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Created as part of a 3rd year Graphic Design project, these mirrors are unique and aimed to put a smile on your face


<ul><li><p>Mirror REF: OTWM1.0 $65.00</p></li><li><p>You sat down... I moved over was inspired by a t-shirt I </p><p>had seen at a Graphic Design Conference. This phrase stuck with me, </p><p>as it can be individually interpreted.</p><p>To me it shows love and kindness. </p><p>$65.00</p></li><li><p>a little birdie told me was inspired by a well-known </p><p>phrase that I have heard throughout my childhood.This phrase is quirky, fun </p><p>and guaranteed to make you smile.</p></li><li><p>Mirror REF: OTWM3.0 $55.00</p></li><li><p>Mirror REF: OTWM2.0 $70.00</p></li><li><p>$70.00</p><p>take the road less travelled was created to inspire every time </p><p>we look in the mirror.It encourages us to be true to </p><p>ourselves and have fun on our individual journey, where we will meet others </p><p>taking the road less travelled.</p></li><li><p>m:027 310 8672</p><p>OFF THE WALL</p><p>Nikita Brown</p><p>See something that tickles your fancy? </p><p>Send me your details. I will be in touch.</p></li><li><p>m:027 310 8672</p></li></ul>