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As we all know that pheasant is a bird who is covered with feathers of different size and right from the top of its head to the tip of its tail, there is hardly a feather that cannot be put to some good use.


  • One stop for buying cruelty-free feathers

    Feather Treasures serves as the favorite online retail store for all the feather lovers, under which one can experience the wide range of cruelty-free products with excellent quality and variety in colors, shapes and sizes as well.

    The beautiful pheasant birds (native to Asia) are covered with feathers from their head to the toe. The pheasant tail feather which comes in different color pattern is most in demand. These feathers can be put to different uses, such as: used in furnishing and decorating a room or even office area, for decorating hats or caps, used in accessories, wall strings or frames, scarfs, used on the hood of a jacket, etc. The beauty of long pheasant feathers is such that it can be simply placed in a long stem vase and can be placed on the table. This is not the end and the uses of pheasant feathers are far more exhaustive that what we can think of. Now a day, it is widely used by the dynamic fashion industry - in costume designing, jewelry and in even in styling of hair.

    Feather Treasures is an online retail store which offers a wide variety of pheasant and ostrich feathers for sale. Feathers can be bought in different colors and in packs of different sizes to cater the need of the individual users. This leading online suppliers of cruelty- free feathers deals in offers natural and artificial feathers for sale. The exotic and elegant feathers are simply irresistible to a human eye.

    This is one stop where one can gather a wide range of assorted, real quills or replica of all kinds of animal and bird feathers. All the feather lovers can fulfill their feather needs under one roof of Feather Treasures. It is made sure that the feathers supplied are in symmetry and one need not ever worry about the quality and the consistency in the quality of the products bought here. Each and every feather is handled with utmost care and delicacy and it is made sure that the product reaches the customers in the best condition.

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