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  • 1. Open Badges Discovery Research Call Feb 19th 2014
  • 2. What are we building? A directory of badges linked to customisable career pathways, whose content we are developing in direct collaboration with industry partners.
  • 3. What are we building? directory pathways careers
  • 4. Directory
  • 5. Pathways
  • 6. Pathways
  • 7. Careers 2013 Parthenon Labor Market Research Summary Economic Perspective Learners Perspective Employers Perspective Sales & Retail Healthcare Technology
  • 8. Why is this important?
  • 9. Who is this for? knowers seekers dreamers
  • 10. Design Principles : Maleable
  • 11. Design Principles : Playful
  • 12. Design Principles : Storylike
  • 13. Building A Pathway C E E+ S
  • 14. Pathway Types Linear Institute For The Future Freeform Tiered Cluster
  • 15. Pathway Templates Linear Institute For The Future
  • 16. Pathway Templates Freeform Institute For The Future
  • 17. Pathway Templates Tiered Institute For The Future
  • 18. Pathway Templates Cluster
  • 19. User Personas William ! Creating a pathway with a facilitator to plan his college career. Does not have mentors at home or school Self-motivated Has degree in mind but not a career Has access to mobile device. Want to build on computer Darnice ! Creating a freeform pathway as a way to organize goals. Not clear on a degree. Hoping badges will give her some inspiration. "Not convinced college is right for her" Does not have a career in mind. Dorey ! Using a pathway attached to an internship application First time pathway user. Just wants to meet the requirements of the pathway and not customize it. Parents and counselor asked
  • 20. Interviews Mozilla intern UX designer High school E- Tech enthusiast E+ - Report card system project badge E- Tinkerer E- Gamer C- HTML E- Hacking C- Internship project E- Internship C- Graduated high school College E- Started mobile development club E- Teaches other students C- Systems Design Engineering E- Hackathon participation C- Entrepreneur residence E- Jack of all trades C- Undergrad
  • 21. Interviews: Summit
  • 22. Badge Types Interest badges - Badges relate to an interest or project ! Group badges - Badges for group activities ! Event badges - Badges for attending or participating in events ! Attribute badges - Badges that define character traits or attitudes ! Accreditation badges - Badges that point to a certification of competency ! Proficiency badges - Badges that represent a skill ! Knowledge badges - Badges for thinking, analyzing, or having general knowledge ! Habit badges - Badges that are earned for having a good habit over a period of time