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  • BANKING, COMMERCIAL AND BANKRUPTCY 17-115 | Debt Collection 6.0 total CLE hours This program explores various issues relating to the collection of debts. The morning portions of the program discuss more basic topics—execution on judgment, wage garnishment and the mechanics of a collection lawsuit. The afternoon portion discusses bankruptcy issues, landlord-tenant cases and protecting confidential information.

    CORPORATE \ BUSINESS 17-004 | Business Law Conference 6.0 total CLE hours Lawyers who advise small business clients may be asked for advice regarding a broad range of issues. This seminar will help prepare attorneys to assist small business owners in dealing with many issues while contributing to the success of the business.

    CRIMINAL 17-091 | OVI Defense Update 6.0 total CLE hours | Meets OPD Requirements This program will discuss case law and legislative update, treasure in ODH training manuals, handling the OVI drug case, what to look for in police videos, does stopping and starting breathing really cause invalid samples? The IIG case and winning OVI cases when the deck is stacked against you.

    18-310 | Video Theater for Public Defenders 6.0 total CLE hours | Meets OPD Requirements A selection of OSBA’s top courses designed to help meet OPD training requirements.

    ESTATE PLANNING 18-003 | Basic Estate Administration 6.25 total CLE hours | d 6.25 | g 1.5 This CLE provides attendees with a broad overview of estate administration, from opening to wrapping up an estate, and many of the issues to consider in between. This program is a valuable introduction for attorneys new to estate administration, and a helpful review for more experienced practitioners.

    18-070 | Nuts and Bolts of Wills and Trusts 6.0 total CLE hours | d 6.0 This is a revised program, offering practical approaches to planning with trusts and related documents. Expert practitioners will guide you through the rationales for using trusts and at the end of the day you will be the estate planner.

    The OSBA maintains a large library of CLE programs. Please contact us if you are interested in a topic not listed in this catalog.



    ONE-HOUR OPTIONS Are you looking for a convenient program to fit during lunch or coincide with a meeting? OSBA also offers one-hour options. We have a complete library of various topics including the titles listed below. Please contact us for a particular topic or to order.

    • Afterlife on the Cloud: Probate Planning & Digital Assets

    • Law Firm Cybersecurity

    • Probate Litigation from a Plaintiff’s Perspective

    • The new OVI law and other traffic law changes

    • Medicaid Planning Involving Real Estate

    • Ohio Family Trust Company Act

    • Professional Responsibility: Recent Ethical Violations in Family Law Cases

    CLE Order Form For more information contact: Melissa Quick (614) 487-4411

    Mail or fax completed form to: OSBA CLE P.O. Box 16562 Columbus, Ohio 43216-6562 Fax: (614) 487-5780



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    Form of Payment

    2018 Video tuition prices, per person: 2.5 - 3.5 hours $110 OSBA Members/$175 Nonmembers

    4.0 - 7.0 hours $175 OSBA Members/ $220 Nonmembers

    CLE Prices: $150 per (3 hr.) | $300 per (6 hr.) $999 Flat Rate option for established CLE sponsors only

  • 17-141 | Probate Litigation 6.0 total CLE hours | j 6.0 | g 1.0 Whether it is a will contest among family members, a guardianship dispute, or a fight to reform a trust, probate litigation presents a unique set of challenges for the practitioner. This program provides an intense, practical guide (and a few cautionary tales) highlighting the differences that set probate litigation apart.

    18-157 | Current Issues under the Ohio Trust Code 3.0 total CLE hours | j 3.0 Join a distinguished group of speakers as they explore when notices are required; when to give them; and when to skip them, removal of a designated successor trustee; tension in the OTC between flexibility and intent of the settlor, statutory proposal being considered by the Joint committee and updates and expansion to the OTC & non-OTC trust forms.

    FAMILY LAW/DOMESTIC RELATIONS 18-018 | Family Law Institute Highlights 6.0 total CLE hours | j 6.0 | g 1.5 This program features national speaker Mark Sullivan, recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in family law. Mr. Sullivan will discuss the mysteries of CSEA, UIFSA, recent developments in military pension and much more!

    17-012 | Juvenile Law 6.0 total CLE hours | Meets OPD Requirements Juvenile law has received increased attention in recent years and become an emerging area due to many new developments. Attendees will receive the latest updates in areas including child support, Juvenile Rule 3 and the opioid crisis.

    GENERAL 18-221 | Booze, Bullets and Bingo 6.0 total CLE hours | g 1.0 One of OSBA’s most popular programs will help attendees learn more regarding some of the more interesting and quickly developing areas of Ohio law. This unique CLE will cover hot topics such as liquor, gaming and firearm laws.

    18-039 | The Medicaid/Medicare Forum 6.0 total CLE hours | g 1.0 This CLE provides attendees with an overview of Medicare and Medicaid topics, with the choice to attend one or both sessions. Each session includes a presentation on the basics, as well as detailed discussions of specific matters faced by practitioners in each area.

    18-308 | 2nd Annual Public Sector Labor Law Seminar 7.0 total CLE hours | g 1.5 This year’s Public Sector Labor Law seminar has the latest cases from Ohio and federal courts relating to public sector labor and employment; learn strategies from the union and management sides for more effective negotiation; hear about the anticipated changes to the FLSA; and learn what to do when faced with illegal contract language in a collective bargaining agreement.

    LITIGATION 17-071 | Litigation Skills 6.0 total CLE hours l d 6.0 This intensive, one-day seminar will give attendees the substantive skills needed to practice in state court. Learn the basics of civil litigation. Valuable information will guide the practitioner from initial client contact to trial. 18-035 | Taking and Defending Effective Depositions 6.0 total CLE hours l d 6.0 Providing a broad overview and in-depth discussion of depositions, course topics include: case investigation and deposition preparation; preparation to conduct or defend a deposition; interaction with the obstreperous adversary; conducting the deposition; and special issues with depositions, including objections and waivers, depositions outside of the U.S., and telephonic depositions. 17-127 | Trial Evidence for the Ohio Practitioner 6.0 total CLE hours | d 6.0 Our expert faculty will examine the essential elements of the effective use of evidence in trial, including the use of witnesses, demonstrative evidence, understanding hearsay, expert testimony and admissibility.

    18-024 | All the Litigation Technology You NEED but Aren’t Using! 6.0 total CLE hours Come discover all the litigation technology, tools, tips, and tricks you can use in your practice today. Our experts will take you through a comprehensive overview of all of the hardware, software, and services that are available to the modern-day litigator. If you’re looking to up your professional game in how to conduct research, manage transcripts, review documents, and present information, this seminar is exactly what you need!

    PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT 17-092 | ACTL Professional Conduct Seminar 2.5 total CLE hours | g 2.5 Attend this program, co-sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers, to fulfill your professional conduct CLE requirement.

    18-288 | How to Better Manage Your Workload and Your Time (And Escape Inefficiencies) 6.0 total CLE hours 2018 is the year to eliminate paper from your practice! This seminar provides information on the benefits of a paperless office, and the best way to become paperless. Topics include document management, how to use your iPad to become more mobile, email management, and much more.

    18-305 | Waking from Dreamland: The Opiate Crisis and Where Ohio Stands in the Fight 5.5 total CLE hours Meet acclaimed journalist and author Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland, who will discuss the rise of the opioid epidemic in the U.S. and the possible policy solutions for states, communities and medical boards.

    LABOR & EMPLOYMENT 18-060 | Advanced Employment Law 6.25 total CLE hours | j 6.25 This advanced-level seminar will address current employment issues, including the #MeToo movement and what constitutes sexual harassment evidence; pay equity; confidentiality and non- disparagement provisions in settlement agreements; workplace privacy; the effects of a gig economy; and best practices for employee mobile data management. Th