october 24, 2011 models. agenda introduction to models guest speakers from bbva compass

Download October 24, 2011 Models. Agenda Introduction to Models Guest speakers from BBVA Compass

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  • October 24, 2011


  • AgendaIntroduction to ModelsGuest speakers from BBVA Compass

  • DefinitionA computer simulation, a computer model, or a computational model is a computer program, or network of computers, that attempts to simulate an abstract model of a particular system.- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_simulation

  • ModelStatistical modelUsed to find analytical solutions and predict, or forecast, future resultsWeatherBankingSimulationUses various types of inputs (human entered, random machine input) to run different scenarios ArchitectureWeather (Climate change)Flight Simulator

  • Example: Earthquake Simulation (Simulation Model)Worlds largest shake table testSix-story wood frame tested by stronger earthquake forces than California has experienced in modern time

  • Example: Bridge Wind Simulation (Simulation Model)Washington State Department of TransportationSR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project

  • Example: Natural Disaster Simulation (Simulation Model)Tsunami Inundation of Seattle (NOAA simulation)Based on a simulated 7.3 magnitude earthquake

  • Example: Weather Forecast (Statistical Model)National Weather ServiceWeather for Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Guest SpeakersTom Osterbind and Austin SensenanCorporate Risk Managers for BBVA Compass Bank

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