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  • 1. Ohios State Symbols Lets learn about . . .

2. Hints and Tips

  • Pay close attention to things written inblue.
  • If the same thing is said more than one time, its probably important!

3. Just so you know . . .

  • Ohios land area is 40,948.38 square miles.
  • The states birthday is March 1, 1803
  • The word Ohio means Great River

4. And the Capital of Ohio is . . .

  • The first capital of Ohio was Chillicothe.

5. And the Capital of Ohio is . . .

  • Zanesville served as the capital of Ohio for two years as well.

6. And the Capital of Ohio is . . .

  • Finally,Columbus became the capital city of Ohioin 1816.

7. Here is an introduction to Ohios Symbols 8. The Ohio State Seal The rising sun has 13 rays, one for each of the original states of the US. The river in the middle is the Scioto river. The mountain over which the sun is rising is Mount Logan. and what it means The sheaf of wheat represents agriculture and bounty. Mimicking the sheaf of wheat is a bundle of 17 arrows, symbolizing Ohio as the 17 thstate to join the Union.Check it outonline atNetstate ! 9. The Ohio State Flag and what it represents This isthe only state flag with the swallowtail shape , properlycalled a burgee. The flag of Ohio was officially adopted in 1902. 10. In what year did Ohio join the US?

  • 1703
  • 1776
  • 1803
  • 1816

Quick Quiz 11. 1703

  • No, youre about a century off!

Back to the question . . . 12. 1776

  • No, 1776 is the year the United States was first formed.Ohio was not one of the first 13 colonies to become a state though, and its birthday is later.

Back to the question . . . 13. 1803

  • Yes, thats right!Ohio joined the union on March 1, 1803.

Good Job!Lets go on. . . 14. 1816

  • No, but it was in 1816 that Columbus was made the capital of Ohio!

Back to the question . . . 15. What is the capital of Ohio?

  • Chillicothe
  • Columbus
  • Mansfield
  • Zanesville

16. Chillicothe

  • No, but it was the first capital, from 1803-1810, and then again from 1812-1816!

Back to the question . . . 17. Columbus

  • Yes, thats right!Columbus has been the capital of Ohio since 1816.

Good Job!Lets go on. . . 18. Mansfield

  • No, its a great place to live and go to school, but it isnt the capital of Ohio!

Back to the question . . . 19. Zanesville

  • No, though it was the capital of Ohio for two short years in 1810-1812!

Back to the question . . . 20. Ohio was the ___ state to join the US.

  • 7 th
  • 16 th
  • 17 th
  • 26 th

21. 7 th

  • No, the first 13 states all joined at the same time!

Back to the question . . . 22. 16 th

  • No, Tennessee was actually the 16 thstate to join the US.

Back to the question . . . 23. 17 th

  • Yes, thats right!The 17 stars on the state flag and the 17 arrows in a bunch on the state seal remind us of this fact.

Good job!Lets go on . . . 24. 26 th

  • No, actually Michigan was the 26 thstate to join the United States!

Back to the question . . . 25. The state flower The Scarlet Carnation was adopted as the state flower in 1904. 26. The state bird The cardinal was chosen as the state bird in 1933. You can listen to the cardinals songonline here! 27. The state tree The Buckeye tree was made Ohios state tree in 1953. The name of the tree comes from the nuts similarity in appearance to a buck deers eye! 28. The state nickname The nickname probably originated around the time of President Harrisons political campaign. The Buckeye State 29. The state motto "With God All Things Are Possible" The motto was adopted in 1959. The Ohio Legislature sponsored a contest to choose a motto.The winning one was chosen from the Bible by a 12 year old boy. It is taken from Jesus words in Matthew 19:26 and Mark 10:27.He said, With menit isimpossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. 30. What is the state flower?

  • Bluebell
  • Scarlet Carnation
  • Tiger Lily
  • Yellow Zinnia

Quick Quiz 31. Bluebell

  • The bluebell is not a state flower at all, though Texas state flower is the bluebonnet.

Return to question . . . 32. Scarlet Carnation

  • Yes, the Scarlet carnation is the Ohio state flower!

Good job!Lets go on . . . 33. Tiger Lily

  • No, though the tiger lily does grow in Ohio, it is not the Ohio state flower.

Return to question . . . 34. Yellow Zinnia

  • Sorry, the zinnia is not the state flower in any color, not even yellow.

Return to question . . . 35. What is the state bird?

  • Bluebird
  • Redbird
  • Blue jay
  • Cardinal

36. Bluebird

  • No, though it is the state bird of Missouri and New York!

Back to the question . . . 37. Redbird

  • No, though the state bird does share the color with this bird!

Back to the question . . . 38. Blue jay

  • No, and it isnt the state bird in any of the states!

Back to the question . . . 39. Cardinal

  • Yes, and not only is it the state bird of Ohio, but also of Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia too!

Good job!Lets go on . . . 40. What is the state nickname?

  • The Birthplace of Aviation
  • The Buckeye State
  • The Heart of It All
  • Beautiful Ohio

41. The Birthplace of Aviation

  • Though Ohio does hold this title, this is not the nickname, but a phrase you can read on license plates!

Back to the question. . . 42. The Buckeye State

  • Yes, thats right!Ever since General Harrisons campaign for President, Ohio has since been known as The Buckeye state.The buckeye is also the state tree.

Good job!Now lets go on . . . 43. The Heart of It All

  • No, sorry.Ohio is in the mid-west, and a slogan that used to be on the license plates was The Heart of it all, But that is not the state nickname.

Back to the question. . . 44. Beautiful Ohio

  • Wrong!Though the name of the state song is Beautiful Ohio, the states nickname is based on a different symbol!

Back to the question. . . 45. What is the Ohio State Motto?

  • With God, All Things Are Possible
  • Disciplinaincivitatum
  • In God We Trust
  • E Pluribus Unum

46. With God, All Things Are Possible

  • Yes, thats right!The motto comes from Mark 10:27 in the Bible.

Good job!Lets go on . . . 47. Disciplina in civitatum

  • No, actually its the motto of the Ohio state University, and means, Education for citizenship.

Back to the question . . . 48. In God We Trust

  • Sorry!Though this is the official motto of the United States and Florida, Ohio has a different motto.

Back to the question . . . 49. E Pluribus Unum

  • Wrong!E Pluribus Unum means Out of man, one and appears on coins and the US seal.Though it is a US motto, it is not the Ohio state motto.

Back to the question . . . 50. The state gemstone Flint was made the state gemstone in 1965. 51. The state juice Tomato juice was chosen to be the state juice in 1965. 52. The state song Beautiful Ohio was first adopted as the Ohio state song in 1969.However, in 1989, new words were adopted as the state song, though the music remained the same.The original words were written by Ballard MacDonald, the current state song wording was written by William B. McBride.The music for the song was written by Mary Earl which is a pseudonym (pen name) for Robert A. Bobo King 53. The state insect The ladybug, also known as a ladybird, was selected as the state insect in 1975. 54. The state fossil In the year 1985, the trilobite was selected as the Ohio state fossil. 55. The state rock song Hang on Sloopy was chosen in 1985 as Ohios state rock song. The song was written in 1965, and an arranger for OSUs marching band wrote the now famous arrangement for the band the same year.Listen here ! 56. What is the Ohio state gemstone?

  • Chlorastrolite
  • Diamond
  • Flint
  • Quartz

Quick Quiz 57. Chlorastrolite

  • Nope!You must be thinking of Michigans state gemstone!

Back to the question . . . 58. Diamond

  • Im sorry, Arkansas claims the diamond, but not Ohio.

Back to the question . . . 59. Flint

  • Thats right!Flint is Ohios state gemstone.

Good job!On to the next question . . . 60. Quartz

  • No, that would be Georgias state gemstone!

Back to the question . . . 61. What is the title of Ohios state song?

  • Beautiful Ohio
  • Cleveland Rocks
  • On the Shores of the Ohio
  • O-H-I-O

62. Beautiful Ohio

  • Yes indeed!This song was first written in 1918, and was first adopted as the st


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