QA or A11y Testing)Issues assigned to primary ownerWhere they belongTo those who created the issueTo those who know & care more about the decisionQA / A11y TestingDevelopersContent AuthorVisual (Vx) DesignerInteraction (IX) DesignerBusiness Owner 86. A211Y: IDEAL PROCESSIn the ideal process issues resolved earlier by owners during designOwners more aware of issues & standardsMore pairs of eyes aware of potential issues kicking deliverable back to ownersFewer issues make it to testingQA / A11y TestingDevelopersContent AuthorVisual (Vx) DesignerInteraction (IX) DesignerBusiness Owner 87. A2


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