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Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Steve Ebert Meredith Gernerd. How Much Do You know About bullying?. Take the Quiz. Olweus Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Olweus Bullying Prevention ProgramSteve EbertMeredith Gernerd

SIntroduce ourselves 1How Much Do You know About bullying?Take the Quiz

Meredith - Give out quiz and go over after 5 minutes Steve - Penny Activity 2Olweus OverviewResearched based program created by Dr. Dan Olweus designed to reduce bullying in schools and make schools a safer, more positive place where students can learn. Preventative and responsive program designed for all studentsFocused on restructuring the school setting through systematic efforts implemented over timeMeredith - Blue Bell and middle school are piloting this program -PA Law that schools must have bullying program (give examples of current lawsuits)

It is not:A curriculum, a conflict resolution approach, a peer mediation program, an anger management program

Program that empowers the bystanders3Program Components

SchoolClassroomIndividualCommunitySteve Holistic program; show books and resources4Definition of BullyingBullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or harmful things to another person who has a hard time defending him or herself.Bullying Behaviors: Name-calling, teasing, leaving others out, cyber bullying, physical bullying, excluding, taking others things, threats, intimidation

Meredith - 3 components of bullying behavior: Involves an aggressive behavior2. Involves a pattern of behavior/repeated3. Imbalance of power/strength

Bystanders may feel: afraid, powerless to change the situation, guilty for not acting, diminished empathy for victims over time5Olweus Bullying QuestionnaireLocation of hotspotsPatterns for girls and boysInsights into school climateInformation to assess supervisionAdult and student attitudes about bullyingImpact of bullying on studentsMeredithKnowing about specific bullying problems and increasing adult supervision is important for program success6School Wide ComponentsForming of BPCC (Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee)Olweus Bullying Questionnaire for students - Looks at trends from reportTrainings: BPCC, Staff, Support staff, bus drivers, lunch aides, recess aides, etc. Kick off DaySchool wide rules (Posted and enforced)Refine schools supervisory system (make sure hot spots are being monitored) Classroom Lessons

Meredith Pass out questionnaireGive sample trends from Blue Bell and Middle SchoolShow forms we are using (Think About it Sheet, Contract) Binder with contact people 7Our Schools Anti Bullying Rules1. We will not bully others.2. We will try to help students who are bullied.3. We will try to include students who are left out.4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home. Meredith8Think About It.Name: ________________Describe your actions that led up to the situation.Tell us about your thoughts and feelings that lead to your actions.If this situation happens again, explain to use how you are going to handle it differently.Student SignatureTeacher SignatureMeredith -For every violation this gets completed and field by grade level in a binder in the office.9Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee

Steve BPCC Example10WMS Anti-Bullying ProgramWhy are we doing this?

Why are we canceling all classes today (Kickoff Day) to address bullying???SSteve Survey and KO day information next 6 slides11Students are being bullied!953 participated in the survey, October 2010.

106 students report being bullied several times weekly.106 students is equivalent to each below: 4 full classes of students, almost 3 full buses, 2 football teams, more than 10 basketball teams, 2 middle school bands, and about the whole 5th grade at Shady Grove! Steve1250 students actually admitted to verbally bullying others intending to cause harm, several times monthly. 17 students admitted that they regularly bully others physically, several times monthly.265 students (171girls, 94 boys) FEAR coming to school on any given day because of bullying.Steve13What are YOU doing to help?Of the 953 students who participated in the survey, 833 said they feel sorry and want to help when they see someone being bullied

however ONLY 26 students reported that theyve seen students regularly try to stop bullying, or help in another way.Steve14Attitudes About Bullying111 students reported that they dont feel much or that the victim probably deserves it 295 students reported that they would, might, or are not sure, when asked if they would join the bullying of a student they did not like.Steve15What would change if we shut the bullies down?Attendance rates would improveAll students could learnStudents would not fear WMSPain, suffering, sadness, and discipline would decreaseWe could embrace, befriend, and learn from different people!More? What do you think?Steve16We All Own This,Let Today Set the Stage!The Kick-Off Day, Today, September 23rd:*Two powerful assemblies*Conversations about bullying at WMS*What/Who is Olweus???*Small groups (fun) activities*Formal commitment/pledge to make WMS safer!LETS GET TO WORK!YOU BE THE DIFFERENCE, START NOW!Steve17Bullying Circle

Meredith18Class MeetingsMiddle School link for Class Lessonshttp://olweus-antibullying.wikispaces.com/

Steve review examples of Class Meeting lessons19Reporting BullyingI saw bullying behavior when _______ was _____________.Bullying Behaviors: Teasing, name calling, excluding, threats, taking someone's things, intimidation, cyber bullying, physical bullying

Meredith20On the Spot InterventionStep 1: StopStep 2: __________ are you ok? Step 3: Speak and name the behavior to the bully.Step 4: The bullied person can be sent back to class and told we will follow up shortly.Step 5: Communicate to the bully that you will speak to them shortly.

Meredith21School Wide ConsequencesViolationConsequenceViolation 1Student will complete a Think About It form, which is processed with the teacher handling the situationViolation 2Student will participate in service to the schoolViolation 3Parent/Guardian contact is made through a phone callMeredith22Classroom ComponentsRules and definition posted in classroomDiscussions on the difference between bullying, rough and tumble play, good natured teasing etc. Role playing on how to handle bullying situationsClassroom Meeting- Assigned day, time, topic

Meredith23Other ComponentsIndividual ComponentsKeep the momentum going after KO dayAnnual survey to see how your school is doingAnnual KO dayOngoing committees and plansParent/CommunityParent Speaker night before KO dayGuiding Good Choices program - handout

Steve24How is it going?Elementary LevelMiddle School

Question and AnswerMeredith & Steve25


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