oedipus rex sophocles. greek drama & mythology greek drama and mythology greek tragedies were based...

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  • Oedipus Rex Sophocles
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  • Greek Drama & Mythology
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  • Greek Drama and Mythology Greek tragedies were based on widely- known myths or famous historical events. The Audience knew the story. The surprises were not in the plot, but in the way the playwright used the familiar material.
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  • The Origins of Greek Drama 2 Most Important Influences on Athenian Drama- Homer Narrative Lyric Poetry with Choruses
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  • Homer and Epic Poems Homers two greatest works Work #1: Narrates just a little of the Trojan War Considered by Aristotle to be the parent of tragedy Multiple tragedies take their characters from this work. Work #2: Time after the Trojan War A long Journey by a VERY popular person Other Epic Poems
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  • Lyric Poetry Sung by large choruses Evolution of Chorus Leader Usually dedicated to the gods
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  • Of All the Greeks Only Three Survive AeschylusSophoclesEuripedes
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  • Conventions of Greek Drama Masks & Wigs Costumes Limited Staging Action of a Greek Tragedy- 1 Day Chorus, three actors, and mute characters Orchestra- Dance Aulos- Double Wind
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  • The Greek Stage
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  • Structure Prologue----Entrance of Chorus----Several Episodes separated by choral odes Difference with our viewing and the original
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  • Aristotelian Tragedy Origin of the Tragic Hero Hamartia (Mistake or Tragic Flaw) Peripeteia (Reversal of Fortune) Fear and Pity in the Audience Catharsis (Cleansing of the Soul)
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  • A question What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
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  • Journal Entry #1 Did someone ever make a prediction related to you or someone close to you? Did you ever question whether that would come true? Did it change the way you acted or behaved? Why? If you never have Do you believe some people are psychic and can make predictions about the future? Should those predictions guide an individuals actions?
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  • Mr. Kotts Horoscope for Today Daily Overview: September 05, 2008 TAURUS April 20-May 20 It's hard to let go sometimes and you are finding it harder than ever right now. It's important for you to at least make the effort, though, because you need some kind of closure soon.
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  • Vocabulary ApolloHermesDionysusHubrisOraclesSphinxAntistropheAulosCatharsisChorusDemigodEpicEpisodeHamartiaOrchestraPaeanParodosPeripeteiaPrologue
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  • A Summary of Oedipus Rex The Oedipus story is set a few generations before the Trojan War. King Laius of Thebes receives a prophesy that his son would kill him. To avoid the outcome of the prophecy, Laius had his baby exposed to the elements on a distant mountain, where his feet were nailed together (hence his name). Saved and raised as prince of Corinth, he tries to discover his true birth & encounters a man on the road, killing him. Oedipus then meets a sphinx, solves its riddle, and saves Thebes. Thebes rejoices and named him king, and there you go
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  • While Reading Oedipus Rex Pay Attention to The Role of Dramatic Irony in the Play Emergence of Multiple themes, concepts, and questions Sin and Retribution Divine Justice Characteristics of a Good Ruler Search for Identity Fate? Suffering Truth Human Intellect
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  • Lets begin