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  • Online Abacus ClassesLearn Maths with FUN (ONLINE) To

  • Maths Genius has trained more than 10 thousand Students all across the globe.Our Organization in India works onIndo-Japan concept which is a combination of Indian Ancient Vedic Maths And Japanese Soroban Abacus.

    Maths GeniuS : Be Maths Genius with calculation & Mental Airthematic.

  • Maths Genius is well-known IT Company based in India. We have a solid edge in dealing with Education sector since long years. Our company has succeeded to convey exceptional Online Educational solutions to huge number of students all over the world. We have introduced completely new concept "Online ABACUS" which is not only innovative but also bring interest among students to learn maths with fun and technology in todays competitive World.

    Because of its customer satisfaction and superiority services, in no time, Maths Genius gained appreciation in the society. Maths Genius Online Abacus program offers a great deal of Brain Development opportunity to the children by providing animated Games, animated Video and Virtual Abacus tool & soft learning Materials.

  • VisionOur Aim is to win trust of children and parents and receive appreciation from them by providing excellent Online Educational Courses and Services.

    Mission To be a prominent Educational Service provider with the help of quality service at a least possible cost and customer satisfaction GOAL

    Nominal Cost,Enrich children self-confidence,Brain development activities,Provide Quality Service

  • Maths Genius an Innovative online program is a COMPLETE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Program via Technology and Mental arithmetic.

    Maths Genius (MG), is dedicated to spread the concept of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic calculation amongst the children to accelerate , explore, unleash, discover and energize the hidden talent based on the improved Maths with the help of Indian Ancient Vedic Maths and Japanese Abacus.ALL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT

  • Right brain: Imagination Visualization Feelings and emotions Shape n Space identification

    Human brain is made up of two HemisphereThe Left brain The Right brain

    Each hemisphere has its own dedicated Function and responsibility. The Left brain controls the right part of the Body, and the Right brain controls the Left part of the body. For smooth functioning of the brain, there has to be proper Co-ordination between the left brain and the right brain. Broadly the functions of the Left Brain and the Right Brain are as follows :

    Left Brain:Logic Systematic thinking Reasoning Language and sound identification

  • If we want to exercise our body we go to Gym & use the equipments over there. So Gym is a medium to exercise our body & equipments are tool for that exercise.

    Similarly to give proper exercise to the brain we need appropriate methodology and tools. At Maths Genius we use Mental Arithmetic as the medium to exercise and ABACUS as a tool for that exercise

  • Maths Genius Using 17 Rods (Soroban) Abacus. An abacus has beads that slide on rods. It can be used to Count, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and More.

    The abacus is split into two basic Part with help of Divider :Upper Part A beads in upper part called it Upper Beads. There are One beads in the upper part A value of upper beads is "5".

    Lower Part (Bottom Part) A beads in Lower Part (Bottom Part) called it Lower Beads. There are Four beads in the Lower Part (Bottom Part), A value of Each Lower beads is One".

    Middle rod of abacus Called UNIT ROD (that is Rod No 9). Each rods represents a different digit, such as Units, Tens, Hundreds, etc from Unit Rod.

  • Maths Genius Online Abacus Program is committed to provide you the best support and services. Students will get a lot of benefits from the Virtual Abacus system. In this course we offer convenient paperless Study which saves your valuable Cost & Time.

    Virtual Abacus System Any Time, Any Where Access Online Animated Training Online Payment ReceiptOnline Certification

    Any Time, Any Where Access No need to set your time as per your Batch time You can start study any where 24 x 7 access through Internet Animated Video will help you to understand concept Personalized websiteAfter login you will get your own Website to learnLearn with Animated video & practice Session Brain Development Games Training You will get Abacus Tool at your step Animated Video will help you understand all Abacus Concept You will get 1 hour Skype training if you wish to need it

  • Complete Abacus Training With 17rod (Soroban) Abacus Tool & Virtual Abacus Practice On Virtual Abacus & Real Abacus Tool Most Efficient Way To Learn Abacus With Fully Animated CourseAttractive Abacus Learning WebStudy At Your Pace With Any Time Access.Step By Step Explanations For Abacus Bead Movements For Each Level With AnimationMost Cost Effective Abacus Tutorial With Real AbacusIlluminating Steps With Animation Which Easy To Understand.Visual Explanation For Each Steps (Written Formats)Unlimited Of Practice Sessions For Abacus Calculation

  • Wonderful Online Program:Maths Genius Online Abacus Program offers more than Million practice sums, more than 100 Videos and Brain Game which make us top online abacus service provider. Play and Learn Concept:Maths Genius Online Abacus Program offers a joyful experience for children, through online Brain games and animated videos. One can access Abacus Program anywhere at any time. Innovative Training Techniques:Maths Genius Online Abacus Program itself is an innovative concept. To learn maths with animated videos and practical tool are the best techniques. Maths Genius Online Abacus Program team has developed extraordinary tool Virtual Abacus for the students. This continuously keeps the students modernized, ensuring quality training.Use of Technology: Maths Genius Online Abacus Program has simplified the learning for students. We offer them Virtual Online Abacus, Competition with Club Members, Student/Parent Login which links up to a great experience of students and Parents.Nominal Price: Maths Genius Online Abacus Program price is affordable to each and every students who wish to learn maths, it is cost-efficient.

  • Cost effective (One Third Price)Play and Learn with Technology MethodOnline Competitions with All students & ComputerExclusive Study Material (PDF)VisualizationConcentrationRecall Photographic MemoryLogical Reasoning

  • ListeningConcentrationComprehensionImaginationCreativitySelf MotivationSelf Confidence