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Open Badges...more than Gamification or Gold StarsEducational Developers Caucus

February 13, 2014

Don Presant

LONGER PRESENTATION PAGE: About Learning AgentsAbout Don Presant170:20:10 RuleNot all learning takes place in the classroom

Personal Learning Networks Learning about learning never stopsAlec Couros 2010Paper SilosIssues with certification todayTransparency issuesDumb paper often needs other documents, e.g. syllabusProxy only not the whole storyEasy to forgeRecognition issuesLack of granularityLack of contextlinks to supporting evidenceExperiential learning not valuedLack of alignment, transfer, articulation (stackability)Physical issuesDifficult to share, easy to lose Open Badgesmicro-portfoliosWhat are Open Badges?Brief


Origins of Badges

Since pre-Roman timesHeraldry, Military, Blue Light, Boy ScoutsPublic recognition:achievement, affiliation, authority

Badge Tracking Android App

A digital representation of an accomplishment, interest or affiliation that is visual, available online, and contains metadata including trusted links that help explain the context, meaning, process and result of an activity. As an open artefact, the earner can present the badge in different contexts from which it was earned.

Clear progress markersMotivating learners, supporting advisorsFlexible learning pathwaysGranular, incremental, multi-source, laddered, remixableVisual brandingIssuers and learnersOnline trust systemDemonstrate skills & capabilitiesProof of performanceBacked by issuerWhat is an Open Badge?Micro credentials - modular record of learning A modular skills ecosystemOpen Badges and Micro-portfoliosGoing Digital helps:Sharing, searchingValidating, valorizingAssessing, aligning, combining, separating

Open Badges & Social Media

Curated in ePortfolioInteractive criteriaLinkedIn ProfileFacebook timelinePulled from BackpackWhat is an Open Badge?Different perspectivesTECHNICAL DESCRIPTIONA portable graphic with an embedded description and links to supporting information

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTA reward for positive (prescribed) behaviourA marker on a development path

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTA micro-credentialA discrete record in a modular transcript

a simple digital standard for recognizing and sharing achievements, skills and performanceHow do Open Badges support learning?

Emerging public policy: USSecretary of Education

Badges can help speed the shift from credentials that simply measure seat time, to ones that more accurately measure competency. We must accelerate that transition. And badges can help account for formal and informal learning in a variety of settings.

Today's technology-enabled, information-rich, deeply interconnected world means learning not only can but should happen anywhere, anytime. We need to recognize these experiences, whether the environments are physical or online, and whether learning takes place in schools, colleges or adult education centers, or in afterschool, workplace, military or community settings.Arne DuncanSep Emerging public policy: UK Minister of State for Skills and EnterpriseIn broad terms, the conferring of an Open Badge on a learner is similar to the award of a qualification certificate, and the same quality standards must be ensured.

The emerging opportunities offered by Open Badges in the areas of peer assessment, employer partnership, learning analytics and the engagement of learners means that it should be considered in learning technology at various levels.

We will encourage Awarding Organisations, Ofqual and Ofsted to be aware of the potential of this technology.Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG) recommendations: government responseMatthew Hancock, June 2014

Some uses of badgesCan be combined...Motivate learningGame mechanics:Set goals (missions), evaluate, track progressProvide learning pathwaysRecognize status, reputation, group affiliationKeep souvenir of experienceAssess, recognize learningFormal, non-formal, informalFill recognition gaps not currently Badge PathwaysMozilla Discover (Gates funding) MATUREADULTYOUTHOpen Badges: Lifelong, Lifewide LearningLOWSTAKESHIGHSTAKESVolunteerExperienceWorkPlacementsAfterSchoolProgramsClassroomEngagementWorkplaceEngagementPersonalLearningMOOCsCo-CurricularRecordWorkshopsP/T & SummerJobsAdmission toHigher EdAdmission toPost GradSchoolsJob HireConferencesRecognitionof PriorLearningEmployabilityPortfolioCareerTransitionPromotionCommunitiesofPracticeMemberships,AffiliationsAwards,AchievementsTeamBuildingHardCredentialsSoftCredentialsRed Cross, Cadets, Scouts,etc.E-learningCoursesFormativeFeedbackAwards,AchievementsContinuingEducationOpen University, UKStudent engagement and retention See analysis: MOOC Badging and the Learning Arc Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) MOOC Purdue UniversityBalancing Badges with Grades

Video playlist: Digital Badges vs. GradesPurdue UniversityOpen BadgesGradesLearner control over presentation and ownershipA-F grading system focuses on extrinsic, opaque and sorting-based assessmentTransparency of learner attainments and mastery

Grades are not reliable indicators of actual skills/knowledge(Often) provide specific evidence for learner attainments from lifewide contextsDo not address formal learningAdapted from Bill Watson, PurduePoly 2014 (YouTube )Badges and OER at BYUDavid Wiley makes you work OPENedXOpen Badges and MOOCs

figshare.comDeakin UniversityBadges for Employability Soft Skills Recognizing Co-Curricular LearningUniversity of Michigan

Badging the BadgerOpen Badges for Teacher Development

The California School-Age Consortium:

Europe - Adult Education Made Accessible:PROJECT UNDERWAYAccessibility Quality Badges for Adult Education ProvidersAccessibility Competency Badges for Experts

Community Educator PD

Community ServiceCommunicationsLeadership DevelopmentAwardsSubject Matter Developmenteducause

Inspiration for EDC?Educause

Emerging in CanadaEarly Adopters (#badgeCAN)

MSF Canada -> InternationalPLEs for Humanitarian Workers

Other Humanitarian LMSs

OCBA OCGNew MSF role?HRIS/ERPSystemsPerformanceManagementSystemTalent ManagementSystemDocumentRepositoryProject ManagementSystem

Talent PipelineRecruitmentInductionFormative AssessmentGap Training

Team BuildingPerformance ManagementTalent Management

ExperienceAchievementsProfessional DevelopmentCareer Development

Leadership DevelopmentSME Specialization

Career ChangeOutplacement

External Performance SupportJust Ask Google, Ask YouTubeExternal repositoriesPLN/Communities of Practice social media

Coaching and Mentoring


Other External Learning MOOCs, self-directed OER, PLN/Communities of Practiceformal->informal, online / F2Fexperiential, etc.

New mission?

New career?

Academic recognition?

BadgePassport/ ePortfolio

Other humanitarian learning systems, e.g.:-RCRC-CDC-UNHCR Global Learning Center28A new skills currencyOpen Badges, ePortfolios &Badge PassportsVisually efficient and appealingEngages, builds confidence, provides continuing feedbackIndividual pathways, multiple sources of learningFormal non-formal informal learning Modular, stackable, diverse, remixable, portable, shareablePrograms not completed can be partially recognized and recombinedAdd evidence, reflection as appropriateDrill down to specifics, or roll up into larger outcomesCombined in badge passports & ePortfoliosCommon standard for skills exchange Trustable, easy to understandTransparent criteria, evidence, issue/expiry dateFlexible alignment to frameworks, requirements, training plansIssuing organization is validated and branded by the badges it issues; maintains ongoing connection to earnersLearner centred, employer friendlyHow do I get started?

Are Open Badges for You?Some questions to askBehavioural goals?Engagement, feedback, recognition, development...?Skills frameworks?Value add?Worth the effort? Filling a void?Redeemable worth?What would your badges buy?Have you talked to employers?Champions?Internal leadership? Employers in the community?Sustainability?Cost structure? Who will maintain & improve it over time?

Open Badges and EDC?Inspired by Action Groups...for validationEvidence for portfoliosFlexible recognition of Centre Programs & Courses for ED professional development?SEDA accredited, plus other public/internal programs & courses->transparent outcomes, options for embedded evidence, emerging potential for alignmentSupport for Rewards and Recognition?An element of Community of Practice?Expertise/interest, mentor/mentee, peer recognition, online activity...Getting startedDIY versus SupportedDo It YourselfExplore: earn a badge, display a badgeExperiment: design a badge, design a small badge systemPilot, build internal support, implementSupportedWorkshops: Open Badges 101, 201...Train the trainerDesign and implementation supportTechnology supportTechnology choicesMake your own (open source)Software as a Service

Badge CanvasDesign Principles Card Deck PRESENTATION SUPPORT