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Content is the king, they said. Here's the strategy to create content marketing strategy for your company website so they can drive more traffic.



2. GOALGiving information topeople about home andlivingSUCCESSMEASURE Number of blog hits Comments Visitors to website Number of partnership 3. KNOW YOUR Eavesdropping Friends/commentsCOMPETITION Who they followResearch Who follows them Googling Blog & social media comments Google Alerts Incoming links Social Medias ( Linkedin On-site search FIND THE GAPS AND OPPORTUNITIES 4. TraditionalEnhancedKNOW YOUR Age Online behaviour Gender What sites the visitAUDIENCES Income Conversation Profession What they say etc What they share 5. DISCOVERWHAT THEY NEED1. Entry keywords2. Keywords related to website3. Trending topics4. What audience say and share5. etcTOOLSYOU CAN USE1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool2. Google Alerts3. Google advanced search4. Monitter5. etc 6. DESTINATIONYouTubeFacebook Slideshare Fan page Presentation Other group E-book ProfileBLOGLinkedinFlickr Your group Profile Other group Group AnswerTwitter EDMs 7. USER GENERATED CONTENTBlogging competition Questions and answers Simple polling 8. Thank you


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