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2. Cloud Model IaaS : Servers & Storage PaaS : Middleware SaaS : Application 3. The history of Technology industryis proprietary .. 4. But Our futureis Open .. 5. Why? 6. IaaS 7. PaaS 8. SaaS 9. And 10. Open CloudCharacteristics Is open source 11. Open CloudCharacteristicshas a viable, independent community 12. Open Cloud CharacteristicsIs based on open standards, or protocols 13. Open CloudCharacteristicsGives you the freedom to use Ip 14. Open CloudCharacteristicsIs deployable on the infrastructureof your choice 15. Open CloudCharacteristics Is pluggable and extensible with an open ApI 16. Open CloudCharacteristicsEnables portability to other cloud 17. Survey Stats ..Its early days for Open Clouds82.8% of respondents said they are notusing an open cloud. 18. Survey Stats ..OpenStack dominates adoptionplans but CloudStack andEucalyptus in the Hunt 19. Survey Stats ..Open Clouds Future is Bright57% of respondents said they arethinking of deployingan open source cloudin the future, 41.2% of these expectto do so in 1 2 years. 20. Technology now 21. Converged Future 22. ReferencesRedmonkRishidot ResearchRedHatZenOSS : 23. Questions 24. Thanks!!Atul Jha