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Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. Springboro Community City School District Todd Petrey , Superintendent Jamie Miles, 8 th Grade Science Teacher SEA Vice-President. Meeting Purpose. Establishing a Laser-like Focus - Pulling the plan together Feedback Comment Cards: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ohio Teacher Evaluation System

Ohio Teacher Evaluation SystemSpringboro Community City School District Todd Petrey, SuperintendentJamie Miles, 8th Grade Science Teacher SEA Vice-PresidentMeeting PurposeEstablishing a Laser-like Focus - Pulling the plan together

Feedback Comment Cards: Include name, school, grade level, and subject Submit to you principalWe want your feedback

OTES TimelineCurrently piloting across the district for the 2012-2013 school yearContinually revising and aligning the evaluation system to meet the needs of our staff (using staff feedback) and based on new information provided by the state. Training videos during staff meetingsSpring 2013(SLOs): Develop student growth measures with principals Implementation 2013-2014 school yearOTES FocusBased on the OTES Model which is aligned with the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.Individual student growth: differentiation Coaching model Individualized teacher rating system based on specific data selected by the teacher50% teacher performance and 50% student growth measures

Special Area TeachersArt, Music, PEIntervention SpecialistsMedia Specialists, Speech Therapists, and Counselors Must instruct students at least 50% of the time to be evaluated using the student growth measuresMore information TBA


Teacher Performance Teacher Performance Composed of: Two formal observations (a minimum of 30 minutes each) Informal walkthroughsUses rubrics aligned with the Ohio Standards for the Teaching ProfessionTeacher holistic performance rating Ratings: 1 (Ineffective), 2(Developing), 3 (Proficient), or 4 (Accomplished)

Student Growth Measures All teachers must have a minimum of three student growth measures (some are State selected)Teachers can choose up to five student growth measures Teachers are divided into three categories:Student Growth Measures and Teacher Type 2

Student Growth Measures Teachers can choose the percentage each student growth measure is worthThe percentages must add up to 50%.Building value-added data is set at 10% of the total score.Teacher value-added date (if required) is set at a minimum of 10% of the total score.The other 30% is to be set by the individual teacher. Student growth measure summative scoreAbove, expected, belowIdentifying Teacher RatingTeacher performance rating +Student growth measure rating=Teacher Rating (ineffective, developing, proficient, accomplished)

3Questions and FeedbackFill out your card.Include: name, building, grade level, subjectGive to your principalResponses to questions will be sent through email.


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