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  • Official Newsletter Of The

    13th VIRGINIa mechanized cavalry Camp #9, Sons of Confederate Veterans

    Our next meeting is at 8:30 a.m., on Sunday, August 16, 2015 Meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month, at Dennis Spaghetti and Steak House, 3356 Western

    Branch Blvd, Churchland, Virginia. If youd like to eat breakfast before the meeting, please arrive by 8:00 a.m.

    Volume 5, Issue 6 - July 2015

    In This Issue

    Commanders Comments

    July Highlights

    Removing Rebel Flag Wont Solve Problem of Racism

    (an article by Christine Barr)

    Swearing-In Ceremony at Surry County Confederate Monument

    The Confederate Flag Should be Raised, Not Lowered

    (an article by Chuck Baldwin)

    Portsmouth City Council Meeting (Proposed Removal of the Portsmouth

    Confederate Monument)

    120th SCV National Reunion

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    Confederate cleansing in the 21st Century, and the Slave Blame Game (and what you should know to counter the lies )

    Im going to use this column to hit on several slave facts to give you strong rebuttal ammo on this whole

    slave blame thing. First thing is, dont try and justify it and dont let your antagonist talk in presentism we

    all know it went on since the beginning of man, it was wrong, and most knew it always was, yet indeed it still

    goes on today, in the same Continent it seems to have always gone on. But what was, was and it was a legal

    bondage welfare system. But what we are facing is the blame for it, like our ancestors sailed off to Africa

    under a battle flag, marched into the interior, rounded up people, and brought them only to a few Southern

    states, and then died by the tens of thousands to keep them enslaved. Thus, That Flag Stood for Slavery

    and if you support that flag you believe in slavery, due to a war they claim was to free slaves.

    OK, now you need to draw the line, and start pointing out facts. That flag NEVER flew over a slave ship

    whereas, the U.S. Flag did. That ALL New World Colonies (later States) and territories, and I mean ALL, not just North America New World, but South America New World as well legally bought, sold and

    owned slaves. So, which flag should these blame gamers really be hating? They dont have a clue, do you?

    Fact alert, its Portugal who tops the list with thirty thousand voyages to buy 4,650,000 slaves. That is FOUR MILLION, SIX HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND SLAVES for resale folks, with Spain and

    France coming in 2nd and 3rd place, with 4,000 voyages and 1 to 1.5 million slaves. While the British/North

    America & United States come in at the bottom, at sixth of a 7 country list, and not only that, but most of

    these four million slaves ended up in Brazil, so where is the population of USA or Brazil, burning Portu-

    guese flags? Well? No, the ignorant slave history revisionists hate a four year flag, with no slave ships. Ask

    them why they dont hate the Portuguese, Spanish, French and their flags, if they really believe in their convictions. Next factoid, these countries did not go inland hunting slaves. Africans were then, and still are, a tribal people loyal to their own tribes, not to Africa as a nation. It was big business, for the coastal tribes to

    raid inland and deliver captured slaves for sale. It made their respective tribes rich, and powerful, and took

    out the competition.

    Here is a killer fact, per the Constitution, for you...verbatim: Section 9, Limits of Congress 1. The impor-

    tation of the African race from any foreign country other than the slave holding states or Territories of the

    United States of America , is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as to effectively

    prevent same. By whose Constitution is importing slaves illegal in March of 1861? That would be the

    Constitution of the Confederate States of America. Say What? Yes, Im telling you that while they left the

    institution in place, to figure out how it would run its course, they also wrote that importation was officially

    illegal. Hmm...and did so, two years before Lincolns so called Emancipation Proclamation, and four years

    before the United States declared an end to slavery, with the 13 th Amendment. Yes, its TRUE. Know it, learn it, speak it !

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    Lets follow up on this, so called, great emancipator Lincolns emancipation proclamation that freed the slaves as

    youve been taught, a bit deeper. Its a bold faced lie, and always was. You must know, and point out, that it freed

    not a single slave. NOT ONE. Read it. Im not going to type it, but essentially it stated that all slaves in the States in Rebellion were free. Well now, thats interesting Mr. Lincoln was not the President of those states. They had their

    own President, Congress, etc., he could no sooner pass a law there than he could for Australia or Antarctica. But

    further, and even more critical to your reply, is the actual fine print It EXCLUDED freeing any slaves where he

    actually had control, and had the power to free them. Yes, true, such as the slave holding states that were still under his control and paying taxes, and conscripting men to fight his illegal war. Those States would be Maryland, Dela-

    ware, Kentucky, and Missouri. All were to remain slave states, and even his illegally established state of West Virginia

    was admitted into the Union, after the war was under way, as a slave State. Now get this, on top of that, the Proclama-

    tion had even more qualifiers, excluding the freeing of slaves in Southern State territories controlled by his armed

    forces. Locally, this included Norfolk, Princess Anne, Berkley, Accomac, and Northampton Counties, the Cities of

    Norfolk, Portsmouth, Elizabeth City, and York; same deal in Louisiana any parish (county) the North actually

    controlled equaled no deal, no freedom. In his own words left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued. So the whole thing was a crock from the get go. Where he had control he freed none, and where he had no control he

    pretended to free all. Truth Bomb.

    Ok heres another absolutely unknown fact for your argument pleasure. The Northern Capital of Washington, DC

    also had plenty of slaves when this war was started, by Lincoln. It was a year into the war before he even dealt with

    that issue coming up, with the Compensated Act to buy the property of slave owners at up to $300 each, from those

    who owned them in DC. AND get this, also pay any newly freed slave 100 bucks if they wanted to leave the country, for Liberia, or Haiti. Think about it.with all the money he used, to kill Americans, why didnt he just use that money

    instead, to continue that policy to end slavery? Well, like he himself said if I could preserve the Union without free-

    ing a single slave I would the war wasnt over slavery. How could it be? You see, I forgot to mention that not only

    did slave states stay in the Union, but the non-state Territories of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, and

    Washington were allowed to remain slave holding, so the numbers say he had 5 slave states and 5 slave territories, but

    we are to believe it was a war against slavery? Plus, if he hadnt started the war at Fort Sumter, then called on other

    states to help him kill Americans, then Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas would have still been in

    the Union as slave states. That was 9 U.S. slave states vs 7 C.S.A slave states at the beginning of his planned war (plus

    the slave territories). Well, thats rather interesting...when the war was started, the U.S. slave states outnumbered the

    C.S.A. slave states. In fact, even after 4 more States seceded if you count Territories it was officially 10 U.S. slave vs

    11 C.S. slave and was about 11 to 11, at the very beginning, before Kansas was admitted as a free state, changing from

    a slave Territory. Hmmm...

    What Im saying here, is know the facts. Speak the truth. There is no way our flag was a slave flag, as it is being

    called, and Lincolns war was not about slavery. Our flag was a proud rallying point for men, almost all of whom nei-

    ther owned, nor would ever own, slaves. They did, however, suffer and die on the field of honor, protecting their

    families, homes, land, and their Nation from an invading army. PERIOD.

    SCV Camp 9: Est. Pre-1896 Mechanized June 13, 2009

    Forward the Colors!


    The real flags of the Atlantic Slave Trade who paid for , transported & sold the slaves to the New World

    Portugal - Spain - France - Brazilian Empire - British - USA

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    Removing Rebel flag wont solve problem of racism A Belle's Eye View

    Posted: Monday, June 22, 2015 11:04 am | Updated: 12:28 pm, Mon Jun 22, 2015.


    I am constantly amazed by the lack of logic exhibited by those who would take complex

    situations and chose to solve them by a simple, yet illogical, means.

    The latest demonstration of this is those who are taking the tragedy in Charleston and warping it

    to make it about the Confederate flag. [See todays editorial.]

    It seems there is quite a hue and cry for those who believe that by taking down the flag, racism

    will be solved. Ta-da! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

    I guess it makes sense that those who would take the multitude of factors which lead to the War



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