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Open Learning and Distance Education Incubation for Africa Summit Johannesburg, July 2014


  • 1.A brief introduction to Open Digital Badges What, why and how? Brenda Mallinson OPEN LEARNING & DISTANCE EDUCATION INCUBATION for AFRICA SUMMIT 28 29 July, 2014 Johannesburg

2. Outline Perspective Micro-credentialling What is a digital badge? System Elements Badges in Moodle Tools and Projects 3. Near-term horizon within the next 12 months Flipped Classroom, Learning Analytics Mid-term horizon 2-3 years out Games & Gamification, 3D Printing Far-term horizon- 4-5 from widespread adoption Quantified Self, Virtual Assistants Higher Education Technologies to watch The NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition 4. The Concept of Micro-credentials Competency-based education Recognize smaller achievements Can add up to something more Non-traditional / informal Gamification: reward/incentive strategy transparency formal potential? 5. What is a digital badge? 6. Visual symbol used to: set goals motivate behaviours represent achievement communicate success Online representation within and across networks & communities Free & open Transferable Stackable Evidence-based Digital Badges Open Badges 7. Example 1: Course with 4 Modules History of Badges Designing & Issuing Badges Policies & Procedures Storage & Security 8. What information is embedded in the badge? 9. Badges in Moodle Categories: site wide & course specific Compatible with Mozilla Open Badges in 2.6 Export from Moodle to Backpack Link from Backpack to Moodle site Badges shown in site profile 10. Example 2: Badges process in Moodle 1. Create your badge (.png image) 2. What does it represent? name, description, issuing organisation, expiry 3. Criteria for award 4. Who can award? (automated/manual) 5. Message 6. Storage Internal to system External - link to Open Backpack 11. System Elements Issuer Organisation; Employer; Assessment; Awards badge Digital Badges Badge Design; Criteria; Earner Performs tasks; Display on Profile; Export to storage Storage In-house; Open storage system; e.g. Mozilla Backpack Displayer Internal; External; Social site; Link to storage 12. Earn and display your badges 13. Useful Tools / Projects Open Badge Designer Tools OnlineIconMaker Open Badge Storage: Mozilla Backpack Digital Credential Curation & Validation service BadgeSafe tied to Canvas BadgeStack tied to WordPress & Credly Credly verify, share, manage micro-credentials 14. Discussion How does/could this relate to your organisation? With respect to internal achievements Providing services Providing accreditation Capturing skills not usually represented on certificates . 15. Bibliography Accreditrust (2014) Website Bernard Bull (2014) How Will Badges and Micro-Credentialing Change Education? Etale Life in the Digital World (Blog) Canvas Network (2014) Badge 101 Credly (2014) Website News Editor (2013) Professional Examination Service Introduces Digital Micro- Credentials Learning Solutions Magazine Jonathan Finkelstein (2012) Digital Badges and Meaningful Microcredentials EDUCAUSE Library MozillaWiki (2014) Badges New Media Consortium (2014) Horizon Report - Higher Education Edition 16. Thank You! Brenda Mallinson This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License.