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Created as part of a 3rd year Graphic Design project, these mirrors are unique and aimed to put a smile on your face


  • Mirror REF: OTWM1.0 $65.00

  • You sat down... I moved over was inspired by a t-shirt I

    had seen at a Graphic Design Conference. This phrase stuck with me,

    as it can be individually interpreted.

    To me it shows love and kindness.


  • a little birdie told me was inspired by a well-known

    phrase that I have heard throughout my childhood.This phrase is quirky, fun

    and guaranteed to make you smile.

  • Mirror REF: OTWM3.0 $55.00

  • Mirror REF: OTWM2.0 $70.00

  • $70.00

    take the road less travelled was created to inspire every time

    we look in the mirror.It encourages us to be true to

    ourselves and have fun on our individual journey, where we will meet others

    taking the road less travelled.

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    Nikita Brown

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  • m:027 310 8672