officers: karl martin brandon cheuk kayleigh mcginley marissa weinstein & taylor schwartz kimmie...

Download Officers: Karl Martin Brandon Cheuk Kayleigh McGinley Marissa Weinstein & Taylor Schwartz Kimmie Kravets, Jessica Rubanich & Spencer Schwartz Mrs. Devlin

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Group Snow Sport Presentation

Officers:Karl MartinBrandon CheukKayleigh McGinleyMarissa Weinstein & Taylor SchwartzKimmie Kravets, Jessica Rubanich & Spencer SchwartzMrs. Devlin

Welcome to Ski & Snowboard Club 2015-16

Thank everyone for coming. Introduce your self. 1Agenda IntroductionMountain OverviewSnow Sport SafetyGeneral InformationQuestions & Answers

2Dates:Friday, Jan 8thFriday, Jan 15th Skip a weekFriday, Jan 29thFriday, Feb 5th*Thursday, Feb 11thBusses leave immediately after schoolDo not change before you leave school.Drop off procedure for skis/snowboardsCannot change bussesHoagies will be given out on bus if you ordered hoagies


by the numbers6400 foot longest run1082 feet of vertical (highest in PA)164 skiable acres39 trails for all abilities (the most in PA)16 Lifts (13 Mountain Lifts & 3 Tubing)3 Lodges (Summit, Valley & Tubing Adventure center)

One Great Mountain!!!

4Blue Mountain Trails16 Easy

5 More Difficult

13 Most Difficult

5 Extremely Difficult 6 Terrain Parks

Trail ratings are relative to the each mountain. A blue or black at another mountain may not be equivalent to a blue or black trail at Blue Mountain. Know your ability and know the rating of the trail BEFORE you start down. If you get in over your head on a trail take your skis or board off and walk down or send a friend for ski patrol,5Blue Mountain Terrain Parks6 Parks with 3 different levels with features such as:40 ft double barrel straight40 ft down flat down35 ft 180 degree C boxDown flat down SStreet stair setWide butter boxes with grindable rails25ft to 70 ft jumpsRhythm sectionsTabletops

Awesome!!!If you are new to Terrain parks make sure you know the level of the park you are about to enter. Blue Mountain has 6 parks with 3 different levels. Make sure you know the feature before you attempt it. Always have a spotter to let you know the jump is clear BEFORE you proceed. Wearing a helmet isnt yet required in PA or on Blue Mountain but it is HIGHLY recommended. 6Blue Mountain TubingLocated adjacent to the Valley parking AreaUp to 39 Slides!!!3 LiftsThe regions only family tubes which seat 4 6 guests

7Blue Mountain Lodges3 LodgesSummitValleyAdventure Center (also known as Tubing)

Each lodge has lockers, restrooms, food and a first aid room. Lodges have WiFi. The Summit Lodge and Valley Lodge each have FREE equipment check areas. You are encouraged to use them. 8Whats new at Blue for 2014/15?New Kids Learning Center The Frontier Center:There is a new 7,100 sq ft Childrens Learning Center in the Valley called the Frontier Center. At the Frontier Center, children ages 4-12 will receive 2-hour Explorer Lessons or 6-hour Trailblazer Lessons (which includes lunch) on over 3 acres perfect for terrain-based learning. 3 surface carpet lifts are dedicated to the learning area called Frontier Alley (this trail was Finish Line). The Frontier Center also offers Daycare services for children ages 6 months to 5 years.Blue Mountain Learning Center Expansion:Our Valley Learning Center is for ages 13 & older and it boasts 2 new surface carpet lifts to help first time skiers and riders reach the top of the Valley Learning Hills. Adding 2 new surface carpet lifts allowed for the expansion of our terrain-based learning areas & techniques and are a great addition to the original surface carpet lift and Valley Triple chair lift.Improved Snowmaking:Once again, Blue Mountain has expanded its state of the art snowmaking system with, a new pump house, six new pumps, replacing aging pumps and increasing our pumping capabilities by 1600 gpm. A new state of the art automated pump control system, able to control our over 14,000 gpm water capacity, and upgrades in our water main network. Blue continues to be the leader in snowmaking automation and capacity on the East Coast. 9Whats new at Blue for 2015/16? (cont)True Blue Mountain Sports StoreOur Retail Shop has expanded into two locations this year! The True Blue Mountain Sports Store at the Summit Lodge has moved to a new location. It is situated next to the Summit Ticket Office & Rental Shop and can also be accessed from outside in the Summit Courtyard. The Valley Lodge location has been expanded to offer all the clothing and accessories that were offered at the Summit Lodge, situated next to the Valley Rental Shop.Tuning CenterLocated next to our Valley Rental Shop, we have found a new home for our Tuning and Repair Center; featuring the Montana Challenge MAX automated ski & board tuning machine! Blue Mountain is the first, and currently the only shop in the USA to operate this state-of-the-art tuning machine for our guests.SnowtubingOur 21-lane tubing park uphill capacity has been greatly improved with the addition of a second 450 ft. surface carpet lift. This means that less wait time and more tubing runs are in store for our guests this winter season!COMING SOON: A NEW TRAIL! It has been mapped out and the first-round of trail cutting will start this fall! It is located to the east of Paradise, on the far-side of Blue Mountain!

10Blue Mountain Ski Patrol

National Ski Patrol

Blue Mountain Ski Patrol has close to 200 active members. We wear red jackets or vest with white or yellow crosses. We are hear to help you. We are here to help keep everyone safe.11What to do if you get injured?On the SlopesSend a friend for helpSki PatrolLift OperatorsAny Mountain personnelNote your locationWhats the name of the slope?All the light poles are numbered, note the number


What to do if you get injured?If you are able; walk to a first aid roomThere are 6 first aid locations around the mountainEagles NestTop ShackSummit LodgePatrol BaseValley First AidTubing13Snow Sport Responsibility CodeAlways stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects

14Snow Sport Responsibility CodePeople ahead of you have the right of way. Its your responsibility to avoid them.

Know the trails. Be aware of others around you. 15Snow Sport Responsibility CodeYou must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.

Trail obstructions includes exiting the lift quickly. When getting off the chair please move quickly away from the unloading area. If you need to click into your board move way from the unloading area. When stopping on a trail move to the edges.16Snow Sport Responsibility CodeWhenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others

17Snow Sport Responsibility CodeAlways use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.

18Snow Sport Responsibility CodePrior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload.

Remember to clear the loading area quickly.19Snow Sport Responsibility CodeObserve all posted signs and warnings. KEEP OFF closed trails and out of closed areas!

Blue Mountain has 2 posted SLOW skiing trails. Burma road and Paradise. These trails are monitored by ski patrol and skiing fast on these trails may result in loosing ski privileges for the night. Repeat offender may loose their pass for the season. 20Blue Mountain Snow Sport PolicyNo Reckless skiingSki only on designated trailsNo ProfanityNo Bouncing, Swinging or Jumping from chairs.No Drugs or AlcoholNo Rowdy or Discourteous behavior

The Snow Sport Responsibility Code and Blue Mountains policies are in place to ensure everyone on the mountain, trails, slopes, lift lines, lodges leaves the mountain in the same condition they came. Ski Patrollers love to ski and the last thing we want to do is take away your ski pass so please follow the Snow Sport Responsibility Code and Blue Mountains policies.21Pre Season TipsCheck your equipmentGet in good physical conditionInspect your clothingDoes your helmet still fit?

Weather is turning colder and it wont be long before the snow flies at Blue. There are a few things you can do right now to prepare for your trip to the slopes22Clothing TipsLayers = Warmth

Your FaceYour HeadYour LegsYour HandsYour FeetThe secret to staying warm is Dress in layers. Avoid cotton clothing like sweat pants or sweat shirts. You want clothing that allows sweat out but keeps warmth in. Polypropylene, wool, fleece are all good choices because they breathe. A good pair of gloves is important to keep your fingers warm. A face mask, turtle fur or bandana will help shield your face from the wind and the wind can howl up the slopes at Blue! A helmet or a hat will keep your head warm. Upto 55% of your body heat can leave through your head!!23HelmetsEducate yourself about helmet useHelmets can make a difference in reducing or preventing head injuriesHelmets do have limitsThere are helmets designed specifically for snow sportsVisit for information

24Other Stuff

Lock your skis or use the FREE Equipment check areas located at the Summit or Valley Lodges. Unfortunately all ski areas experience theft of equipment and it is rarely recovered please keep your skis safe from theft!!Protect your skin. On Sunny days use sun screen! On Windy and Sunny days use lip balm.Sun glasses or gogles help protect your eyes under all kinds of conditions.Use the ski lockers to keep your valuables safe. If you carry a cell phone or ipod while you are on the slope please make sure they are in a zippered pocket. Unfortunately valuables lost on the slopes are generally groomed under with the nightly grooming done at Blue. 25How can you help us?Know the Names of your Advisors/LeadersLock your equipment or use the FREE equipment check areasKnow your meeting pointKnow your departure timeKnow your own limitsCarry your pass/idMoneyWaterFood

26Know and UnderstandThe layout