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Oedipus Rex!. Your own eyes must tell you: Thebes is tossed on a murdering sea and cannot lift her head from the death surge. A rust consumes the buds of the earth…Death alone battens upon the misery of Thebes. Extended Metaphor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Figurative LanguageQuotation IdentificationGreek TragedyGreek TheatrePlot10101010102020202020303030303040404040405050505050

  • Your own eyes must tell you: Thebes is tossed on a murdering sea and cannot lift her head from the death surge. A rust consumes the buds of the earthDeath alone battens upon the misery of Thebes.

  • Extended Metaphor

  • I who saw your days call no man blestyour great days like ghosts gone.

  • simile

  • Question 1 - 30Creon:That above all I must dispute with youOedipus:That above all I will not hear you deny.

  • Parallelism/Repetition

  • Poor children! You may be sure I know all that you longed in your coming here. I know that you are deathly sick; and yet, sick as you are, no one is as sick as I.

  • Verbal Irony

  • The Delphic stone of prophecies remembers ancient regicide and a still bloody hand.

  • Metonomy

  • Why should anyone in this world be afraid, since fate rules us and nothing can be foreseen? A man should live only for the present day.

  • Jocasta

  • No man can judge that rough unknown or trust in second sight, for wisdom changes hands among the wise.

  • Chorus

  • Listen to me; you mock my blindness do you? But I say that you, with both your eyes, are blind. You cannot see the wretchedness of your life.DAILY DOUBLE

  • Teiresias

  • I say I take the sons part, just as though I were his son, to press the fight for him and see it won!

    Daily Double

  • Oedipus

  • Think of this first: would any sane man prefer power, with all the kings anxieties, to the same power of grace and sleep?

  • Creon

  • O Lord Apollo! May your news be as fair as your face radiant.

  • Invocation

  • The tyrant who drinks from his great sickening cup recklessness and vanity, until from his high crest headlong he plummets to the dust of hope

  • Peripeteia

  • Oedipusthe simple man who knows nothingI thought it out myself, no birds to help me!

  • Hubris

  • All the prophecies!Now, O Light, may I look on you for the last time, I Oedipus, Oedipus damned in his birth, damned in his marriage!

  • Anagnorisis

  • Jocasta:Set your mind at rest, if it is a question of soothsayers, I tell you that you will find no man whose craft gives knowledge of the unknowable. Here is my proofOedipus:Just now while you were speaking: it chilled my heart.

  • Tragic Irony

  • The area where the Chorus filed in was called the ________?

  • parados

  • Name two functions of the Chorus

  • Name two functions of an actors mask.

  • According to Greek legend, who was the first actor?

  • Thespis

  • How many of Sophocles plays survive in their entirety?

  • Seven

  • Outline the state of Thebes at the beginning of the play. Cite two specific examples.

  • Affected by plague: death, sickness, famine.

  • Outline the parts of Oedipus proclamation to Thebes.

  • Murderer will be exiledAccomplices will be ostracizedMay not protect this personOedipus himself is not exempt

  • What motif does Sophocles use to discuss the paradox of truth in the play? Be specific.

  • Day/nightDarkness/light

  • Name Oedipus two daughters. Hypothesize why they are in the end of the play.

  • Antigone and IsmeneRelate to the trilogy of Greek tragedyEnforce the theme of unforeseen influence in ones actions.

  • What is the main moral of the play as stated by the Chorus at the end of the Exodos?

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