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  • Open Badges and Europass

    Laimonas Ragauskas, laimis001@gmail.comNerijus Kriauciunas,

  • About us

    We unite practitioners of non-formal education in Lithuania with the mission to exchange good practices, achieve better recognition of non-formal education and raise quality of education.

    We offer a multilingual online platform to manage any achievements using world-wide standard of Open digital badges.



  • What we doFew examples of badge projects

    _Achievement programme at UNESCO Associated schools

    _Achievement programme for national volunteering scheme

    _Badges systems to recognise learning during mobility



  • Badges at UNESCO associated schoolsObjectives for using Open digital badges:

    To promote global citizenship, understanding of global challenges and the ability to address them among students and teachers of the UNESCO associated schools and the community;

    To Assess and recognise achievements of students, teachers and school communities in activities of the Associated Schools Network;

    To promote the development of intercultural and environmental awareness skills

    In 2015-16 piloted in 3 schools, will be expanding to all UNESCO schools in Lithuania in 2016-17, will be presented to neighbouring countries.


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  • Badg

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  • Badges for volunteering

    Trusted Badge Systems (TBS) is a strategic partnership of organisations and institutions active in youth work and committed to develop and use Open digital badges to recognise learning and achievements of young people.

    TBS partners with employers and seeks to achieve employers endorsement for badge systems developed during this projects.

    Starting from 2018, badge-based certificates issued to national volunteers in Lithuania will add 0.25 point to admission to higher education

    Co-funded through EU Erasmus+ Programme 7

  • Badge system design


  • Badge system design


    1st level badge - complete 1 task

    2nd level badge - complete 2 out of 4 tasks

    3rd level badge - complete 3 out of 6 tasks

  • European Badge Alliance

    European Badge Alliance (EBA) is a strategic partnership of organisations and institutions active in learning mobility and committed to the quality and recognition of learning and achievements using Open digital badges.

    EBA aims at using Open digital badges to innovate the recognition, validation and communication processes of key competences acquired by young learners and staff in non-formal learning contexts, especially through experiences of learning mobility abroad.

    Co-funded through EU Erasmus+ Programme10

  • Badges for youth exchanges


    On-boarding badge claimed with code

    Special Powers - bonus badge

    Badge quest:3 out 5 tasks

    Unlock 5 other badges

    Badge quest: 4 out 5 tasks

    Badge quest:3 out 5 tasks

    Badge quest:3 out 5 tasks

    Badge quest:3 out 5 tasks

    Badge quest:all tasks or nothing

    Badge quest:3 out 5 tasks

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  • Badges for European Voluntary Service


    3 on-boarding badges issued via email/claim code

    8 fun badges issued via email/claim code

    24 badges for each key-competence area issued after completing quests

    Level 1 badge quest:1 of 3 tasks

    Level 2 badge quest:3 of 6 tasks

    Level 3 badge quest:4 of 7 tasks

  • Example of EVS badge questBadge description:The first level badge of the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship competence. That means that volunteer managed to do the first and important step into implementation of their own initiative exploring the needs of the people they collaborate with.

    Task 1: Set up the meeting with your hosting organization, learn about their activities and find out the possibilities what kind of initiative you can implement during EVS project and share them with us! Evidence type: text input, verified by 1 project member

    Task 2: This competence is also about flexibility and looking for different and creative ways of doing things. Do you want to become Flexy sexy? Than just do something without using any special resources. You asking us how? Just find your way, do it and share with us your experience! Evidence type: file upload, verified by 1 project member

    Task 3: As it is about initiative and entrepreneurship...create your own task! Evidence type: verified by 1 mentor 14

  • Badges for Youth Workers mobility


    On-boarding badge claimed with code

    Special topic badge:3 of 5 tasks

    14 badges for key-competence areas

    Personal competence:3 of 5 tasks

    Professional competence:3 of 5 tasks

    Unlock 9 other badges

    Badge quest:4 of 5 tasks

  • Badge systems in progress

    _Badges for Mentors of European Voluntary Service

    _Badges for school exchanges

    _Badges for Vocational Education and Training mobility

    _Badges for Erasmus practice placements

    _Badges for international facilitators


  • Open Badges and Europass_Developed use-case scenarios

    _Built prototype to export badges to Europass CV

    _Considering integration technologies

    _Collecting feedback from users and partner organisations











  • Scenario #1

    Diego has just taken part in an activity with youth workers organization X, which is one of the organizations that has created a profile within the badgecraft platform.

    Diego has accessed the platform in order to get the 3 badges he has earned.

    He also wants to add the badges to the digital version of his Europass CV: he thus uploads the CV and through a simple interface selects all the 3 badges he has earned to be embedded in his CV. Thus, anyone receiving it in digital form will be able to appreciate the metadata they include about Diegos experiences and competences.


  • Scenario #2

    Marina has taken part yet again in an activity with a youth workers organization and accesses the badgecraft platform to earn her new badges. She already owns 45 badges from youth workers organization and she has them all within the Badgecraft backpack.

    She is also sending applications for a job, to different companies. She therefore wants to create different versions of her Europass CV with different badges in each: she knows that too many badges can be confusing and shed rather be to the point selecting the most proper badges according to her addressee.

    She thus uploads her CV and through a simple interface she explores her badges set by filters (e.g. kind of competence, or level of achievement) and manually selects the badges she wants to include. She repeats the operation three times in order to obtain three different versions of her CV, fitting the three companies that she means to address.


  • Scenario #3

    Tom has taken part yet again in an activity with a youth workers organization and accesses the platform to earn his new badges. He already owns 230 badges earned in various circumstances and he has them all stored in the badgecraft platform backpack.

    He is also sending applications for a job, to different companies. He therefore wants to create different versions of his Europass CV with different badges in each: he owns too many badges to want to display them all, every time.

    He therefore explores his set of badges within the backpack and prepares some collections (sort of playlist) of badges according to his needs (e.g. all the badges about a specific competence; all the badges with a very high evaluation, etc.). He saves the different playlists in the system, for future usage.When he prepares his Europass CV for a specific call or application, he can select the best playlist and include it in the CV. He can of course manually adjust the playlist. 20

  • Scenario #4

    Mario just completed his VET mobility. During this experience he learned about Open digital badges. The hosting organisation was using VET badge system to support his learning and monitor achievements. Now he wants to complete his Europass CV and apply for a job position at the representative of European institutions in his country. The job application requires to submit the CV in Europass format.

    On his Badgecraft account, Mario reviews his earned badges from VET, selects and groups the ones that match the expected selection criteria for job candidates. He copies the URL of his badge collection to the relevant sections of his Europass CV.


  • Scenario #5

    Nadine was offered opportunity to apply for a position to work for a European-funded project as a youth worker. Project managers forwarded to her the Word version of Europass CV requesting her to highlight experiences of international youth work. She have relevant experience of being a group leader in youth exchanges and participants in international youth work trainings. All of these projects used mobility badges, therefore she can include some of her earned badge to her Europass CV.