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  • 1. Content Strategy Andy Crestodina @crestodina

2. If you have more MONEY than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more BRAINS than money, you should focus on inbound marketing. - Guy Kawasaki 3. Advertising Content Marketing Interrupt, Distract Attract Outbound Inbound Paid (Budget) Owned, Earned (Brains) Hype Help 4. How content works 5. Search + Social + Email = Content Marketing 6. Traffic: Social, Email, Search 7. Source: Website Traffic Sources 8. do they want to read? What 9. Help your audience make a buying decision. 10. Obvious, right? 11. Your website is the mousetrap, Your content is the cheese - Barry Feldman 12. 1. Keywords 2. Q&A Sites 3. Listening Sources of Topics 13. Finding Topics: Google Suggest 14. Finding Topics: Ubersuggest Source: Ubersuggest.org 15. Finding Topics: Google Keyword Tool 16. Finding Topics: Competitors Rank Source: iSpionage 17. Finding Topics: Analytics 18. Finding Topics: Yahoo! Answers Source: Yahoo! Answers 19. Finding Topics: Quora.com Source: Quora.com 20. Finding Topics: Listening 1. Sales Team 2. Customer Service Team 3. Client Stories 21. Source: Deana Goldasich 22. Source: Periodic Table of Content 23. Dont think OF the market .think AS the market Derek Halpern 24. carefully Choose Your Words 25. Source 26. More formal Longer (polysyllabic) Fancy, proper Examples acquire, transmit, construct, resist, deposit, imitate, determined Latinate Words 27. Anglo-Saxon Words Less formal Short (often monosyllabic) Forceful, direct Examples get, send, build, stop, put, mock, set 28. Choose your words 29. Choose your words 30. but dont dumb it down Write like an 8th grader! Source: NN Group 31. HOW GOOGLE WORKS Its simpler than you think. 32. Source: Moz, Search Engine Ranking Factors How Search Engines Work 33. Links = How trustworthy your site is On-Page = How relevant the page is Keyphrases = What the page is relevant to SEO (over) simplified 34. 1. Choosing Keywords 35. Keyphrases: 3 Criteria 36. Keywords and Trends Resource: Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends Google Keyword Planner Google Trends Suggests phrases 100+ 10 Search volume displayed as Specific numbers Relative Trending Geography Filter by location Map view 37. Search Volume 38. Search Trending Resource: Google Trends 39. Regional Interest Resource: Google Trends 40. Top Ranking sites are famous (wikipedia, etc.) Lots of AdWords ads Have title tags that begin with the keyphrase Competition is high if 41. Whats a tag? and its the link in Google search results! It appears above the address bar in your browser 42. Home 43. Check Link Popularity Resource: Open Site Explorer 44. Shortcut! If your Domain Authority is Target keyphrases with monthly searches of less than 30 fewer than 100 less than 50 fewer than 1000 less than 70 fewer than 3000 45. Local (change tactics/choose another phrase) Videos (opportunity?) Images Products News Check for Universal Search Results 46. Text Relevance 47. 2. Using Keywords 48. On-Page SEO: 4 Parts 1. Once at the beginning of the title 2. Once in the first header 3. Four to six times in the body of the page 4. Links to the page from other pages on your site. Use the keyphrase in the links. Indicate the relevance! 49. Internal Linking Opportunities! 50. Rank! 51. 3. Link Popularity 52. Inbound Links, Backlinks A link from any website to your site. Definitions Link Popularity, Domain Authority, PageRank A measurement of credibility of a website, based on the number and credibility of sites that link to it. Link Building The act of improving the link popularity of a website to improve search engine rankings. 53. links are credibility 54. more links = more credibility 55. links from credible sites = much more credibility 56. many outgoing links = less credibility per link 57. Its good when the link text Includes the target keyword. 58. but if all the links include the target keyword, thats bad. 59. Link Popularity and Domain Authority Resource: Open Site Explorer 60. Domain Authority over time Predicts a domain's ranking potential in search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics. Source: Moz 61. EXAMPLES Rank is relevance! 62. SEO is slowand powerful 63. Email List Growth Grow your list fast 64. Before After 65. 1900% increase. Not bad! 66. Why it works 1.Prominence 2.Promise 3.Proof 67. GOOD 68. BAD 69. Numbers: Sent, Delivered, Opens and Clicks 70. Rates: Sent, Delivered, Opens and Clicks 71. Social Promotion Targeted sharing 72. Targeted Sharing Source: FollowerWonk 73. Schedule, Automate 74. Stats of a Social Hustler 75. The Spike and the Long Tail Initial spike from email marketing and social promotion (one week) 20 to 40 visits per day from organic search (months or years) 76. Where theres traffic, theres hope... 77. Ready? Lets make some content! 78. Source: Headline Hacks 79. More here: Headline Hacks 52 Headline Hacks 80. Do this tomorrow 1. Find a relevant topic 2. Research keyphrases, pick a phrase that aligns with the topic 3. Write 500 words, use on-page SEO 4. Share it through social media 5. Send it as a newsletter then watch your Analytics jump! 81. Template & Tools 82. Thank you! Andy Crestodina @crestodina