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A short essay missive on crossroads pacts and the Lord of the Dead from the perspective of Luciferian Witchcraft


Of Diabolic Pacts at the CrossroadsBy S. Draqonah

Regarding such matters as diabolic pacts at the crossroads,we may approach such folk lore from a Luciferian perspective. By Luciferian, I mean entirely that which is intended by the terms original coining inmodernusage (which nicely coincides with early Gnostic concepts).Contrary to the construct of a bogey that embodies all that is the sacrilegious antithesis of the Christs religion, the Devil, as I see him from my traditionalist perspective, is the verywildernessthat grows outside the walls of Christendom, extending beyond the paradigm of belief set forth within Christian doctrine. Such is the purview of the Man in Black as both symbol of this outer sphere in whole and as keeper of its boundary. This is not to say thewilding vinesthat grow from the blackened earth beyond those walls do not creep over they most surely do. But their character and constitution are defined by the soil from which they are nourished. Such is the true nature of the Devils blasphemy, beyond what the eyes of a cowan are apt to see: the Man at the Crossroads, over whom the mundane governance of the profane holds no sway,does not rale against that from which he is already set apart. It is more the heresy of an outsider who does not bow to foreign kings than that of the rebellious adversary who wreaks havoc from within.Concerning the junction of three roads, that dominion of such daemonic spirits, I paraphrase my own sentiments I have written elsewhere:Moreover, as Lord of the Crossd Roads, he is not only the configured intersection of dreams, wakefulness, and sleep, but Death itself. For this is the final road that rises above (or leads below, if it suits ones perspective), one with no fixed points of beginning or end. Much like the realm of the stars, such questions of up and 'down or 'beginning and 'end become moot. There are those who are comforted by a more conventional, linear concept of the Lord of the Dead as resident in theafterlife who presides as overseer of an underworld, and surely this is a true stratum of the macrocosm from which the spirit is entified. But I personally have felt more affected by the knowledge that this Death is not simply one who awaits us at lifes end, but is that same Void-ful Death that cradles us each before birth; it is both Cosmic Midwife and Elder Usher who deliver us from the Womb Eternal and lead us into the material world.And so the cyclic round continues.