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Ontology Based Context Model. Yingyi Bu NjuIcs. What is Context?. Any information that can be used characterize the situation of an entity, where an entity can be a person, place, or physical or computational object Context is computer’s view of real world situations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ontology Based Context ModelYingyi Bu NjuIcs

  • What is Context?Any information that can be used characterize the situation of an entity, where an entity can be a person, place, or physical or computational object Context is computers view of real world situations.

  • Research IntentionsMapping Contexts in Real World to Contexts in Computers Exactly or ApproximatelyDiscovering Implicit ContextsSharing Contexts among Heterogeneous Software Entities

  • ChanllengesUniform Context RepresentationContext FusionContext Caching and Update SchemeActivity RecognitionGoal RecognitionAdaptive Behaviors

  • Context Modeling ApproachKey-ValueXMLObjectER-UMLOntologyGraph

  • Ontology Based Context ModelWhy?Unifying context representation, 5-tuples or 8-tuplesReasoning high-level implicit contextsFacilitating Conflict DetectionEasy for sharingUnifying Query Mechanism

  • Ontology Based Context ModelWhat?OntologyPersistent ContextsDynamic ContextsOntology Reasoning and Rule Reasoning

  • Ontology Based Context ModelCaseByy locateIn Room506 > Byy locateIn MMWByy talkTo Txp, Txp talkTo Xxm > Byy talkTo XxmByy talkTo Txp > Txp type PersonByy locateIn Room506, Byy talkTo Txp, Byy near Desk > Byy giveLecture Room506

  • Ontology Based Context ModelImplementations:Ontology construction: OWL on Protg.Reasoning and conflict detection: Jena2.2

  • Ontology Based Context ModelRolesRaw Context ProviderContext ServiceContext Consumer

  • Ontology Based Context ModelQueryRDQL language:Select ?x where (?x giveLecture ?y), (?x type Student), (?x locateIn MMW)

  • BenifitsFusing Context FormallyDetecting Conflict EasilyQuerying contexts easily

  • DrawbacksTime-consumingDynamic context management

  • Future WorkER Graph-based Context ModelSensor-based Activity RecognitionSegmentation of Sensed DataSemi-supervised learningAnomaly Detection Algorithms for HealthcareLearning-based Adaptive Behaviors

  • ReferenceJie Yin, Dou Shen, Qiang Yang and Ze-nian Li Activity Recognition through Goal-Based Segmentation. Proceedings of the Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI 2005, Pittsburg, PA USA, July 2005. Pages 28--33. T. Strang, C. Linnhoff-Popien. A Context Modeling Survey.Workshop on Advanced Context Modelling, Reasoning and Management as part of UbiComp 2004 - The Sixth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, Nottingham/England, September 2004.T. Gu, H. K. Pung, D. Q. Zhang. Towards an OSGi-Based Infrastructure for Context-Aware Applications in Smart Homes, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 3(4) 2004, 66-74.H. Chen, T. W. Finin, A. Joshi, L. Kagal, F. Perich, D. Chakraborty. Intelligent Agents Meet the Semantic Web in Smart Spaces. IEEE Internet Computing, (November 2004):69-79.

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