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  • 1. Ongoing Job Management May 20132What Well Cover Customer satisfaction and HM engagement What to do if the candidates flow is:too lowtoo highoff target Ongoing job management Sourcing
  • 2. Ongoing Job Management May 20133Job ManagementProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsHaving the applicants complete onlinescreening questions and documentingall contact with them
  • 3. Ongoing Job Management May 20134Hiring Manager Engagement4
  • 4. Ongoing Job Management May 20135Client SatisfactionIts our first priority. Advise and consult with the HM Establish yourself as a credible authority on the recruitingprocess Be willing to go the extra mile for your HM
  • 5. Ongoing Job Management May 20136First Check In Meeting Platform overview for new HMs Push to social networks Feedback on candidates What NOT to do (Hire and Dont Hire) Have a Wanted Analytics report ready to review Have three to five profiles ranked and reviewed Dig for specific feedback Establish a timeline for interviews Identify interviewing team members Coach on interviewing best practices6
  • 6. Ongoing Job Management May 20137Ongoing Be proactive Solicit detailed candidate feedback Discover roadblocks and propose solutions Coach!7
  • 7. Ongoing Job Management May 20138Documentation8
  • 8. Ongoing Job Management May 20139Documentation9
  • 9. Ongoing Job Management May 201310Escalation10CE/CPM/CAM Client HR
  • 10. Ongoing Job Management May 201311Benchmarks30 days 60 days
  • 11. Ongoing Job Management May 201312Red JobsA job may be designated red if: Low flow or no flow Candidates not on target Hiring Manager is not engaged Job is behind timeline (due to the above) Competing against other internal recruiters oragencies
  • 12. Ongoing Job Management May 201313If Candidate Flow is Too LowCheck the following: Title - is there something wrong with the title that is notattracting attention or possibly misleading? Description - is something in the job description turningcandidates away? Job links - are they working correctly? Posting - is job posted properly on the job boards? Referral search is the profile pulling appropriate referralsources?IIQsIIQs
  • 13. Ongoing Job Management May 201314Increasing the FlowTry the following: Increase your sourcing efforts Job boards, networking tools, etc. Specialty postings Screen through the candidates that did not pass the IIQs tosee if any are viable candidatesIIQsIIQs
  • 14. Ongoing Job Management May 201315If PASSING Candidate Flow is Too LowCheck the following: Do you have knockouts that are too stringent? Is the min IIQ score too high? Are the question weightings correct? Are there questions that most candidates are getting wrong?IIQsIIQs
  • 15. Ongoing Job Management May 201316If Candidates Are Off-Target What is the core skill or experience that is missing? Consideran automatic disqualifier Does the job description properly explain the position? Discuss the current applicants with the HM to see whatyoure missing Review candidates who have been knocked out and adjustIIQs if needed Reject candidates in the system who are not a good fit afterreviewing with HMIIQsIIQs????
  • 16. Ongoing Job Management May 201317If The Candidate Flow is Too HighConsider the following: Raising the min IIQ score If all of the candidates are on target Change the weighting on preference questions To separate the great from the goodIIQsIIQs
  • 17. Ongoing Job Management May 201318Ongoing Job Management Check the candidate flow at least once every 2 days Make sure that all candidates are properly reviewed That decisions are being made interview, knock out, orput on hold Check for reasonable candidates who have not completedIIQs and request they do so Update job status, stage and status update notes everyFriday by 2pm detailing current activity; naming candidatesin interviews Detail your efforts in the job notes: For posting, sourcing, contact with HM, interviewsscheduled as well as any problems
  • 18. Ongoing Job Management May 201319Sourcing19
  • 19. Ongoing Job Management May 201320progressive job marketing campaigns20Articulationof needOn-lineJobMarketingSocial MediaJob MarketingReferralCampaignsIntelligentTargetedSourcingCandidateRelationshipManagement Social Recruiting is eMarketingLeverage the proven techniques ofmarketing and marketing automation Every Job Search is a MarketingCampaignAllow the Data to Drive the Process and treatevery candidate with courtesy and respect
  • 20. Ongoing Job Management May 20132121When to source?= AccoloProfileProfileJobJobOffer andOffer andCloseCloseReference,Reference,BackgroundBackgroundChecksChecksHiringHiringManagerManagerInterviewsInterviewsSourceSourceCandidatesCandidatesScreenScreenCandidatesCandidatesDevelopDevelopRecruitmentRecruitmentPlanPlanSourcing
  • 21. Ongoing Job Management May 201322Best practices22Active candidates Passive candidates
  • 22. Ongoing Job Management May 201323Documentation23
  • 23. Ongoing Job Management May 201324Escalation24CE/CPM/CAM JPC
  • 24. Ongoing Job Management May 201325Review
  • 25. Ongoing Job Management May 201326Review Questions Name two things you should do in the first HM meeting. When would a job be considered red? Candidate flow passing the IIQs is too low. What should youconsider doing? Candidate flow is too high. What should you consider doing? How often should you be in contact with your HM? Name two actions you should take in managing a job.