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  • Ohios Early People Chapter 1, Lesson 3 Pages 28-33
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  • A Long Time Ago Thousands of years ago, Earth had long periods of freezing cold Ice AgesIce Ages What happened to the Earth? A bridge of dry land appeared between Asian and what is now Alaska
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  • A Long Time Ago People from Asia began to cross the land bridge Nomads = people without a permanent home Moved in bands (small family groups) and followed herds of animals Spread out over North and South America Ancestors of present-day Native Americans
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  • Prehistoric Indians of Ohio 12,00 years ago reached Ohio Lived before written history = prehistoric people
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  • Prehistoric Indians of Ohio Paleo-Indians first people to live in Ohio Nomads; hunted large animals for food Last Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago large animals died out People had to adapt to survive
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  • Prehistoric Indians of Ohio Archaic Indians after the last Ice Age Fished and hunted, ate plants and gathered nuts and berries Built wooden tents covered with bark/animal skin Made tools from stone= axes, spearheads Tools enabled them to build canoes began to trade Each group had its own culture
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  • The Mound Builders Part of a larger group known as the Woodland Indians Arrived in Ohio 3,000 years ago Built mounds piles of hard-packed earth and stone Scientists have discovered artifacts in the mounds (spearheads, jewelry, beads) Included two main groups: Adena and Hopewell
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  • The Mound Builders Adena villages in southern Ohio Grew squash and sunflowers Hunted, fished, gathered fruits Made pottery, used stone axes and hoes Mounds used for burials Important leaders mound build over the site Mounds grew as more were buried
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  • Adena Mounds
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  • The Mound Builders Hopewell central and southern Ohio Culture grew from the Adenas Larger mounds, many shapes Used for religious ceremonies, social gatherings, trading centers Objects made with copper and shells Trade network stretched to Rocky Mountains and Gulf of Mexico Division of labor
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  • Hopewell Mounds
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  • The Mound Builders Fort Ancient Indians villages in southern Ohio 1,000 years ago One of the last groups of prehistoric people Late Prehistoric Indians Depended on farming
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  • The Mound Builders Fort Ancient Indians build villages with square or circle-shaped houses made from wooden poles Built mounds shaped like animals Great Serpent Mound
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  • The Great Serpent Mound